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  1. Is that "Sun Tong Gong" the place you are referring to that was on Pell St. in the 80's & 90's ? I loved that place as well back in it's heyday.
  2. Any specific recommendations in curry hill? -Pat
  3. Mango's for Southern Style Soul food http://www.mangosofnj.com/takeout.html Pollo's Mario for columbian style platters http://www.yelp.com/biz/pollos-mario-hackensack Villa de Columbia http://www.villadecolombia.com/index.php?o...ntact&Itemid=33 Miyoshi 21 Mercer St Hackensack, NJ 07601 (201) 489-0007 There's also a good columbian bakery shop on Main Street between Berry & Passaic St. accross the street from Olympus Gym & Domino's. I forget the name. Good Eats!!
  4. We'll be attending the day session of the US open & probably will be leaving by sun down. We have a car so driving wouldn't be an issue. Just wanted to see if there's anything worthwhile to go to in Queens while we are in that borough.
  5. Hi guys, We are planning to attend the US open next week in flushing and was wondering if any egulleter's can recommend an italian American restaurant in Queens ? So far I'm pondering Don Peppe's on lefferts BLVD , but I have no inkling of where the restaurant is in relation to the US open. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. --Pat
  6. You have got to stop @ White Manna in Hackensack to grab a burger for your indigenous needs!!
  7. All my filipino friends & their families love the Char siu bao at Mei Lei Wah on Bayard st. bet. Elizabeth & Mott St. in Chinatown baked or steamed. Mei Lei Wah is one of the few old school coffee shops left in chinatown. I started getting them into the "Dai Bao" as well and they love it. I also like going to May May Gourmet Chinese Bakery on 35 Pell St. in Chinatown for their "Baos" and other delicacies. http://www.maymayfood.com/index.htm
  8. irongut

    China 46

    China Garden hosts some good standard fare dim sum, nothing creative though. At least my chinese family thinks so. You have to order off the dim sum menu, no push cart ladies. I have got to try Dim Sum Dynasty. It seems like a creative & refreshing twist to Dim Sum & Cantonese dishes according to the posts on this forum. As far as comparing C46 with old soochow, I think C46 is better. C46 has tastier stir fry & main entree dishes with good standard shanghai soup & stir fry noodles & dumplings. While in general Old Soochow is good at the noodle part.
  9. irongut

    China 46

    Good point about the cuisines of China46 & lotus cafe. If i'm in the mood for Shanghai style food like the soup dumplings, zha zherng noodles (not sure what the english name of this meat sauce noodle is) , scallion pancakes, or any other shanghai noodle soups, and warm soy bean milk, I go to a shanghai restaurant like C46 or old soochow on 46 in Saddle Brook. If i'm in the mood for dim sum or cantonese style seafood & meatdishes i tend to go to a hong kong style place like China garden in clifton or the restaurant in fort lee on main st. that serves dim sum. The name escapes me. If i'm in the mood for chicken wings 'n fried rice or general tso's chicken i go to my local neighborhood ghetto chinese place. By the way, "Goody's" a chinese takeout joint in Paterson on market st. sells a mean 'n tasty half rotisserie chicken (pollo a la brasa) with yellow rice for under $5 .
  10. I used to get a good Sloppy Joe @ The Campus Sub Shop on Irvington Ave. in South Orange. This place was a regular pit stop for Seton Hall Students.
  11. No offense taken, I was just making a suggestion for a quick fix takeout of Dim Sum at a local market if one had the urge. I have to try Dim Sum Dynasty. We live a few towns away in Hackensack so it would be real convenient. We used to go to China Garden in Clifton (no carts/Order dim sum on Menu) & China Chef in Secaucus if we didn't feel like treking to chinatown.
  12. Kudo Beans in Fort Lee on Lemoine Ave. has good coffee and sells freshly ground coffee beans from Dallis Roasters. http://www.dalliscoffee.com/coffees.htm
  13. King Fung is located on 470 Kinderkamack Road in River Edge, close to Hackensack. They truck in Dim Sum from Chinatown early on Saturdays & Sundays. Get there before 11am & you should have a good selection of Dim Sum & congee. They also have a cook to order & prepared takeout kitchen. I usually order their stir fried shanghai noodle w. shredded pork & the stir fried rice cakes. Pretty tasty substitute if I'm too lazy to go to Goody's or Yeah Shanghai in chinatown or even Old Soochow & China46.
  14. I guess it's formerly known as funky broome. Just passed by yesterday and it's now called Jazzi Wok.
  15. irongut

    Dim Sum

    I think you are referring to 'Golden Bridge' . The old silver palace.
  16. irongut

    Dim Sum

    Just hit Jing Fong on Elizabeth st. for some late lunch dim sum and i was totally unimpressed. After hearing that Jing Fong had a special from Mon-Fri, all dim sum plates $1.50 that was advertised in the Chinese paper, we decided to give it a try after years of hiatus. I know it was after 2pm but the selection was minimal. Some crusty cold spring rolls , rubbery beef tripe, uninspiring chicken feet , & oily fried taro dumplings. No signs of the standard fare like shiao mai, har gao, egg custards or the likes. What made it worse was the service. Nobody even acknowledged that we were there when we stepped up to the dining area. And there was plenty of staff on hand just standing there yapping with each other. We had to get one of the pushcart ladies to get us seated. I'll give the food another try on a busier day but the staff was aloof. Maybe they had hard luck at the OTB. I had better experiences next door at Golden Bridge for dim sum . I have to try Oriental palace one of these days as well. Seems like most everyone gives it a thumbs up.
  17. That market that spans the whole block from mott to elizabeth st. is called "Deluxe market" on 122 mott st. I've only tried their pork vegetable bun, peppered pork chop, & frozen shu mai, never the roasted duck. I love tendons though, gotta try that next. Pretty interesting store though.
  18. Not sure if you're looking for a place in Northern NJ but i can suggest main Street in Hackensack. There is a court house nearby and is busy during lunch time. There are always storefronts available and the neighborhood could use a great hot dog joint. You'll be competing with the hot dog house, callahans, and cubbys but your products seem far superior. The downtown scene in Hackensack has been struggling to compete with the big malls nearby but I've noticed a big resurgence in good restaurants moving in. The white manna, Wondee's, miyoshi, & Villa de Colombia are nearby. The Indian Chef @ International food market is about a mile away as well. I'm sure you would do a killing during lunchtime.
  19. irongut

    Shake Shack

    Shake Shack makes me happy too. (lol) Got to get my last licks in before they close for the winter. Then i might have to settle for the white manna in jersey which i have never tried yet. Sounds like a different class of buger.
  20. Just had dinner with the family at Funky Broome. We had a good meal but the portions always seem to be a bit undersized there. We had : salt & pepper fried squid, jellyfish, braised tofu, crispy chicken that wasn't so crispy, sizzling plate of beef fillet w. pepper, sweet & sour sea bass, stir fried conch & squid, scallops & winter melon in XO sauce , & stir fried spinach with shrimp paste, & some stir fried sticky rice (law my faan) for my little nephews. All in all, a pretty tasty meal. I haven't been there in a while so it was nice revisiting it again. The wait staff were real accomodating considering we had a group of 10. Seating always seemed a bit cramped in there when the house is full. Then again it's C town at its best. Incidently, I wasn't aware that Congee Village had a second branch on the bowery named "Congee Bowery" .
  21. I really miss Sun lok kee on mott st. Great snails & razor clams w. black bean sauce and their fresh steamed fish w. ginger & scallions. I was addicted to their peking pork chops. Sun Ko Shing on East broadway was another joint we frequented. Phoenix garden in the alley way of Elizabeth & bowery was a family favorite. For Dim sum we used to frequent Sun Tong Gong on Pell st. Damn, i miss the eighties. LOL.
  22. I had Jack In The Box when I was in Seattle and it was so good I almost want to take a trip to Ohio just to get it. The Red Robin on Route 3 in Clifton also has great burgers, we got food from there 4 nights in a row last week. ← Wow, red robin 4x in a week, i must give it a try. I also have to try Jackson Hole in Englewood. I ate at one of the jackson hole's in manhattan and they serve a pretty decent burger.
  23. Soft tofu is really great for their tofu hot pots & bbq rib tips. Wait times at prime time dinner times can be painful but really worth the wait. This place is a local favorite. Another tasty Korean place in the area is Koreana @ 1550 lemoine ave.
  24. You guys are really making me crave for the shake shack burger. Boy, that burger is real juicy & that meat really melts in your mouth. I wish there was a shake shack in NJ but i defininetly would settle for a In 'n Out or Jack in the box franchise around here. Really miss the double double from in 'n out and the sour dough jack burger in Cali.
  25. I second Patisserie St. Michel. Good french pastries.
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