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  1. RGURAL- I once visited a major bread production plant-producing quick frozen pre proved french baguettes as well as other breads for most of Southern Africa-those guys took the trouble to import a massive wooden table from France specifically for the proving of the baguette dough for this plant at least, the wood was a major issue. As well it is interesting to note that they only hired bakers from french speaking africa to mix and handle the dough.
  2. I started my career as a night baker,I remember an old Sous Chef told me once that there were 2 reasons for baguettes uniqueness- Firstly the flour,but most important was the wooden table top used for proving the dough and knocking back-made from a specific type of French wood,enzymes transferred from wood to dough added a unique flavour and texture profile. Added to this fact-good bakers are born,not made and the innate instinct to judge your mix by touch ,feel,smell as well as love for living dough will always make the difference
  3. Herewith my butcher's recipe- Equal quantities of fresh ginger and galangal,minced and strained thru' a cloth too capture the juices.(dicard the minced veggie matter) FRESH turmeric powder/ground coriander and cumin in equal quantities Gula Apong-a thick viscuous sugar very brown in colour,or a block of palm sugar ground and dilute too taste in the ginger liquid Mix all with meat strips-chicken or beef, marinate for 24 hours thread and grill over smoky charcoal All quantities according to your own taste
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