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  1. Stephen McGuffin was Chef de Cuisine at DISH and it will be reopening in March.
  2. Former Chef de Cuisine, Stephen McGuffin is looking at buying DISH. If so, transition should be made by end of first week of January.
  3. What happened to Jay Swift at Rainwater? Just found out an old friend, Boyd Rose, is now Top toque there. Also, is Bruce McQuain gone from Sia's and if so where did he land?
  4. I ate at Craft in NYC several years ago for NYE and was unimpressed. Having worked at Aureole and being a fan of Tom's from when he was at Grammercy Tavern I expected more.
  5. His Name is Stephen. He just started this past Tuesday. Will eventually be floating between the 2 restaurants and then will be opening his own place there once he finds the space.
  6. My brother just moved to Nashville and is the consulting chef at Park Cafe. Heard nothing but wonderful things about the food and staff there.
  7. Great post. I don't live in Atlanta, but you made me want to drive over just to try this place. Of course, I'm going to want to eat in the kitchen, just like you. I think I'll try telling him I'm a dear friend of Norm's and see how far that gets me. ← Chef Jones (Patrick) is a very good friend of mine and I know he runs a tight ship. He won't tolerate anything but spotless.
  8. Most kitchens buy 2 sets. He keeps one for sharpening and then changes them out once a week.
  9. Noticed that too. Most I already know, but a few I don't like this weeks.
  10. Every restaurant I cheffed at in Atlanta I used Bladesmith. The Edges do incredible work and are very professional. If I ever went back to the kitchen i would use them again.
  11. Won't be able to get the "ghetto" burger. That place closed down last year.
  12. chefATL

    Bama Bound

    In Montgomery, Jubilee Seafood, Garretts, and La Jolla are the best. For cheap eats, Tomatinos and El Rey in the Old Cloverdale area are good bets.
  13. Might also try Star Provisions.
  14. Carmen Capello formally of MIX is now chef at Merge in Marietta
  15. Actually, Greg Koetting is at Paul's, not Panos.
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