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  1. From what I've found in my research that last couple days, a business can ban photography and kick you out if you ignore the rules, but the rules have to be posted somewhere for people to see. Otherwise, when a photographer takes pictures, they are theirs to do with as they please. Also, if someone says that you can't take anymore photographs, then you have to stop, but anything you've taken up until then is yours.
  2. Thanks Busboy for posting this over here and thank you for your support.
  3. I was at Taste of Wheaton on Sunday. It wasn't the best food festival I've been to, but it was definitely better than Taste of DC. I thought the stars of the day were Hollywood East with their dim sum and Country Chicken (Pollo Sabroso) with their pupusas. Nams had it's usual showing. I thought Sabang had some pretty good Yellow Curry w/Fish.
  4. I thought I would keep this thread going... I like Corduroy just the way it is. I like the it's not right on the street -- it keeps the annoying tourists in their Hawaiian shorts and Bermuda shorts from coming in, ordering White Zinfandel (now that I think about it, I don't even thing they have it on the menu) and ruining the experience. It's a foodie hangout. We know about it and appreciate it. Of course...This might not be the best thing for the owners. In case anyone from Corduroy is reading...There is an empty space for lease at Connecticut Ave and Macomb, right next to Cactus Cantina. PLEASE MOVE THERE!! I promise I'll be there for dinner every day.
  5. Hey...Don't forget that Heritage India delivers too.
  6. Komi! I went there recently and had the best meal I've had in a long time. You can do the Chef's tasting menu with 5 courses for $59 and 7 courses for $79. You also have the option to have a wine pairing for $25 and $30 respectively. My wife and I did the 5 course meal with wine pairing, although I think they gave us the 7 course meal after we told them we were celebrating. Who knows - I might have lost count after all the wine. Here's the eG thread: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=31160&hl=komi I also wrote about my recent experience: http://www.dcfoodies.com/2004/12/komi.html
  7. Honestly, I've never been to Tosca or Corduroy. There are others that are probably more qualified to answer that here. After hearing your story about Tosca though, I'm definitely going to go there. Another place I am seriously considering is Saveur, which is doing a similiar offering to Tosca and leaving their menu wide open to Restaurant Week diners. I'd be curious what people have to say about them as well.
  8. Good choice in going to Ceiba. I had a great time there with my wife the last restaurant week. If they let you, make sure one of you order the Black Bean soup. I've been compiling a giant list of all the restaurants that are participating and what they'll have on their menus in case any of you are interested. It's not yet complete, but I imagine by tomorrow night, it'll be as complete as it's gonna get. The problem is that most places haven't yet decided what they're going to have on their menus, so it's been tough getting the list complete. http://www.dcfoodies.com/2005/01/restaurant_week.html
  9. I'm heading here tonight for the first time. From looking at their menu, I definitely want to try the spring rolls, pork salad and sliced pork sautéed with onion, sour mustard, and fresh cilantro. One question, has anyone tried the chinese sausage? The menu at this place is huge. I could go back there 100 times and still not explore the whole menu. Looks like a place to go with a ton of friends.
  10. I'm no cheese expert, but my wife any I love to stop in at 2 Amys for the Pipe Dream goat cheese with fig jam and a glass of red wine.
  11. Does anyone know if this post at Chowhound is true? How is this true? They were always so crowded. Is anything else opening up in it's place? Perhaps the owners are just remodeling...
  12. I visit 2 Amys as much as anyone else - probably once a week. I really want to know what days people go where they say they receive bad service. I don't think I've ever received bad service there. I've never been to Ray's (I know, I know), but everything I've read about it here says otherwise. I don't understand why people are always comparing DC to NYC. I mean, it is a completely different city with different people and a different culture. I want someone to point out to me a Ethiopian restaurant in NYC that is nearly as good as Meskerem, Zed's or Dukem.
  13. I went to Osteria del Galileo last weekend and it was one of the better meals I've had in a long time. Service was excellent. The servers treated us very well and attended to our every need. I wasn't sure what to expect because I had never been to Galileo before. I had the fettuccine with chicken and chicken liver which I thoroughly enjoyed. The fettucine was homemade which was refreshing given the kind of pasta we've been eating at other Italian restaurants lately. My wife started with the buffalo mozarella and grilled marinated pumpkin. I thought the marinated pumkin was a nice touch. For entrees, we had the veal scallopine and meatballs with polenta. I really liked my scallopine, but I've had better meatballs elsewhere. Plus, meatballs as an entree? I guess what do you want for $11 at Galileo?
  14. I know it's wrong, but my wife and I can't help but go to PF Changs and get the lettuce wraps. Other weaknesses I have...Chili Cheese Fries at Ben's.
  15. I ate at 2 Amy's last night. It was a pretty typical experience for me. My wife and I ordered a couple of the special appetizers. One was a bread and tomato soup that was a little salty, but in the end utterly delicious. The other was the prosciutto and potato croquettes and they were excellent as well. The Norcia is our favorite pizza there and we ordered it again as usual. it was perfectly cooked and the ingredients were very fresh. Maybe we need to break out and order a different pizza for once. I really appreciate the wine list at 2 Amys. I'm no wine expert, but the wines here are always enjoyable and reasonably priced. For dessert, we ordered the coffee crunch ice cream which was some of the best ice cream I've had in a while. I really want to know where they get their ice cream. I thought I read somewhere that they make it themselves, but I wonder where they would possibly make it in that tiny place. We ALSO ordered the cookie plate. Unlike DonRocks, I thought it was pretty good. He might be right about how it used to be better, but I have only started recently ordering them. Still, they seem very good to me and are a bargain at $4. They hit the spot after a large meal. The one downside was that it was very LOUD. I mean, ear piercingly loud. There was this one table of girls that was obviously a birthday party or something and they just could not help how loud they were being. I did not mind much though. I mean, if you want a romantic evening out, you should not be getting pizza, nor should you be in the Cleveland/Tenleytown area. The service always varies at 2 Amys but I've never had anyone be rude. This time of the year you will have some inconsistant service mainly because it is the start of the college school year and it seems like a majority of their people come from AU.
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