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  1. Oh, just found this thread Montreal restaurant recommendations Lots of great recommendations. How will we ever narrow down the list????!
  2. My husband and I are also traveling to Montreal in March for a delayed honeymoon so Jenc's list as well as this entire thread is helpful. Our list is similar but not as extensive. Does anyone know anything about Laurie Raphael? apparently it's inside the Hotel Germain. Also, we can't wait to try APdC.
  3. I found that by making an inventory list of our pantry items, it's easier to plan meals around these items. It was a little time consuming but worth it. My husband and I were completely broke over the weekend...Superbowl weekend!.....but we ended up scraping together 10 bucks between us and ended up with: pork tacos: leftover pulled pork from the freezer to which we added Mexican spices; flour and corn tortillas from the freezer; taco sauce from a bottle I found in the back of the pantry; sour cream-(a fridge staple in our house); and lettuce which we purchased on sale for $1.45 guacamole: 2 avocados purchased for $4; some onion from the pantry; jalapenos purchased for $.06; and juice from limes that were in the fridge; cilantro from the veggie bin in the fridge tortilla chips: a bag organic corn tortilla chips on sale for $2.19 (we could have fried our town tortilla chips but we didn't have enough oil on hand. it turned out to be cheaper to buy the bag.) key lime pie: graham crackers from the pantry for the crust; a bottle of Nellie & Joe's key lime juice from the pantry; 4 eggs - all that was left of the carton in the fridge; a can of sweetened condensed milk from the pantry (left over from the holidays I guess) For under $8, we had a feast! Not the most gourmet of meals but satisfying fare for a football game. Monday night we had a delicious lentil soup all with ingredients we had on hand: dried lentils, spinach, beef broth, carrots, celery, onion, etc. It's been challenging but rewarding to try to be as creative as possible with what we have already in the larder combined with what we can afford to buy with a few pennies.
  4. Perhaps that this remarkable book might inspire her to at least try out some recipes and become a bit more adventurous ... Cookbooks sometimes give one a little "push" to experiment ... or maybe she'll just want to try it some years from now when she is more 'ambitious'? (alternate word here? mature! ) ← While I appreciate your optimism, GG, my meager attempt at humor was actually a cry of woe. I would love to think that my sister-in-law would one day try a little cooking but her frequent exclamation, "I hate food!" leads me to believe that this will never happen. My nephews and niece are growing up with no appreciation of or experience with the enriching value of food and cooking traditions within a family. Not only that, at ages 11, 8 and 2 they are nutritionally deprived, with the bulk of their diet consisting of junk food, processed frozen pap and cold cereal. So, I joke about the Gourmet cookbook being a wasted gift when I'm truly sad for a mother with such an unhealthy attitude towards food and that this attitude is being cultivated in three precious kids. Back to the real topic of this thread.....I just baked a batch of oatmeal cookies from TGC and find them to be a little on the dry side - not my favorite recipe.
  5. My mother (bless her!!) gave me the book for Christmas and I can't wait to dig in. My sister-in-law received one also - ooooooh, what a waste....considering that popping frozen waffles into the toaster is her idea of cooking. What was my mother thinking?
  6. tennesseespice

    Ethnic Pop

    i believe vimto is british.it used to be available in India many moons ago.looks like it's still going strong in the middle east. Thanks for the correction, gingerly. I was under the mistaken assumption that Vimto was mid-eastern because a friend from Bahrain who introduced me to Vimto grew up on the stuff - specifically the concentrate. His mom would make it up in batches like Kool-Aid. The web site is very informative. " It was in the early 1920s that Vimto concentrate and cordial was first sold abroad, at first to India and then to Saudi Arabia. " Ah-Ha....
  7. No matter what his personal life may have held, the world of television may never again see a more eloquent teacher than Jeff Smith. Like many here, the Frug was for me an early introduction to food, cooking and culture - I especially loved his food-as-history lessons. Peace, brother Frug, and blessings to your family.
  8. ice cream, ice cream, ice cream...wine, cheese....more ice cream
  9. ....who has been observed repeatedly licking her fingers in the middle of food preparation.... Sandra Lee is not the only one with finger-in-the-mouth syndrome....Paula Deen constantly licks her fingers, the stirring spoons, the spatulas .......
  10. After reading this thread I had to get some Pocky - I'm a pocky virgin. Sadly there are no Japanese markets in East Tennessee so I ordered two boxes from asiafoods.com - almond crush and cafe au lait. I loved the sight that Jason recommended, otakugrocery.com, but alas, they are out of Pocky G, Men's Pocky and they're no longer listing the orange chocolate. Next stop, jbox.com. In the meantime....happily anticipating my postal pocky package.....
  11. I've heard fantastic things about Victoria and Alberts at the Grand Floridian resort - very expensive though. Also, to ditto what others have written about Epcot, I had a very good meal at the morrocan themed restaurant there - I remember the atmosphere being a lot of fun as well.
  12. tennesseespice

    Dinner! 2004

    Oh my gosh...I have sooo been craving mussels. Please share your recipe!
  13. My favorite single malt, Laprhroaig, wasn't listed. Great article though. Hmmm....is 3:00 too early for a scotch??.... Obviously I was refering to the Forbes article, as I just read the Alameda times article and it of course does discuss Laprhroaig. Good info. Maybe it's not too early in the day for scotch after all....
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