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  1. The one in Englewood Cliffs? That one is way more expensive than I would want to spend. I worked at the Bicycle Clube for a few months about 8 years back(same owners). Actually went to Old time Sizzlin Steak for my first time a couple of weeks ago. Very good. Lido's I like too and I totally agree with what you're saying about how to only order a few things, because the rest isn't really good. I gotta try the Hispanic Cuisines in the places you mentioned Fink. Has anyone tries Rudy's in Hackensack on Anderson? Someone told me it was good.
  2. I see their ads all the time. I should check that out! My husband Loves Italian!!!
  3. Yes, I have been there. I ususally go to La Batalla in Bergenfield, but if I feel like drinking, I go there. Great Place witha great atmosphere!!! Wow, you guys are the best!!! Thanks for all the recommendations!!!!
  4. Been to Saigon....have to go back again though....I loved it!!! Been to It's greek to me (worked across the street for 4 years, see my profile) Worked at Moon street for a short while when it was still owned by Blue Moon Mexican, but I love their food! Have to try Joel's Malibu. Heard Benny's was excellent, have to try that! Have coupons for Babylon.....want to go there too!!!!
  5. yeah, I saw her a lot running around. She's a very hard worker. We had been to it a couple of times when it was on the corner when Cusinera is now. But the time I had the run in with that guy was at the new one on the side street. It was about 2 months ago.....pretty funny experience though. He was laughing at me so much and then had NOTHING to say when he realized he was wrong. Funny. The new place is nice though. It's weird though seeing it as a restaurant and not a pool hall. IT"S SOOOO BIG NOW!!!!
  6. Really? I've walked in there several times and have walked out, not being very impressed with the offerings in the steam tables. ← Are there any that you stay and eat at? Any with particular draws of that you like for any reason? ← The only one I go to is China 46's Dim Sum Brunch on Sundays. Victor Sassoon, eGullet Society member and reviewer for the Bergen Record, recently wrote a short peice about it: China 46 in the Bergen Record China 46 (eG Forums, with photos) When I was working up in the Ramsey/Mahwah area I went to the one up on Rt. 17, but I forgot its name. It wasn't bad, but then again it wasn't great either. ← I think that one is call Grand Buffet or something like that.
  7. those ore the only two you mentioned that I haven't been to. Sounds yummy.....I've drove past them both twice though. Actually, I was at Stickey's BBQ in Teaneck on opening day and there is actually a pic of me on you'r thread about it....I am the one with the striped shirt on with my back towards you. Wasn't to thrilled with it that day. Didn't seem like they had their crap together. I have been back since though and it's pretty good now. Haven't been there in a month or so though. I like this place, but the owner or some guy at the cash register was a total jerk. i had ordered the empanadas, and when i went to pay, I, being an honest person, had pointed out that he had charged me too little for the empanadas....He started cracking up at me like he was drunk or something. pointing his finger at me and saying really lound how wrong I was, cracking up the whole time. Then he finally looked at the menu and realized I was right and shut up. What a jerk!!! I'd still go back though for the cuban sandwiches and other food.
  8. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could reccommend some restaurants for me and my husband to go to.......We like all sorts of food, american and international dishes. We try to not spend a lot of money either. We don't like spending more than $16 for seafood entrees and $12 for chicken entrees. Obviously the cheaper the better, but we are interested in hearing what good, cheap, casual places you may recommend. Thanks!
  9. Wanimoon

    La Batalla, Bergenfield

    Yeah, i'm sure he would too, we go in just about every week. We didn't go last week and now I'm craving!!!!.....I just hope I can remember to ask him to make it for me.
  10. Wanimoon

    Wondee's in Hackensack

    I think maybe the fact that I am Thai, and that I have never been to Thailand because I was adopted when I was 5 months old, is maybe why I like going to Bangkok garden for the Atmosphere. Gives me more of a feeling of where I come from.
  11. Really? I've walked in there several times and have walked out, not being very impressed with the offerings in the steam tables. ← I'm definitely not saying it's the best, but I think they have really good sushi and a good variety of food for the price and the location. I also like the buffet place in Saddle Brook, but most of the time i don't feel like driving 20 minutes for a buffet and it's also always packed!!! Some people I know have said they think the saddle brook buffet is salty, but i didn't think so.
  12. International Buffet in Bergenfield
  13. Wanimoon

    Wondee's in Hackensack

    I do have to say though.....bangkok Garden has a better Thai Atmosphere.
  14. Wanimoon

    La Batalla, Bergenfield

    Me and My Husband Love this place. We try and go once a week. I can't get enough of it. I actually worked at Blue Moon Mexican Cafe in Englewood for 4 years, and you can't even compare it to La Batalla. One of the cool things about working at Blue Moon is that all the cooks were Mexican, so they would always cook their own authenic mexican meals for the staff. I just wish La Batalla had a liqour license. The atmosphere is definitely not "festive" but it almost makes you feel as if you are in a diner in mexico. I haven't tried the Sopes or the chicken soup yet, and I am dying to try them. It's just everytime I'm there, I'm not really in the mood. I also have to get my butt up early enough to try the Huervos rancheros. I'm going there this Saturaday for dinner. We didn't go last week, so we have to make up for it this time. I love the shrimp dishes there and the taquitos are the best!!!
  15. Wanimoon


    I wasn't blown away with this place. It was good, but not somewhere I would rush to go back to for the price of the food. They were very stingy with the lobsters and I had to wait 20 minutes in one spot just for them to bring them out. Then they only gave me one!!! If you have the Money to blow, then I say go and have a blast, but if not, I recommend International Buffet in Bergenfield.