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  1. A friend of mine goes to the one on SW MArine Drive and says it is quite good and not like it makes much difference but she is from Bombay and makes incredible food
  2. Kaplans, i think is the best smoked meat and jewish deli in the city.. AMAZING!! and their pickles, i could drive up there right now. maybe a Knish too Daddy A.
  3. Jenna if you are a butter chicken girl, the best and cheapest is on the drive, called tandorri palace, geat naan bread there too and very clean, which is always a nice bonus. I have eaten at the temple on Marine drive a few years back and mr. Talent i think a little hair ball was in my chai tea, i would be a little wary if that is the place that you talking about.
  4. There is a lot of good coffee and a lot of bad beans. My favoriste take out is Cafe Calabria on the drive, the americanos are oh tasty and hot! For coffee at home, bean around the world "Ethiopia Harrar" is the favorite in our abode. I got 1/2 lb of starbucks the other day because we were desparate, as it was a block away, and it was terrible, soo incredibly bitter, though not even strong. We have thrown away our filter drip coffee maker, and just use either bodum, or stove top espresso maker and that still doesn't help the Starbucks beans.
  5. Harlows is very tasty and so is Veras despite, the comments on being dry .. so many burgers so little time ;)
  6. DameD

    BC Wine

    aaah Note BEne, Black Hills so tasty! and all i can say is the Inniskilin, Meritage.. what value, i think $25, worth so much more!
  7. Anyone from BC, Canada.. have you started hunting yet??? I have a place that i gotten from my great uncle and but i don't know when to start. And oooh i would love to have some with some butter and fresh thyme. YUM!! the place is by the river.. does that sound right?
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