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  1. Women with husbands or partners are invariably substantially more beautiful than single women. It comes from being loved. ← You would seem to be the ultimate authority on the timing for Silver Spring. Anything you can share? I'll even bring my own well-loved hot chick...
  2. Thanks for bringing this up - I was about to post a similar question. ← That's perfect, thanks! Now, if only I could figure out how to travel in a "wine-heavy crowd" myself... Sounds kinda like Nirvana to me. Kris
  3. Speaking of Silver Spring....any update on a possible opening date? I first heard "spring", then later, May. Are things still on track for pre-Memorial Day? ← If that's really 2006, then I need to find a smiley for crying my eyes out. Any word on the timing for real?
  4. Wow, talk about a blast from the past! I grew up in Newark DE and this is where my family would get all their booze. It's called "State Line" because it sits just this side of the state border with Delaware -- I'm not sure if Delaware's liquor laws are more restrictive than Maryland, but this is definitely the most popular place in the area to go. It is a VERY easy stop off I-95; get off at the Newark/Elkton exit (I think it's exit 109?) & follow the ramp for Newark. This will put you on Elkton Rd heading north, State Line is a couple stoplights up on the right. On a good day you can be there 90 minutes after leaving DC. I guess I will have to stop by on my next visit to my parents I didn't realize it was so "prestigious" (best in Philly and all that, whaddya know) ← Best in Philly's probably now gone to Moore Brothers. Dynamite store in a dreary industrial park off the Ben Franklin Bridge in South Jersey. Never heard of a single label in the store, yet it's now become where we get almost all our wine. People are amazing, and there's a lot available in the $10-15 that you want by the case. They're opening a store in NYC soon, so unfortunately a DC outpost is a ways off.
  5. I feel for the guy who's running Adega. They're right down the street from me but he's stuck in the worst liquor supply chain outside of Pennsylvania (Montgomery County, MD). It does look as if he's permanently two deliveries short of a full store. Maybe bribery is in order? I hear Doug Duncan's running for governor and could probably use some cash.
  6. Drat! I've wanted to get tapped in to eGullet, haven't yet made it to Mandalay (foolishly have tried walking in on a weekend night), and live about two blocks from there... Unfortunately, I'll be in Cleveland (aren't you jealous?). Look forward to hearing what everybody thinks. Have a great time.
  7. I used to be a big fan of this place. Great fun, including the schtick and the Stella on tap. When we first moved to DC, this was a regular place for us. However, it's really dropped off in the last year or two. Seems like they just don't care very much anymore. Fries can be cold, deserts are mediocre. Sad, really. If anything, it should open up the door for somebody new.
  8. Went with my "other" to Jackie's last Friday for a quick drink and appetizer. Ended up spending three hours at the bar, talking with everyone to the left and the right, and working our way around the menu and wine list. Had such a grand time, took the kids for Fried Chicken night. As with the first night, Jackie and Patrick have their folks so focused on making everyone welcome that any learning curve bumps are easily overlooked. The wine list is great, as is the Chimay. The Cotes du Rhone in particular was a phenom. Agree that the beer prices are a little high. As for the food, very solid stuff, if a tad underseasoned, and the fried chicken needs to be cooked longer. That said, it is an outstanding experience and I am truly grateful to have them in town. After all, how can you not like a menu that has Pimento Cheese on it? Kris
  9. Someone suggested that a person with kids should "take one for the team" and try Eggspectation. I did, and now I'm reconsidering the whole parenthood thing... After seeing the menu, I even retreating into my Safe Zone, salad, meat and potatoes and was still disappointed. Don't even get me started on the wine. Scary stuff. At this rate, we should all insist on Quebec seceding not only from Canada, but from all of North America.
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