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  1. In Today's Austin American Statesman, there's the following mention of a new steamer... Interesting, I thought, so I looked it up on Amazon. No one has written product reviews yet. Has anyone seen or tried these? I pretty much refuse to cook things in the microwave b/c it takes the fun out of cooking, I think. But maybe a funky silicone steamer will add an element of fun to it? Is anyone using these things yet?
  2. I've thought many times about cooking my way through Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Kitchen and Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Tastes. Louisiana Kitchen was the first cookbook that I owned, and it really inspired me to learn about cooking things more complicated than the recipes mom made for us growing up. That said, I think right now I'll actually order the Cradle of Flavor book and play along with the rest of you.
  3. That's good to know! I'll be sure and try the Gyros next time.
  4. You'll have to forgive us in the Texas forum about our general lack of knowledge on that other pico de gallo that people mention from time to time. To us, pico de gallo is the roughly chopped salsa. But the powdered chile stuff can be found in Austin if you look for it (at places like Fiesta).
  5. We decided to try Salvation Pizza where I got to show off my fabulous parallel parking skills, only to find out that they are not open for lunch (yet?). If memory serves, the small sign out front said they are currently opening at 4pm for dinner service. So we drove down the street to Milto's. It's a small place, and a little cheesey with the decorations inside, but was overall pretty decent. I had a small greek salad, a slice of pizza with mushrooms and sausage, and a hibiscus tea. The salad was good (although they forgot to put the anchovies on mine) and the bread they served with it
  6. Hi All, I read in the Austin Chronicle's Food-o-File today that Salvation Pizza (at the former site of Starlite on 34th Street) appears to be open. I had been planning on meeting some friends at Milto's for lunch, but since both places are in pretty much the same area, which to try first? Any body have any recommendations at either place? Thanks, nacho
  7. Yup, I call it "catchup with chunks". That's why I usually order the anti-salsa, a side of jalapeno ranch.
  8. The Fonda San Miguel Cookbook has been available for a while now, so those of you who've read it or own it, what do you think? Is it a worthy addition to the cookbook collection, or just a nice collectible if you are nostalgic for the restaurant?
  9. nacho

    [Austin] Fino

    From today's Food-o-file in the Austin Chronicle:
  10. According to today's Statesman Spec's is coming to Austin. Three locations are planned....one in the vacated Academy building on US 290 at Brodie Lane, one up north at the Shops at Arbor Walk (360 and MoPac near Braker), and one by Highland Mall.
  11. I'm not so sure that that is true in the US - I've always taken prawn to refer to the larger species. I have the impression that I picked up this usage on childhood trips to San Francisco in the early 1960s. ← That is interesting, I haven't heard an American use the term prawn very often. Do you think that this is an east v west coast thing? ← Growing up along the Texas Gulf Coast, I don't think I ever heard of prawns. We had "shrimp." And the very large shrimp are "jumbo shrimp." Once I started travelling a little, I ran into "prawns" in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. The
  12. According to their Web site (and the guy behind the counter at their Guadalupe location last week), Madam Mam's opens their Westgate location today. ETA: I'll personally confirm they are open since I stopped by for lunch today. They are located in the pink building just after the Shell gas station. The sign out front is still that of the former BBQ place though, so I missed them the first time I drove by. Oh, and the food was great.
  13. I don't have any experience with peach trees personally, but this article says you don't want to just let 'em go. Figs, on the other hand,...we usually leave them alone and still get a ton of fruit (this is at my brother's place in South Texas). Here's more info, if you are so inclined.
  14. BUMP. Visiting the farmers markets in the springtime always gets me motivated to start my container garden along again each year. Last weekend, I scored about an 18" tall bay tree loaded with leaves from one vendor for $10...A pretty good bargain I thought since the last one I bought was ~$5, was about 5" tall with 4 leaves, and it wouldn't grow (it had to be the plant...it couldn't have been something I was doing wrong). And now, after reading the much earlier posts about bay trees, it will be moved to a spot in less direct sunlight as soon as I get home. I was also excited to come ac
  15. Try Madame Mam's for Thai. It's on the drag, right across from the university and is a popular hangout for UT's Asian students. ← I second Madam Mam's. Best Thai in Austin, IMO. It is fun watching Old Austin duke it out with New Austin, isn't it? Austin is an incredibly laid back town, and there's hardly any place you can't go dressed in flip flops and a t-shirt. That's why it's so much fun when you do happen to strike a nerve and watch people's passions flare. I feel like I need some popcorn while reading this thread. Oh, and Jason, if you are in town on Saturday, April 29th, do
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