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  1. Yayyy, it's huntin' season! I'm late to this party but glad to be catching up. I agree with you, going back a few posts, about the hypnotic effect of watching bubbles travel through clear piping. Your photos of the windmill and tub, looking into the sun, have a beautiful mood. Here's hoping it's a good hunt, and a good time. I so want to invite myself to one of these hunting parties -- I bet I'd learn a lot about being a successful hunter, as well as being a good cook! I'm looking forward to the feasts.
  2. Braised beef short ribs, green beans with bacon, creamed corn casserole, crash smashed potatoes. I quite forgot the carrots, which we had today along with leftovers, and we were too full for the persimmon panna cotta. The beauty of going to all that trouble yesterday is that there was no cookery needed today except simply reheating. The caramelized carrot "salad", incidentally, was done by this method and was good even without the bearnaise called for in the recipe, although I did dab some remoulade sauce after taking the photo. I liked the extra kick.
  3. How peculiar. At this moment, the 6-quart Instant Pot Duo is listed for $89.99, yet the 8-quart Instant Pot Duo is listed for $64.99! I think you started something, rotuts. Ah...I think the difference is that, as rotuts noted above, the 6-quart has wi-fi.
  4. I hope you got a backup CSO while it was under $100! I missed it while I was dithering. Meanwhile, the Instant Pot Ultra 6-quart is $81.99. I think you like your Instant Pot? If you want extra flexibility for temperature control, and the extra safety feature of an automatic vent closure when you lock the lid in place*, this pot is for you. It's a heck of a good deal! *The vent can be reopened if you don't want it closed, but it automatically closes every time you lock the lid. I think it's a great feature.
  5. The starter was about 1/2 cup of Old Home Plain Greek-style yogurt. I quit trying to keep a starter around last year because I thought my starter culture must have gone off. Then I tried using starters from different brands of yogurt that I liked, but got the same results. I had quit making yogurt because I liked the commercial results so much more. This yogurt became yogurt only because I ran out of time to try making burrata, and had to do something with that gallon of milk I'd bought for the purpose. Got any other ideas? You have a lot more savvy about this stuff than I do.
  6. @Anna N, are you a kebabs type? I'm thinking of chunks of chicken marinated (or rubbed) and then skewered and browned on the grill. They need to be accompanied by (rubbed or marinated, then) skewered vegetables, but with all served over rice it's pretty darned good. The leftovers are good too. What a fun present! Even if you didn't want it! Way to go, @Kerry Beal's DNA!
  7. AHA! After I decided to punt, I also opted for a glass of wine. That meant diving into the "wine cellar" under the bed. I KNEW the rings had been stored there! I had just forgotten that I'd stored them outside a storage sleeve* instead of inside said sleeve. *Yes, I know that storage sleeve looks like it contains Scotch. It doesn't. Any more.
  8. I quite agree. What a lovely recommendation!
  9. I must have been a squirrel in a previous life. Either that, or I'm doomed to be one in the next. I am very good at packing things into small spaces and finding unlikely storage spots. That trait bites me whenever I move, because I keep unpacking small spaces and having unlikely quantities come out, rather like 25 circus clowns disgorging from a Volkswagon Beetle. The other time it bites me is when I've squirreled something away, only to be unable to find it later. So it is now. I bought 4 ring molds specifically for a panna cotta dessert, tomorrow and again at Christmas. I know, I could simply cut the bottoms off a couple of cans, or use jars, but I don't have cans of the right size, and it's supposed to be unmolded and dropped (impossible from a jar), and I bought those molds specifically for the purpose. I also know that I should give up the elaborate lifestyle I prefer for the half-year we're in the Princessmobile. But I don't want to. So I've looked where I thought I had stored those rings, and the next most likely places. Next up are the really obscure squirrelly spots. And maybe I'll end up punting, and those darned things will appear only when we move out of this trailer.
  10. Honestly, I'm with you on this. Our family always, always had ham with family feasts - and all too often it was that nasty "Danish Ham" in the roughly triangular can. To make matters worse, it was speckled with cloves, probably my least favorite spice, and probably drowned in some sugary substance. The one exception, all those years, was picnic ham: salty, fatty, not sweet like most hams. That's still about the only way I like ham, and it's a struggle to find what's called a picnic ham down here: cut from the forequarters, smoked but not sweetened. When I buy sandwich ham, it's for him. I get chicken, turkey or beef instead. All that said, ham with cheese -- as in ham 'n' mac 'n' cheese, or on grilled cheese sandwiches, or with eggs and cheese, works for me. I think the fatty cheese offsets the sweetness of the ham. Thanks for the egg compliment.
  11. Ham is the gift that keeps on giving, isn't it? We brought with us 2 picnic hams, cut into smaller portions and vacuum-bagged, from a favorite meat market back home. The problem with cooking them so far has been that the meat is so good and each ham so small that the leftovers don't last long enough for my darling to make split pea soup. Split pea soup is his favorite thing to do with ham bones and leftover ham. So he bought another, cheap, whole ham the other day. Was it Dorothy Parker who said "eternity is 2 people and a ham"? We cooked that one, and the leftovers got split into two containers: nice slices for sandwiches, and little chunks for his split pea soup. The top photos in the collage below show carving the leftovers, and the beautiful potatoes and ham goo left over. We've been eating that separately. This morning we had to deal with the fourth flat tire of the trip. This one happened while we were minding our business, set up and camping. The valve blew, all on its own, while we were sitting inside. I think we have it fixed now, but my aggravation level is very high at the moment. Nothing would do but make scrambled eggs with ham and cheese for brunch after we'd finished. The plate with the fried tomatoes is mine. In other news: last night was our first campfire cookery of the season. It's been cold here - nothing like at home, but too cold for him to be comfortable sitting outside, even by a fire. We finally did it anyway, and cooked Polish sausages (also from home) over that fire. Those were accompanied by potatoes, ham goo and brusell sprouts that had been cooked at the same time as the ham. That has to be one of the saltier meals we've eaten lately, between the salt in the ham goo and the salt in the sausages.
  12. Well, the Breville Joule 1100 Watt circulator is now on sale for $159.99 instead of $249.99.... Credit goes to @lindag for pointing out this deal here.
  13. A lifetime ago, my then-boyfriend and I got a goose to cook for Thanksgiving. I don't remember much about what we did, but I remember that we got a LOT of fat from it and enjoyed cooking with it later. I also remember liking the flavor. Enjoy your goose! That's a great price!
  14. So far I have learned that I really like what my prickly pear juice does for/to yogurt. My homemade yogurt has an off-flavor that I associate with some American-made "Greek" feta cheeses. The prickly pear juice cancels that flavor out, whether by masking or some interaction I don't know. It looks pretty, too. I relayed this all to the above-mentioned Sarah Lee-Allen, and she responded:
  15. Smithy

    Mixing bowls

    I've never seen Pyrex painted like that! I'm no collector and can't comment on the quality of the deal, but my take is that if you like the design and the bowls give you pleasure, that's not a bad price. I hope one of the cognescnti answers you soon.
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