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  1. Isle of Arran blond ale

    Do you still have the bottle? Would it be possible to take a picture of it and post it here? I would like to see the bottle. I have never heard of it.
  2. Cooking with and Serving Pancetta

    That sounds like a great idea for corstini. I have it in the freezer for me to use this weekend!
  3. Cooking with and Serving Pancetta

    My Mother in law just dropped off a 3/4 pound slice of pancetta and i was wondering if anybody had any ideas for me on what to do with it. I was thinking of adding it to Fettucini Alfredo but after some serious soul searching I figured id try something something else. Thanks for the help everybody!
  4. Outdoor Fridge

    I do the same thing Jason does. I take cheesechake crust or pie crust wrapped in tinfoil after it comes out of the oven and chill it on the front steps for a few minutes when its cold enough. Saves me a lot of time!
  5. What do you dip your fries in?

    Blue cheese dressing! If i dont have that what i usually do is take mayo and then add some chipolte peppers diced with a little bit of the adobo sauce that comes with the canned peppers...yummy
  6. different Guiness brews

    I was in Ireland 2 weeks ago and i ordered a pint of the Toucan Brew. I thought it was a so-so beer. It definatly lacked the bitterness that i was looking for in the beer. The bartender told me that he thought it was considered a lighter version of Guinness when i ordered it I was pretty happy however when i walked out of the pub. The bartender gave me a pint glass of the brewmasters series glasses to take home with me.
  7. Showcasing Bacon

    Grilled chicken breasts stuffed with chorizo and wrapped in bacon sounds really good right now!
  8. Post Modern BLT ideas wanted

    This sounds like a crazy idea but i wonder if you took a block of cream cheese and mixed in raspberry balsamic vinegar dressing and then schmeared it onto toasted white bread for the BLT's. I might just have to give that a try this weekend.
  9. Corned Beef (and cabbage?)

    This Friday a friend is going to be dropping off 2 pounds of corned beef that a local meat market makes. This meat market only does this a couple of times a year and this is rumored to be some of the best corned beef out there. Heres my question: Does anybody have any suggestions for this besides the corned beef hash and sliced thinly for sandwiches? Im looking to try something new!
  10. Menu help

    Those wings look incredible, what a awesome idea!
  11. My first single barrel bourbon

    This Morning i bought a bottle of Blantons single barrel bourbon. I havent had the chance to open it yet but im going to try it tonight. What are your thoughts on this bourbon and what other bourbons would you reccomend?
  12. Supersized M&Ms and the demise of JBz

    http://money.cnn.com/2005/08/04/news/funny...dex.htm?cnn=yes I cant believe this wasnt done a long time ago
  13. CHOW Magazine

    I bought a copy of this magazine last night at the grocery store and i really like it! It doesnt have a lot of advertising (wich is one thing i like) and they seem to have a pretty wide variety of food and drink topics. From what i can tell this looks like their 2nd issue. Does anybody subscribe to this magazine and what are your thoughts of it?
  14. 1/2 pound of Linguica

    Thanks for pointing this out! I was assuming they were Portuguese as those are what I am familiar with. What type do you have rabidscottsman? ← Ludja Sorry its taken so long to respond back on the thread, I looked at the package and it says its the portuguese style. I think im going to try the Linguica with the scrambled eggs for breakfast this week!
  15. #1 I was checking cookbooks out of our school library in 2nd and 3rd grade. #2 i was taking my moms cookbooks and dragging them into the bedroom to read, everytime she needed a cookbook she said she would usually find it under my bed. #3 around 9 or 10 years of age I developed a love for my grandmas sauerkraut, wich i still claim to this day that nobody else could ever match. I would eat plates full while my brother and sister would turn green just at the sight of it