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  1. Probably in US dollars a bit pricier, but you can get this in Europe for 270 euro ex. VAT. 1300 watts and heats to boiling point. link
  2. Planning to go there in October this year. I also would appreciate some more recent advice on which restaurants to go to when looking for authentic food.
  3. No, still waiting with one unanswered email........ Hoping that all the no emails have been sent and that they're now doing the planning.
  4. So now the latest is that it won't be closing for good: According to an article in Spanish newspaper El Universo, Ferran Adria will not in fact be closing El Bulli, as The New York Times reported last week. Adria plans to stick with the 2012-2014 break he announced at last months Madrid Fusion; back to business after that. Optimists who hope to land a reservation someway, somehow in the next couple of years can breathe easy. http://www.eluniverso.com/2010/02/15/1/1378/bulli-volvera-funcionar.html?p=1354&m=719
  5. that makes me even more nervous about my one not yet responded to by el bulli reservation email.
  6. @mothersruin Could you tell me the dates that you send your requests and the dates you received the rejections?
  7. Is there any correlation between the date the email was send and the rejection email date? (as in: do they start with the Jan first emails and work their way through untill the January 15th emails) I send three emails on January first, two rejections on January 25th I send another email on January 8th, rejection on January 29th Could this mean that my last email from January first got lucky?!? I don't dare to get my hopes up, but....
  8. Thanks for the replies. We'll be doing the other mentioned stuff as well. it's just that where I'm from you don't have the chinese restaurants with the carts going around where you just keek on pointing out what you want. And I always wanted to try that.
  9. I'll be visiting San Diego end of January and I'm looking for a great place to have dim sum for lunch. thanks Jeroen
  10. sad, sad news. I loved his shows and his attitude towards food and life in general.
  11. We did the same thing last summer in Cessenon sur orb, near Bezier. we bought three goat cheeses from a small local local farmer. 1 day old, one 1 week and 1 ripened for three weeks. I can't say that we preferred one over the other. It's almost that they were different products all together. the day old one we liked best plain, the week old one with a bit of neutral honey (bought from the same farmer) and the 3 week old one with tyme (freshly picked from the side of the road (you've got to love the south of France) and a very fragant mountain honey. Very delicious indeed
  12. We're going to South Africa in 3 weeks with the family (10 people) with 2 small children (4 and 6). I would appreciate some tips on nice, not touristy regional restaurants in Capetown, Knysna and Oudtshoorn. Stellenbosch area is already taken care off: The tasting room in Quartier Francais. looking forward to that one!
  13. keep at it. Very fascinating stuff. Gives me more insight into the real world of cooking than all the celeb books combined.
  14. I was just wondering how the OP was doing after more than a year of the new casino restaurants in operation with regards to the success of his upscale cafe?
  15. coquilles, really, really good cured ham, strawberries with 20 year aged acetico balsimico, turbot, yellowfin tuna
  16. Great post. Well argumented. I would vote for a complete moratorium on salmon fishing plus compulsory ´crossing the fingers twice a day for good luck´ for all those involved in salmon fishing, cooking and eating hoping that it isn´t already way to late. As I understand it, cod isn´t rebouncing because all the little cods are being eaten by other species that used to be kept in check by bigger cod. And there you have a perfect catch 22, although a very sad one
  17. I'm also in the camp of short. Just the main ingredients and the way of preparation is fine. I absolutely don't like made up fantasy names for food. For cocktails no problem. But I just loose my appetite when an entree is named: Joy from the Sea. With the description: "Salmon" and nothing else. Incorrect spelling is also very irritating.
  18. jeroen_kb


    I love them. Bets way I ever had them was a puff pastry parcel filled with the snails bound together by a thick garlic-herb sauce. Great in tast, structure and presentation
  19. really, really funny. Can't wait until the complete book is out there !!
  20. bolognese sauce; made with fresh ingredients and simmered for a few hours to intensify the flavors. keeps good in the freezer for ages.
  21. jeroen_kb

    Ziploc omelet

    Definitely going to try that. I do already use clingfilm to poach eggs in. Keeps the shape perfectly and works everytime. Just take a piece of cling film, put some olive oil on it. Take a cup or something elso hollow. Place the cling film in the cup, crack the egg open into the cling film and close the cling film and but in boiling water
  22. My favorite bar snack are the great bitterballen. World famous in Holland. And when you want to go fancy you order the mixed deep fried snacks, including off course bitterballen but also other meatlike things like little frikandellen and nasi / bami snacks.
  23. Has anyone read about this one? I'm not sure I agree, but if the 'experts' say so BBC news
  24. oraklet. I guess you're right about the fragility of the pans. I can see me using them for some cooking that doesn't require a lot of heat (I tried it yesterday and I did notice a very even cooking throughout the pan) or even presenting the food in at the table. it sounds nice: silverlined copper pans But it might be tempting to sell if it fetches a nice sum on ebay and get some real copper cooking pans
  25. jackal10: thanks for the ebay link. Now I can find out a rough marketvalue for the pans. Maybe based on that outcome I can decide what to do. Altough I would prefer to keep and use them if that'sm possible with 1 mm copper pans.
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