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  1. The peach "foie gras" did it for me. IC#2 9.5 IC#1 9 Please tell us how the peach worked in contrast to the flavor of the corn soup. I'd also like to know what you cooked the peaches in, is that butter? I'd like to recreate this dish at some point-it looks great.
  2. PollyG, Hannah Thanks for the directions, I figured these had to be hidden in those industrial blocks. Looking forward to trying them both. Thanks for pointing them out.
  3. PollyG, where on Spring Street are these located, over in the industrial park area?
  4. I just happen to be looking at those during my brief walk to the mall on my lunch hour, those along with the sale items at Pottery Barn, Willams Sonoma and Sur La Table. I must confess I showed great restraint and only bought a Latte from Starbucks. I have the addiction, or is it affliction?...please help.
  5. HerndonJake

    Wine recommendation

    Most of the red Bully Hill offerings I have had in the past are on the sweet side and could be had for under $10 a bottle.
  6. Here's my go to spot for all things diner. American Diner Museum I'm enjoying the blog Chirs, however I was sidetracked to the 9 page thread on StudioKitchen thanks to your wife.
  7. here's what we say when we want to invite over our friends and not the kids, we say "would you like to join us for an adult dinner party?" that pretty much clues them into the need for a babysitter. Misa here's something else for you to consider, someday most of your friends will grow up and probably have kids-it happens. You keep up your mature attitude toward children and you won't have to worry much about inviting or invites, no parent will want you around with your "don't want to deal with that" attitude toward thier children. Unwarranted rudeness to children is untolerable, just because you're not into it yourelf. Back when I was younger, I too, thought that I didn't want to have children. I now have three, and they happen to know how to behave when mom and dad throw an adult dinner party. Never say never. Rich, I'm guessing your just looking to ruffle some parents feathers with you're well thought out comment. Peace to you. I gets pretty annoying after a while, as a parent to read some of the foolish comments on this forum when it comes to children. As its been said elsewhere, there are no bad children only bad parenting. My $.02. -jeff
  8. Since my wife is from Ipswich and the family is still there, I've had many the chance the past 15 years to dine on clams throughout the North Shore. The best we've had as others have mentioned, was at the Clam Box. Bar far the best plate we ever had was one afternoon about 2:30ish right after they had just changed/cleaned the oil in the fryers. Absolutely the best tasting clam plate I have ever had wasthat day, we haven't been able to time it right since. Altough I will try again in July all in the name of research. I to grew up on the HoJo style fried clam. Fortunately for me, we lived right near a clam bake grove, so right from a young age I learned to apprecaite them raw and of course properly steamed with melted butter.
  9. You should be able to find that at World Market for under $8 a bottle. Some friends of mine used it for thier wedding as well-check it out. A nice drink at a nice price and the label art is fun too.
  10. A few years back we did a CSA with a farm out past Hillsboro, VA (can't remember the name). We liked the exposure to some items we had not tried before such as shard and kholrobi. Some weeks seemded a bit redundant but it was always a nice variety and quantity. The drive out to the farm for a pick up was a bit much after a while but the kids liked to visit and see the animals they had out back. This season we signed up with the Potomac Vegetable Farms, much closer to home. We're very much looking forward to what they have to offer and we also opted for the weekly flower share. If you can go with the flow and try new items and menu ideas, its well worth the effort in my opinion.
  11. This about sums it up for me-perfectly. Spend most evenings reading through cookbooks or magizines. I have 6 cookbooks from the library currently needing my attention. Of course, my friends and family give me the above mentioned gifts because I request them specifically... and I purposely purchased a nice le Creuset fondue pot to start the holiday tradition for the kids-chocolate fondue... yeah, that pretty much describes me as well Susan.
  12. another web designer hear with an opinion and a beef... consider this, in addition the useful information that many others have stated-how many times have you visited a site to view the menu and/or wine list only to find it outdated and in many instances outdated by many months/seasons or years. Keep in mind, its cost money to create a website. to host a website and to most importatnly to MAINTAIN a website. Money and energy better spent in the kitchen/restaurant. If you can't maintain the site, it becomes useless to the user after the second visit. You get them in the door with food and service not a flashy website. and skip the music...
  13. Loved the grappa episode as well. The best is near the end, when he's with the winemaker who's tanked as well, and they have to "bleep out" his cursing (winemaker) as they knock down the grappa. Classic. Would keep me watching the show just to see it happen more often.
  14. I had a very enjoyable meal back in late September at SBC. Our waitress was very chatty and friendly with us along with providing exceptional service. When asked about wether SBC was staying under current ownership or being sold when 21P opened, she informed us it was being sold. I beleive she said, the sous chef was staying on to work with the new owners to keep the quality offerings in place. A subsuquent follow up visit from my neighbor reconfirmed that as soon as the buyers ABC liscense was approved, so would the sale. This is just what I heard through asking, not trying to start or add to any rumors.
  15. After hearing my friends rave about how good Red Robin was especially for the kids, my wife and I took the family to the spot at the Dulles Town Center. We had a half-hour wait at 6:30 on a Monday night-things looked promising-crowded, must be a good spot, right? We get seated and close to a 20 minutes go by and not even an acknowledgement from our waiter. He was to busy with the soccer team party of 20 to even give us a nod or send anyone else over. After getting the attention of our hostess and mentioning the lack of service, she took it upon herself to wait on our table for the rest of the night-of course at this point its now 7:30 and she had no lines to seat. While I could see the appeal for the kids on a visual level, however, it was the usual kids menu offered just about anywhere. Of course all my kids really cared about were the french fries that kept coming to the table. I have to say the fries were the best part of our meal. I can't recall what "gourmet" burger I had, but I could not finish it due to the overwhelming sodium content which overpowerd the taste. I pulled out the beef and finished it alone...not bad, but not great. Will I go back? No. Less hassle to go the the Fuddruckers down the road.
  16. I grew up in Syracuse and a trip to Heid's on a Friday night was a real family treat. Hoffman hot dog, big pickle (on the side) and a chocolate milk. I learned at a young age mustard belongs on a dog-thanks mom/dad. For three summers in the early 80's I sold Hoffman Franks and Coney's (white hots) in Franklin Square in downtown Syracuse. For my biased palate nothing compares to a finely grilled Hoffman on a new england roll and a nice line of mustard. I'm here to tell ya, a coney with sauerqraut was a great early morning cure for to much canadian brew the night before. I'm overjoyed to have Wegman's here in Northern VA, so I no longer have to bribe and cajole friends to bring me a stash of dogs when they come and visit. Danny Wegman, I love you man.
  17. Brooks, Whats the latest update on the kitchen? I have a turn-of-the-century farmhouse so I've read with an eye for future reference, in case I get the urge for a kitchen rehab as well. For now, I'd be happy to replace the tile countertops. Are you making progress toward the halloween deadline? Thanks to both you and Steve for some informative and interesting reading.
  18. SWoodyWhite, now that the summer crowds are winding down out your way I hope we can expect to hear more from you. I've enjoyed your reviews thus far and look forward to the post-summer follow up.
  19. Having been born in Utica and taking many a FX Matts brewery tour back in my college days, I feel the need to stick up for the home town brew. Chilled and with a pizza, Utica Club ain't to bad. You want bad, try a Piels. Having had many a six-pack walk in the door with dad at 5:30, I can tell you first hand that's some nasty brew. As for the High Life, I have to say on a warm day, a nice cold bottle takes me back to 1980, high school and a big cold quart bought with a fake ID... but keep it cold, that smell being discussed was often refered to as "skunky" and didn't taste much better even with the pallete of a 16 year old. My $.02-
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