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  1. It was quite a while ago (like 2 years) but I have seen Boiron purees at Meinhardt's.
  2. If you ever go to the '9 beaches resort' I would be interested to hear of your experience. My family was posted to Canadian Forces Station Bermuda many years ago and I was surprised to see they had the "Commanders House" as an accommodation option. That was my home (literally!) for three years...but a long time ago. From the picture it looks like they have really upgraded the beach access. From many years ago I remember awesome fish sandwiches from somewhere at the Naval Dockyard. As well Dark and Stormy's (black rum and ginger beer) from the Swizzle Inn!
  3. Chapter's website in Canada now shows it being available so my copy should be on its way as well!
  4. Hubby and I were planning to go to Habibi's for dinner last week. As we were driving by on our way to park, it appeared to be closed, so we didn't stop. Can someone else confirm Habibi's is really gone?
  5. I know that Chapter's Book Store in Canada shows that it is not yet released - appears to be being released October timeframe. I too am awaiting my copy. I have enjoyed and had excellent success with Peter Reinhart's other books "American Pie" and "The Bread Baker's Apprentice". His blog contains some info on upcoming classes showcasing his new book.
  6. Northwest Pastry Chef Marco just announced two new upcoming pastry courses - cost is $320+GST: 4-Day Serious Pastry Basic - Mon 6:15pm–9:45pm April 23,30, May 7 & 14, 2007 Examples of dishes you will create From scratch: - Austrian Apple Strudel - German Beer Pretzel - French Vanilla Ice Cream - Carrot & Herb Bread - Choux paste with Custard & Fruits - Chocolate Mousse cake - Cranberry Rye Bread - Apple Streusel & Almond Tart - Vanilla Crème Brulee And much more…….. 4-Day Serious Pastry Advanced Mon 6:15pm–9:45pm May 28, June 4, 11, 18, 2007 Examples of dishes you will create F
  7. Hubby and I had dinner this evening at Earls. We were partway through eating our appetizers when our entrees arrived. The person (not our server) bringing our entrees did not seem to acknowledge that we were not yet ready for the next course and 'deposited' our entrees onto our table. Once we finished our appetizers, we stacked the dirty appy plates in the centre of our table and slid over our main course plates. Our dirty appy plates sat on our table until we were about halfway through our entrees. I tend to not complain to anyone when I have a bad experience, choosing to 'vote' with my
  8. Weird huh? Seems the same thing happened in Richmond, close to Kwantlen College. They were always packed, open late, that original decor but it worked. They closed down foooooorever to reno, finally opened in that horrid cold new style, now they are no more. Presumably the same will happen to the one in South Surrey/White Rock, if it hasn't happened yet (closing), the decor is gawd awful. ← The Bread Garden in South Surrey is now no more. ← Ah, well, not surprised, but thanks for letting us know. Slightly curious what might end up there in it's place, if you happen by that are
  9. We've used a truffle machine at work to fill the truffle shells during peak times. I will take a picture of it when I am in at work on Friday and post it so you can see what one looks like. ← My truffle machine pictures didn't turn out very well, but I found the equivalent here. See the center picture 'hand depositor' machine.
  10. We've used a truffle machine at work to fill the truffle shells during peak times. I will take a picture of it when I am in at work on Friday and post it so you can see what one looks like. During nonpeak times we simply use 'squeezy' bottles to fill the truffles shells with gananche. We have 2 plastic capping trays similar to the metal one that you linked to earlier. For small quantities capping the truffles with a piping bag works just as well.
  11. See the 'competition' link in my first post for more details on the competition. It is held annually in Vancouver and this is the second year. Last years competition pictures can be found in another Vancouver thread entitled "West Coast Chocolate Festival'.
  12. I've met Wim Tas a few times and have visited his retail shop. His retail store and production facility are co-located with his residence in Abbotsford. He did well in the bonbon category the last two years at the Salon Du Chocolat competition. He received a bronze medal this year and either a silver or bronze last year.
  13. I'm not sure who did the safari plaque - it was already all set up when I arrived. My guess is that they did not use a mold but carved it. The rules were silent on molds. However I believe that most international competitors have their specialty molds made by Chef Rubber in Las Vegas.
  14. Unfortunately there was no sampling. Bonbons entrants were required to produce 10 of each type (3 types in total). When I returned after the judging, the judges had consumed most of the bonbons. My guess is that leftovers went to AI Dubrulle students???? I often have to sacrifice and taste my coworkers' creations in various stages of development - it's a tough job but someone has to do it : )
  15. The second annual Salon du Chocolate competition sponsored by the BC Chef's Association was held Oct 21, 2006. Last year the competition was part of the West Coast Chocolate Festival, however this year the competition was held independently. There was a huge increase in the number of competitors this year: 16 bonbon entries, 17 showpieces and 22 plated desserts. I only have pictures of the bonbon and showpiece categories and I have done my best to match the winning entries with the pictures. For the bonbons I've picked a few pictures that portrayed unique bonbons or unique presentation. For
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