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  1. Stopped by late today around 700pm. Place was still hopping! We had 2 Caped Crusaders, 1 Hawaii 5-0, and 1 BLT. Side of fries and two limeades. Must say I was impressed with the dogs. The Caped Crusader was awesome. Next time it's the Nacho dog.

  2. I was there about 8-9 months ago. Service was off--refills of water, bread, and the waitress were hard to find! Fish and chips were ok. Lowell’s pork was inedible—overcooked and tasteless. Forget the chicken potpie if it is still on the menu. It had very little filling and the sauce was watery. We had desserts but I don’t remember what. Haven’t been back. They are expanding next door. Perhaps lunch would be a better time to try this restaurant.

    Life is too short to eat mediocre food and have bad service. Imagine how good the service and food will be when they expand?

  3. I don't quite agree about the "exemplary service." I thought it was below par. Our server didn't ask us for drinks when we got there. We waited almost 10 minutes before our waiter arrived. When we did get them he forgot one of our wines. Never brought it until asked again. Got the wrong salad from what I ordered(it was still great) Had to go back to the front to brush up on the specials in the middle of presenting them to us. This is far from "exemplary" service. Guess he was new? Regardless, I'd go back as I did think the food was excellent. The service is really what made me feel the place was overpriced, not the food. Some of the wines were marked up nearly 50%

  4. Some say you end up with more crema. From experience I'd have to say it depends on the coffee and blend. I do find that in general the crema is thicker and more abundant when using a bottomless portafilter but the ultimate product and taste is unchanged. I'll have to admit that it's cool to see your espresso come out of the PF in a glop of tiger striped goodness though. It can be much messier too if you don't have good tamping/grinding techniques due to spurting.

  5. This was only a matter of time and I am suprised that NJ lagged so far behind in doing this. I wholeheartedly agree with banning smoking in eating establishments. It's just common courtesy. It's however unfortunate that they are including the "Gin Mills" that don't serve food and cater to cigarette and cigar smokers. After the ban is in effect I definitely wont be going to those places anymore. Hope they can stay afloat but I doubt all will be able to. Hopefully some of these alcohol only bars will find a work-around.

  6. While we're at it why have they not decided to ban alcohol in bars.  That is the REAL killer.  Or grease?  If you havene't been to an eating establishemnt lately you be hard-pressed to not find a man or woman who looks like their heart is going to explode if they ingest one more jalapeno popper. ;)

    a person's exploding heart will most likely not hurt waitstaff or customers in the process. you're comparing apples to oranges. as far as making a case for drinking killing others, it's important to note that drunk driving is, indeed, against the law. i don't know why this distinction isn't crystal clear to those involved in the debate.

    Point taken, but my arguement was more along the lines of government intrusion on what's "best for us" since we are not smart enough to "know better." Again, my problem with the law is that it doesn't allow alcohol only establishments to dictate whether they are smoking or completely non-smoking.

    Obesity is a severe burden on this country and although the exploding heart doesn't directly affect me it strains the medical care system tremendously. However, so does alcohol and tobacco.

  7. While we're at it why have they not decided to ban alcohol in bars. That is the REAL killer. Or grease? If you havene't been to an eating establishemnt lately you be hard-pressed to not find a man or woman who looks like their heart is going to explode if they ingest one more jalapeno popper. ;)

    I have no problem with banning smoking in an eating establishment. However, your average gin mill on the corner who's idea of food is the warm Nut-Hut machine or a fingerprint-covered plastic jar full of beef jerky should be left well enough alone. Cigarettes and cigars ARE food in these types of places!

  8. Tazza d'Oro in Roma is the best I have had in the world.

    I think that TDO is good, but have you tried Sant Eustace - it is only a few blocks away. The great debate in Rome is which is better, and both have their partisans..

    Yup I have tried S.E. and although it is phenomenal I like Tazza d'Oro a bit better. It has that amazing dark chocolate taste that comes through

  9. i know people who choose beaujolais nouveau to serve with their meal because they want to get into the spirit and all of that, yet, they're of the opinion that it's not a particularly good food wine and they don't even like the stuff.  i agree with them, except for the part about serving it with the meal.

    i try to stick to american wines an this uniquely american holiday.  fruit forward wines and rieslings are what i generally pour for the table.  it's one of the few meals where i go out of the way to pour a white and a red, and happily slurp on each depending on what was just in my mouth, or what is about to be put in my mouth. 

    no doubt some port from Prager Port will come out with some cheese before the meal, or dessert afterwards.

    MMMMMmmmmmmmmmm....Prager. Have you ever tried their white port named Aria? Yummm! Visited them in Napa a while back too.

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