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  1. Oh dear, has no one hear been to Anthony's since 21 March? We go again in the week David
  2. Me too - the bread is a standard feature of the lunchtime deal and it is excellent David
  3. We went at the end of January and had a very pleasant evening. Like others on here we had eaten our way through the previous ALC and enjoyed the new one very much. For me the venison was a highlight, and the belly pork was also enjoyed. We will be back Easter weekend when I think attention will swap to the fish dishes David
  4. Hard to say whether they will get the deserved star before the end of the month, but I do know that they have had two visits from one inspector this year. Olga told me that he had introduced himself at the end of the second visit - apparently he told them his first visit had been on a very busy night - any comments on the significiance of two visits? Or the introduction? David
  5. We were at Anthony's for lunch recently and I was interested to discover that there is some optimism concerning the publication of the red book David
  6. Mike Slightly OT but take yourselves to Borough Market on a Saturday morning for a great foodie experience and grab any of the range of things available for lunch on the hoof. David
  7. Jan Moir really liked Harry's Place a few months back David
  8. Sadly I have just had to let this reservervation (26th Nov) go, if you are quick... David
  9. This was on the tasting menu at the beginning of August and is a very interesting dish. The night we had the tasting their were some old favourites, some ALC and some new testers on it, in total it is a big meal but not too big On the bookings front, on Friday 5th of August the first table for four on a Saturday night was 26th Nov. However they were not taking bookings for January until after they reopen in September. David
  10. Matthew I am sorry to read this - my perception is different but I don't get as much chance as I would like to compare Anthony's with other places, more's the pity. I was last there a week ago for lunch with my parents. They were very impressed with the whole experience as I expected they would be. The set lunch at present is excellent with wood pigeon breast or pea velout and the braised rib eye is succulent and tasty. The pineaple consome with malt loaf is strange but the petit fours went down a treat, even the filo with Marigold which provided an interesting foil to the fantastic mango jelly cube and the chocolate. I will be back for the ALC in early August, I hope it lives up to our expectation. Please don't wait a year before you sample it again. David
  11. Ore Anthony's is closed Mondays I'm afraid. David
  12. The duck neck is a feature of the new menu and is sublime, the duck meat has excellent flavour, the deep fried duck egg is as rich as you would expect and runny in the middle and the rolled ribbon of potato is the perfect complement with just a trace of citrus unless I'm much mistaken. As soon as starters appeared on Saturday my wife sid they have steeped up a gear- in terms of presentation and I would be inclined to agree, not that the presentation was particularly lacking previously. Enjoy on Saturday; you lucky people. David
  13. Yin The lemon/cucumber are in fact two desserts: Lemon Chiboust (sp?) Sweet cucumber cheese canneloni David
  14. I had this Saturday night and it is very good, although the enoki could be omitted for me, as adt suggested. The chicken skin was perfect on this occasion. Overall on Saturday starters (braised pork cheeks, duck neck) and deserts (lemon, and cucumber) were spot on the mains could be tweaked - remove enoki, artichoke heart not good in turbot with smoked eel, although fennel was perfect foil to eel. Desert riesling recomended by Olga was to die for. Gift of a bread loaf from Olga was a real hit with the kids on Sunday morning. All in all Anthony goes from strength to strength, I made two more reservations David
  15. Anyone else got Anthony's reservations this Saturday by any chance? David
  16. There are four in Edinburgh alone. ← Is there a resident Japanese community in Edinburgh? We have a similar number of places in Leeds plus a van from one of the London Japanese supermarkets that comes here regularly, and to a certain extent the native Japanese in the area are important customers. The van in particullar is something to behold with various supplies and fresh fish of sufficient quality for sashimi. I only really know about this stuff because I had a good Japanese friend here who introduced me to Japanese food and the van. David
  17. daw

    Michelin Stars

    The other Leeds favourite has missed out as well - No 3 York Place Strangely it hasn't been mentioned here at all, although last year it was thought to be in the running. Come to think of it its own thread has had no entries since September. Disappointed David
  18. I'm with Gary on this, downstairs at Betty's is the place to go - the tourists don't particularly like being sent downstairs and Aunt should be comfortable and well looked after. David
  19. Riedel glassware from my mother - Vinum Chianti Classico to be precise - excellent. David
  20. Jan Moir is more than happy with her vistit to the Star as written up in today's Telegraph here (free registration required) I really must try and get up there, preferably sans enfants! David
  21. My kids have developed a liking for medium rare steak and pink roast beef - hurrah. Seafood is slowly becoming acceptable too - crab, squid, prawns, but not or mussels oysters yet. David
  22. Seafood featured extensively in the list which is here David
  23. daw

    Michelin Stars

    Do the "Michellin men" lurk in fora such as this??? David
  24. daw

    Michelin Stars

    A further question: what difference does that star, be it first, second or third make to a place? If like Anthonys they are already full well in advance (at least at the weekend) and probably charging what the market will stand what difference will it make, can anyone enlighten me, (examples?) David
  25. daw

    Michelin Stars

    Anthony's is one Leeds establishment in the running for the New Year, Number Three York Place is the other. Only time will tell, I have eaten at a variety of starred places, almost exclusively in France and both would seem to measure up. By now of course the decisions must be made and the red books willl be in production at some secret printing location. David
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