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  1. I want to be able to make gelato and have the option to make ice cream. I've been coveting the Breville Smartscoop. It's fairly new so aside from info I've read online I don't know much about it. The only negatives I've read is that cleaning the bottom bit of ice cream is difficult, the volume is too small and I'm not sure what the material the blade is made of. I'm set on a compressor model. Do you suggest a better brand?

    I don't want to use corn syrup, glucose, xantham gum, guar gum or carrageenan in my recipe. Would I be wasting my money?

  2. I've moved away from the Cambie corridor area and now find my late night snacking restaurant limited. There are lots of noodle houses in the West End, South Vancouver, and everywhere else but in the Hastings-Sunrise area. Please don't suggest Penny's or On-Lok.

    Can someone suggest a good wonton noodle or ramen noodle restaurant near the Hastings-Sunrise area, especially one that opens later than 9pm?

  3. Where in the Lower Mainland can I find one of these wonderful machines? I missed out buying it at a great deal from William Sonoma for under $200.

    I don't care for the "bowl in the freezer" type as I don't have much freezer space and I've been there and done that and I was not impressed with the results. The Cuisinart self-refrigeration unit which I was eyeing awhile back did not have an overwhelming review so nix that.

  4. So many choices and so much more to think about. I'm afraid I will buy a table and will later regret it when I find one more suitable.

    I think I will take everyone's consideration and have someone build one for me. I like the idea of the wood table with a s/s sheet on top, even moreso if it's removeable. I also have to consider that if I move, I would want to take this with me and moving it around a staircase would require me to be able to dissasemble it (more to think about.)

  5. Very good points from everyone. I'll start with looking for a used work table and whittle through to a quality stainless steel and the last option will be the Ikea table (although the Ikea is sooooo tempting, heavy wood with lots of storage.)

    Thanks to everyone for giving me lots to think about.

  6. I was hoping that the s/s table would be similarly durable as the one I used at the bakery I use to work at. They used a Kitchen Aid on that table and it seemed fine even on an island-type table. Esthetically I would like a wooden table but for ease of cleaning and durability I will probably get a s/s table.

    Now it's just a matter of finding one that I can afford with the features I want. I see Russell's has a 30' X 60" s/s 18-gauge work table for $207. I guess I can fill it in with removeable storage bins and drawers. However, I understand that there are different quality of s/s 18-gauges. Does anyone know if Russell's tables are any good? If not, where else can I get a better quality work table?

  7. I'm looking for a kitchen counter to do prep work on and to eat my occassional meal. Can someone suggest where I can buy this? I saw a wooden counter with shelf and drawer storage on one side and a "stick out" ledge on the other side to sit by with bar stools. This was at Ikea.

    I also need one strong enough to operate my heavy duty blenders and mixer.

    Which restaurant supply stores carry stainless steel counters?

    I'm undecided as to whether to get a more esthetic pleasing counter or a simple restaurant work counter.

  8. I want to make my own cocao mix for Christmas gifts. The recipe calls for French Vanilla dairy creamer/milk.

    I know you can buy that dried stuff in many grocers but I want to make my own to avoid as much chemical as possible.

    Is it as simple as getting vanilla and adding it to powdered milk? Is there such thing as dried vanilla powder?

    Is there a better quality milk powder than Carnation?

    I'm using Valhrona cocoa powder and hate to cheapen the mix.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  9. Anyone know where I can get Penzeys spice besides ordering online? I don't like giving out personal info on the net. I live in Vancouver BC.

    I am particularly looking for Vietnamese Extra Fancy Cinnamon.

    I have someone looking at retailers in San Francisco. Don't know if they sell in shops.

    If I cannot get it through retailers then I may do the onine ordering. Can you tell me of your experience with ordering from Penzeys? Is there duty on ordering spice from the USA?


  10. I registered my Vitamix this spring and they sent me this special offer. Enter the promo code and you can buy a Vitamix for the same price I paid at Costco. It basically covers shipping fee. The price is $499 Canadian plus tax. The promo code is 05-0881-06-07 .

    The site is


    This is the best price I've seen in Canada and on the internet for a brand new Vitamix.

  11. I'm looking for a comprehensible and simple gardening book on container gardening or square feet gardening. I've borrowed a few from the library but there are so many to choose from. I want something that is particular to our climate zone (Vancouver.) I want to grow edibles only.

    Reader's Digest has a book called, "Crops in Pots: how to plan, plant, and grow vegetables, fruits and herbs in easy care containers" by Bob Purnell. This book has amazing ideas and photos but I need more detailed info on care (fertilzers, nutrients, etc.)

  12. This corner grocer opened about two months ago and I was thrilled to find that it's in sync with the neighbourhood.

    They sell fresh eggs, milk, ice-cream, frozen meats, and more. The items are generally local, organic or low in chemicals.

    I've been buying fresh scooped ice cream, banana bread, tomatoes and cucumbers and I find the price is very reasonable.

    It's not a large store but worth a look when in the neighbourhood.

    They are at the corner of West 18th and Columbia and they open from 8 to 8.

  13. I'm in Vancouver and the Yaletown Costco is featuring the Vita-Mix 5200 for $499 and the dry blade container for $99!

    I assume this is a good price as I already checked out the official site and you save on shipping and handling. Plus Costco has a good return policy.

    What I mainly want to do is vegetable smoothies. I guess if it can pulverized an avocado pit to liquid, vegetable fiber would not be a problem? I initially wanted to get a high end juicer but this VM does more and seem so easy to clean.

    Has anyone had success with cold vegetable smoothies?

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