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  1. I worked in a movie theater for 6 years during highschool and college. Normally we didn't mind if people brought in "outside food" as long as they were not blatant about it, cleaned it up, etc. When we cleaned up the theater after each show, we would always find chicken bones, beer bottles, fast food containers. But the worse thing to find was a spit cup for chewing tobacco, and half of the time it was fallen over so we had to clean up the whole mess. I ate the theater popcorn for years and still love it. I never buy sodas or candy, but always popcorn with flavored topping. Once a really small little boy, probably 7 or 8 years old came in with a giant bag of chips under his t shirt. I could clearly see the outline of the bag of chips, it was so cute. I felt bad telling him that he couldn't bring it in. He left the lobby and came back with his dad who had the chips in his coat and were much less visible.
  2. Stop in Middletown, VA at the Route 11 potato chip factory. They have some amazing flavors and you can watch the chips being made. Try the Dill Pickle chips! In Harrisonburg, VA there is a BBQ restaurant called Smokin Pig which has very yummy pulled pork at cheap prices. Get a fried pickle on the side. And you can take one step to your right and get an icecream at Kline's icecream stand that is attatched to the building.
  3. It turned out perfectly! Very strong and very yummy, she loved it!
  4. I am making limocello as a suprise for a friend who had it several years ago in Italy and hasn't stopped talking about it yet! The only problem is I do not know how the final product is supposed to taste. Should it be very sweet, very lemony, or have a strong alochol taste with a hint of lemon?
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