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  1. We flew that same airline from Seattle to Hawaii and was offered a choice of a biscoff cookie- two pack or a package of peanuts. I asked for one of each and was "informed" rather forcefully by a "very very senior FA" that I was allowed only one of the choices. This was an over 5 hour flight. We now fly Hawaiian when we make this similar journey. Kay
  2. They actually look better. BWI is an airport we frequent (family there) so will need to give that a try. Name please!
  3. Thank you lindag. I've sent you a private message. Kay
  4. Lindag, have you made the dish using Italian sausage not in links? Kay
  5. kayswv


    Here is a recent post I found that might be of interest for you. https://abernathysrabbitry.com/2014/06/23/copycat-costco-seafood-stuffed-salmon/ Kay
  6. kayswv

    Dinner 2016 (Part 7)

    Could you possibly post your interpretation of what the chef gave you on the recipe thread, so we could all enjoy? I definitely agree it looks more than great. Kay
  7. Soba Addict70, do you chop the almonds? Kay
  8. Shelby, If you haven't seen it yet, Food and Wine has a great collection of zucchini recipes. http://www.foodandwine.com/slideshows/zucchini?xid=DISH073114FantasticZucchiniRecipes Wish I lived close enough to "help you out" with your great harvest. Kay
  9. We have been really enjoying Trader Joe's Mocha Cappuccino Mix. Comes in a 10.8 oz can and is stocked with the coffee and tea. Have only had it hot but supposedly can be enjoyed cold also. Good mid-afternoon pick me up. Kay
  10. Do you have access to a coop or a farmer's market? I have been getting them right now at both places. They are delicious scrubbed and thinly sliced and then roasted in a hot oven after being tossed with olive oil. Kay
  11. When you think Malbec, you usually think of inexpensive wines with solid fruit notes but a substantive body that can match up to bold meals. The Ruta 22 Malbec 2011 is all of these. First, its price is an incredible value for the quality of this wine. It's fruity enough to be appealing and approachable, but a nicely dry finish creates an unexpected and delightful balance with our favorite early-Fall foods. Wine Spectator gave this vintage an 87, and it just won the Bronze at the Dallas Wine Competition. It is priced around $11. Kay
  12. Sorry, try this instead: Kay Edited to remove new link as that didn't work either. Publication I was trying to link to is gourmettraveller.com.au/restaurants/restaurant-news-features/2013/6/chefs'-favourite-jaffle-fillings. Kay
  13. I don't know what a "jaffle" is, and I'm not a "Dude!" even without the exclamation point. I recall the cheese getting pretty hot, but then, so does most, if not all, cheese that's grilled. Shel, You might find this link interesting. http://www.gourmettraveller.com.au/restaurants/restaurant-news-features/2013/6/chefs'-favourite-jaffle-fillings/ Kay
  14. Great deal! It is "only" $79.99 here http://www.shopmaggies.com/servlet/the-9122/Wilton-Armetale-Grapes-Oval/Detail Kay
  15. Bill, it appears that others missed the jam also. You might find this link helpful. http://slowtalk.com/groupee/forums/a/tpc/f/8566036302/m/6991014153 Kay
  16. Is this the product you are trying to duplicate? http://mallorquiner.com/onlineshop/artikel.php?pid=ALUMS05 If so, then the section on additional information might give you some ideas on how to make it. Sounds like a fun product. Kay
  17. Soba, Thank you so very much for the blog. We greatly enjoyed seeing the beautiful presentations and getting some great new ideas for vegetable dishes. Kay
  18. When you said 'leek', it suddenly made me remember a soup from about 50 years ago. It had leeks and lamb in it. Fantastic. That's the end of my memory...Would that have been Scotch Broth soup? Kay
  19. What about putting a little oil around the edge of the stoppers and let it seep down the side to see if that will help you pull out the stoppers? Kay
  20. This is not a new problem for that cooker or unique to yours. See the following review that was posted in 2010 for this cooker : "The only thing that gave me pause was that many of the negative reviews all stated the exact same problem, which was that the cooker would sometimes switch itself completely off for no reason. This of course was a very big concern." Why not just return it for a refund and find another as Kerry suggested? We had a different brand that burned itself out on the second use and I returned it for a refund. Currently have a Rival purchased at Costco which we are very satisfied with over several years. Kay
  21. An internet search for savory goat cheesecake yielded quite a range of choices but I thought this particular link might give him some inspiration, especially since it is served with a meat. http://www.averagebetty.com/recipes/adam-cho-goat-cheese-cheesecake-recipe/ Kay
  22. Found the restaurant in Blois. It is La Palmeraie (4 Avis) Catégorie : Restaurant marocain 46, Rue de la Foulerie - 41000 Blois Voir le numéro de téléphone Kay
  23. IA, not sure if I can provide too much specific information for you as it has been 4 years since we were in the area. We stayed in Trouville, which is just outside Caen, at the Beach Hotel Trouville. Outside the hotel walking into town on the main street, there is a long line of restaurant on the left before you get to the grocery store. There is one that has an enclosed outside sitting area, for smokers, (done in yellow awnings when we were there) with a smaller inside dining area. They have the greatest mussels. Sorry I don't remember the name. In Honfleur there is a terrific Saturday morning market. It is just outside the Sainte-Catherine's church which is definitely worth seeing for its historical background. We got sausages and cheeses which we used for lunches for several days along with bread and wine. We were there the end of Sept or early Oct and there was a shrimp festival and a lot of the vendors had shrimp dishes for sale. There were even fireworks in the evening to celebrate the event. I just found some notes and it is the Fete de la Crevette that we were there for. Not sure how you trip matches up to those dates. Definitely try Pont-O'Eveque cheese from Normandy, if you haven't already had it, It comes in a small wooden box of 220g. Really creamy and great. Other cheeses are Livarot which has a strong odor. We also stayed in Blois. Really enjoyed the area and the tagines in the restaurants are great. We ate in one of them two nights. Still working to figure out which restaurant that was but we stayed at the Mecure Blois Hotel so I know it was within an easy walk of that hotel on that side of the river. Will post later if I find the name. Hope this helps some. Kay
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