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  1. Turtle Kraals has wonderful Key Lime Cheesecake!
  2. Frozen pot pies(I guess the inner gravy wasn't glue but there was a resemblance...) Canned cream of chicken soup Canned spaghetti (Curse you,Chef Boy-ar-dee !!!) I taught myself to cook at a tender age in self-defense!
  3. Amen to the Victorinox knives! Twenty years ago I bought my glass lemon reamer bowl thingy at a yard sale for 15 cents and my wooden reamer for a nickel.(I make a lot of lemonade!)
  4. My mother used to say"take all you want but eat all you take". However,she also calls all the buffet places around here"troughs" for more reasons than one!!!
  5. I've got 257 but I've not bought one in ages.Now every time I want a recipe,I just get one from the internet.I agree it's not the same for those of us who love to read cookbooks like novels but it's much cheaper.(and I don't have to constantly buy new bookcases & figure out where to put them.)
  6. kelly355

    Ethnic Pop

    When I lived in Sweden we had something called "Pommac"(I think) that was mildly apple flavored and great.But the best were pear pop and apricot pop.Lord,they were good.They thought the idea of a Coke Float was horrible but I made floats with the pear pop and their pear flavored ice cream that were fabulous!
  7. Both those hors d' oervres (sp?) sound good to me! Anything involving mushrooms and/or strong spirits is right up my culinary alley so to speak.I never(unlike my father)acquired a taste for scotch,tho.Tastes like Liquid Smoke to me.Guess I'm a philistine.Give me a shot of good bourbon( i.e. Maker's Mark) any old day instead.
  8. How about "seafood." I love Underwood Devilled Ham...that's potted meat, methinks. Makes delicious stuffed mushrooms! Actually,I think devilled ham is just ham.If memory serves(shades of Iron Chef!),potted meat is made with all sorts of unmentionable parts of the animal.Everything but the squeal,as they say!
  9. 1.Wonder Bread 2.Potted Meat 3.Cilantro 4.Anything "Helper" 5."Well-done" steaks 6."Cheese food"-anything that has to have the term "food" added to it, ISN'T !
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