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  1. My favourite is paneer makhanwala - basic ingredients are paneer, tomato and cream. I honestly don't remember where this recipe comes from, so I wasn't sure whether I should post it. It is great with naan or roti.
  2. lidiab


    I don't have time to make it out of real coconut. Plus, it is rather difficult to find good and fresh coconut here. And I don't like coconut chatney from dry shreded coconut.
  3. Actually I like earl grey very much, but I drink it very weak (like two dips), which makes it more of colored flavoured water, and I drink it without milk or sugar. I find chai to be more of a desert. Nilgiri cardamom tea is my favourite.
  4. lidiab


    Hot, fluffy, and sour. I can't make proper coconut chatney in Canada, but in India I prefer coconum chatney. In Canada I make chana dhal chatney or sambhar.
  5. I use zucchini in a variety of South Indian dishes: curry, torah, and tial, sambhar and avial. I use leek and celery in a soup. Can’t imagine shallots in Kerala dishes, and Kerala food is what I mostly cook at home. Mongo, could you give the name of your Kerala book, so I can check it out?
  6. lidiab


    How much time does it take to cook rajma in a pressure cooker? I normally just use the canned beans for it. Does not loose much in taste, but it is really fast.
  7. Puri for pani puri will look like little puffed baseballs empty inside. You break the top, fill it with stuffing and pour in some tamarind water. Chaat papdi is quite different. My favourite recipe for it is at http://www.bawarchi.com/cookbook/chats5.html Generally, Bawarchi is one of the better website for Indian cooking. If there was yoghurt in what you had - it was very likely chaat papdi. If tamarind souce was very watery - it was likely pani puri.
  8. lidiab

    Dinner! 2004

    I am 7 months pregnant on a no-sugar, low-carb diet. Last night dinner was couscous with pick peas, yoghurt, and garlic pickle. No desert for me
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