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  1. I smell a possible new topic: "FN Shows Most Amenable to MST3K Treatment." (The challenge, of course, will be to keep it relevant to food and eGullet, as opposed to totally spinning off on quirks of the host, etc.). I personally don't have the bandwidth to start such a topic, but I'm not above inciting someone else ... ← I hereby nominate "Unwrapped"!
  2. I do watch the Food Network. It has some good shows still. This ad came on the other night, but I mostly heard it not saw it, as I was bustling around cleaning house. I couldn't quite understand the concept. It sounds kinda dull.
  3. I have been cooking seafood alot lately, and mussels are one of my favorites. I'm also expanding my 'spicy horizons'. This dish looks delicious. Thanks for posting it, I'll definitely give it a whirl.
  4. The cooking class pics are truly heartwarming. What a cool thing. It's inspiring to read a blog by someone so connected to the community. Lovely. I have a question pertaining to your pics from "The Butcher Shoppe": What is beef salad? Is it just chopped beef with mayo or ....? Those whoopie pies look amazing Great blog! ~Radio7
  5. Chicken oysters! Chicken organs! Broccoli, cauliflower stems I have no problem with overcooked veg. End-of-cereal dredges milk. Celery leaves I mix into salad. Can't think of anything else at the moment. ~Radio
  6. How about: Chicken pot pie Stuffed baked potatoes Stuffed peppers/cabbage rolls Falafel balls? Rice/choc/whathave you pudding? My condolences. ~Radio7
  7. "Daughter was fine after spewing, and even blew him kisses." Beautiful! Lmao Don't we all wish we could blow kisses at people who caught our yuck? Thank goodness I have no spewy-spilly type of stories to tell, but here goes: I like wine. I am not in the economic bracket that affords long studies of wine, or sampling of expensive vintages. But I try my best to learn and to taste what I can when I can afford it. Okay, so keep in mind I'm a vino newbie. Two different times at restaurants with my ex, I ordered a cabernet sauvignon. Because I like white wine, and I figured it was just like a sauvignon blanc. Cuz.....well.....sauvignon! Right. Boy did I feel like a dork when I got a glass of red and said "but I ordered a white" Ex was no wine-expert either, but he did like to feel superior. Wheeee. ~Radio7
  8. I love zuchini and pumpkin bread/loafs. Poppyseed loaf is good too. I don't like the idea of dill loaf though....eeeek. If anyone can pull it off, I KNOW egulleters can! ~Radio7
  9. Actually, I believe it is Bob Blumenthal (not sure of last name) - the guy who drove around the country in a van shaped like a toaster to promote his book - who first mentionned this method. Well, that's where *I* first heard of it anyway..... I wonder if Electrosol makes a good marinade? ~Radio
  10. This is an interesting question. I'm curious to see other EG'ers answers. I've never had a meal that went beyond the general timeframe of an hour. I don't think I'd want to be at the table much longer than that. For one thing, I imagine it promotes eating after you're full. In any case, I'd rather lounge in a chair, and have a less structured setting to chat with my fellow guests, than be in a formal dining setting for too long.
  11. Yay Chris! How 'bout comparing the cuisine of a few different L.A. college campuses? I'd be curious to see how USC stacks up against UCLA, for example. I can show ya our lovely and talented cafeteria. (SC)
  12. Childhood: My first McDonald's milkshake, bien sur! I'll never forget trying to suck what seemed to be a solid mass up the straw. Yum! Nowadays: Having my first proper bowl of oatmeal with fresh blueberries about a month ago. The formula at McD's is different now, but I still dig the shakes. Actually, I just dig shakes.
  13. When I was quite sick in hospital several years ago, I discovered that I enjoyed scrambled eggs with salt and strawberry jam. I haven't tried it since. I guess it works for hospital food.
  14. I agree with many here who said they don't like thick/creamy soups in the heat. I'll add chili and burritos to that list. Too much density feels bad when the humidity is pressing on you all day (and often night). Chocolate cake, or most types of cake really, are a no-go too. Thinking back, my favorites of summer: corn on the cob, hotdogs/hamburgs on the grill, ice cream/sorbet, watermelon/honeydew, cherries(!) I remember my mom used to make great tomato,lettuce and mayo sandwiches on toasted wheat bread. Big wet sweet slices of Tom, and crispcool iceberg lettuce...*sigh*That is the bee's knees. More recently, back in Toronto I would end up buying an ice blended coffee almost every day in the summer heat. And I ate Korean fairly frequently. ~Radio7
  15. Radio7

    KFC Famous Bowls

    "Orange salt"? I've never heard of such a thing - is it actually orange flavoured? ~Radio7
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