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  1. if it's a large large party, they have a private dingin room
  2. Cafe Elan is a place I personally wouldn't reccomend. Maybe I had a bad experience but having went there with my friend that has ate there a few times in the past, it's certianly not anything special in my not so humble opinion.
  3. Joël for me was mixed experience that I've documented already but to sum it up, the food was good, not great, but our suggested wines were supurb, maybe even the best I've had ever. Should've gone to the Varsity ;-)
  4. Concerning Black Bear, I'm constantly amazed how many people on chefmoz.org reccomend the place in Redding/Mt Shasta. I'm tempted everytime to delete their "reviews" ;-) A good "diner" are almost impossible to find now, but the one on the corner of 880 and Mowery in Fremont isn't bad for breakfest. They are in the A-Frame building. Where I live, in Lakehead (30mins north of Redding) we used to have Top Hat but the owner sold it a few months ago and it's now a "fine dining mexican restaurant" *rolls eyes*
  5. if tana won't stone the guy, i will. I agree with tana and say Il Fornaio is decent choice but nothing outstanding. And how can you say steven's creek is out of the way from SJC? it's right next to each other. tana: what happened to valley fair? did Westfield sell the mall or changed the name of the property? Or they did that "shopping town" crap with the name.
  6. i had the lil' trotters at manresa last augest. They were good but I mostly remembered saying "pig trotters' with tammy in a strong snobby english accent. you really can't help yourself.
  7. but but it's even better now! :-D I never dined at the Ritz and really don't know many that has. You better give a good review and a photo of the two of ya. You could be Jason Perlow in a dress :-)
  8. I recommend going to Manresa, GG. :-P
  9. From an email to manresa email list members: "Join us for a special evening of the finest regional, contemporary cuisine of Vancouver when guest Chef David Hawksworth of West Restaurant in Vancouver joins Chef David Kinch of Manresa Restaurant for an inspired multi-course dinner featuring the best of two regions: the Santa Cruz Mountains and Monterey Bay Vancouver. A superb pairing of wines will be selected to complement each course. David Hawksworth and West Restaurant have garnered numerous awards including "Restaurant of the Year" and "Chef of the Year" from the prestigious Annual Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards. For more information please visit www.westrestaurant.com. Reservations are available by calling Manresa Restaurant or through OpenTable.com." What makes this so exciting for me is that West's Hawksworth has produced one of the finest dining experiences I've had and seeing how Chef Kinch is inviting him for this special night shows that I'm not alone in thinking that Hawksworth has da masta skillz. ;-)
  10. places i love, in order * manresa (might be my finest meal i've had) * chez panisse (simple food done well) * jardiniere (pre-stupidity about foie gras) * the burrito nazi (don't know the name of the place but it's in fremont) * thai-lao kitchen (for personal reasons) avoid: * oliveto * oliveto * oliveto (did i mention oliveto?)
  11. I've always just been able to walk-in to Chez Panisse for a late lunch, but maybe i've been lucky. The dinner on the other hand, requires a res.
  12. I'm Painting! I'm all about the action verbs
  13. I agree, my Oliveto experience was pretty bad food wise as well...
  14. My experience at zuni was really lackluster and with all things considering, i would rather point you to Jardinere. Even if they are not serving foie gras anymore. *getting upset just thinking about it* The service was one of hte best i've came across, the food is good and it's a an experience in dining. And I hear they do a killer cheese/wine tasting. just get the late reservation time, it's calm and relaxed and you don't have to feel odd man out being alone. I dine alone 90% of the time so i know how it is. Another rec. is just walk the streets in SF and find a place that looks good, you really can't go wrong in SF, and it's more fun that way :-) http://www.jardiniere.com/
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