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  1. Well we came in for the early shift on Friday. Two colleagues from work, one of whom had not yet enjoyed the RTS experience, and my brother, a former server at Morton's (employee of the year, etc.) also a first timer at Ray's. Because we were one of only a few parties at that hour, we benefited from Jarad's ability to offer suggestions on the wine. Helped the ongoing consolidation of the wine list by consuming a couple of bottles of their burgundy -- available now at bargain prices. Since even at drastically reduced price the first one we had was pricey, Jarad insisted we order another bottle after detecting the first was corked. I couldn't tell -- guess I've been drinking a lot of corked bottles in my life -- but the second bottle was much fresher tasting. 3 NY Strips and 1 Cowboy. We had three votes for best steaks ever consumed, and my brother conceded that they were on a par with Morton's. Will return with an even larger group within a short time. Just difficult to find a Friday when we can all participate.
  2. I'm dining at RTS tonight as well -- early res for 6 or so. I'll be at the table with three other guys behaving badly. Boys night out... Edited to remove anything that smacks of fraternization
  3. Not if you dilute the fat with a lot of wine. Have fun sounds like a great wkend. Make sure you consult Mark Sommelier at Citronelle, if he's working that evening.
  4. On the upscale side there is La Colline (The Hill in French -- tres original). Been a long time since a lobbyist has taken me to lunch, but I think it's on D Street NE. They have a bar. But I really second the Irish Times. If the weather is nice you can sit outside, and who cares if its divey inside. Edited to respond to Mr. Dente who got posted while I was composing this -- La Colline is quintessentially a place where powerful lobbyists take powerful members (or their staffers) to be dined in a quintessentially "French" style. They do have a bar though.
  5. No mention of something with a wasabi crust? Not that trendy then
  6. I'm a big fan of Mendocino, but the added attraction of going there for Sunday Dinner is their 1/2 price wine list (not everything on the regular list, but some excellent bottles).
  7. Thanks MelGold. Hate to see Tallula be forced out of business because of the behavior of -- I assume -- a minority of its clientele
  8. Stretch would be correct. My sources said it was not pretty! ← That's interesting, because I have heard from the locals who frequent another trendy bar in that neighborhood -- ok it's Harry's Tap Room -- that the folks who live near Tallula are expressing the same unhappiness that led to the revocation of Whitey's liquor license, i.e. rowdy in the street clientele, throwing up on people's lawns, etc. Did the lady who got sick in this case imbibe too much, or was it just the flu?
  9. I swear when I first read this in a glance I thought you said "greeted by a nekkid lady"
  10. How's the bar? Seem to recall favorable discussion in this forum about it.
  11. I believe a distinguished member of the Society is an employee -- Ahem, Nadya
  12. It was alleged that a Korean Barbecue would soon be springing up in the space formerly known as Sam & Harry's at Tysons Corner. Anyone know if this is still the case, and when it will open?
  13. Is Han An Reum on Gallows or maybe slightly off of it? Oh heck-- what's its address?? I've heard many great things including that its produce section is wonderful. Just couldn't locate it...
  14. The Final Chapter : TRADING SPACES: Eight months after taking over the kitchen at Aria Trattoria (1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW; 202-312-1250) downtown, chef Anthony Chittum is saying ciao to that Italian retreat and heading to Foggy Bottom -- and two 50-seat restaurants, both run by the Potomac Restaurant Group. One is the American-themed Dish (924 25th St. NW; 202-338-8707); the other is the yet-to-open Notti Bianchi -- that's "white nights" in Italian -- which replaces Nectar at 824 New Hampshire Ave. NW. Aren't two restaurants a lot more work than one? "Luckily, they're half a block from each other," says Chittum, who in his capacity as executive chef will watch over both businesses. He's also putting his current sous-chef at Aria, Miles Vaden, in that same position at Dish, where the menu of comfort foods will be tweaked to include goat cheese ravioli, venison with corn bread and country-fried steak based on Chittum's grandmother's recipe. A second-in-command has yet to be hired (Attention, sous-chefs!) for Notti Bianchi, but its owner, George Washington University, hopes to have it open by late April or early May -- just in time for college graduation, natch. Apart from taking issue with the notion that Notti Bianchi will "replace" Nectar, I'm wondering how this comports with the supposed reason GWU closed Nectar in the first place, in order to provide a less upscale restaurant in its less than upscale hotel.
  15. "On a Whim" I stopped for lunch at Vidalia today, the first day of their new menu -- according to the Bar Server. I had the She Crab soup (not a new entry), the "Grillades and Grits" App, and the death by chocolate decadence dessert. I write this in a semi-comatose but contented state. The soup was sweet and creamy with a delicious essence of crab roe. The grillades featured veal cheaks on top of grits. The only problem were the capers which I suppose were to flavor-up the grits, but overpowered the veal. The quatro of chocolate confections which comprise the "Decadence" were awesome -- too much for a mid-day meal, but kinda hard to resist.
  16. An interesting point about the Cathedral, I believe this is correct, is that it is the last true Gothic structure to be built anywhere in the world. Flying butresses and everything, including the Gargoyles. They had a hard time recruiting the stone cutters to finish the outside -- apparently stone cutting is an extinct profession because it is invariably lethal for the stonecutters.
  17. Since they are too modest -- let me put in a strong recommendation for a dinner at Corduroy and/or if Georgetown is in your plans Mendocino for either lunch (wkdays only) or dinner. If you are here on a Sunday night Mendocino has 1/2 price on a good selection of wines.
  18. The alternative board?
  19. Why do things at tapas places come in threes? The beef kabobs were three skewers of two pieces. Are just not supposed to ever be able to split things evenly? Just a little side gripe. ← Maybe something to do with the mystical power of three
  20. Had a post meal meal with Babka last night at Mendocino. After sampling the Lobster Burgers at Citronelle -- chased down with several glasses of an awesome Pouillly Fuisse (shoulda just bought the bottle) -- we went across to Mendocino. The place was packed but after a while we snagged a couple of seats at the bar just intending to watch my wife who joined us there have her breast of duck. But Drew brought us out a plate of his new risotto topped with black truffles and a crab quiche (?) -- both were the bomb(s). They served as the dessert we might have otherwise ordered. Thanks Drew
  21. In SoCal c. mid-70s, given the rampant car culture, food didn't come to campus, we drove to it -- to Drive-Ins -- but I guess that is not the focus of your research.
  22. Note: Ron Jeremy is not the sous chef at Corduroy
  23. Passed an enjoyable Happy Hour(s) w/mnebergall, al dente, mdt, Chef Shogun, JPW --- consuming the rock 'n Springrolls, Scallops saute'd and tartar, (thanks Tom) and the chicken confit (really big thanks Tom ) Thanks also to Fero Style for keeping it flowing. Now need to breathe deeply, lean back and loosen the belt buckle -- relax zzzzzzz
  24. Yeah you string youself up with an extra long strand of spaghetti -- cooked al dente
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