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  1. Hey, long time, no post. Having moved outwardly more burbish has put us into greater proximity of HD Exton and Royersford, but well away from proximity to any good Viet. Neighbors talked this place Pho Tai Nam up to us, but I don't trust their opinion, and see very mixed reviews elsewhere. Apparently, they're the same outfit that was up 202 in Blue Bell in an elegant strip mall, along with a wildly overpriced Korean joint. I much prefer places like Cafe Diem, or even Pho Ha, and hate to throw bucks at restaurants (Green Papaya, anyone?) who refuse to grant our palates the benefit of the doubt by making things the way that one should expect them.
  2. Would any of the regulars know or be able to find out whether or not the lamb that they use is halal? I haven't had merguez since forever and if the sausage is still on the menu I'm there, as it's a comfort food to me from another time and place.
  3. Someone recommended them to me a few years back for Bún bò Huế. I took my son to Diem when he was home from the service and haven't been back since, as they very nearly lobbed the soup onto the table and the server reminded me in dress, demeanor, and cleanliness of the landlady from Kung Fu Hustle.
  4. As promised, here are some pictures of selected dishes from Miledy's in Norristown: Costillas a la barbacoa (BBQ ribs): Relleno de papa (potato stuffed with meat): Maduros (fried yellow plaintains): Chicharron (fried pork): Empanada (savory turnover): Mofongo con camarones (shrimp): Tostones con salsa romesca (fried plaintain): Yuca frita (fried cassava): Pionono (savory meat-stuffed plaintains): Pargo (red snapper) en salsa: Rabo con arroz amarillo con gandules (oxtail with yellow rice): Mangu: Alcapurria de guineo (banana croquette): Frituras, aperitivos, y meriendas: Miledy's is open from 9 am to 9 pm seven days a week, and includes a spacious back room that can easily accomodate 200, with a dance floor, for birthday parties and other celebrations. For your convenience, they take credit cards as well as cash. None of the main dishes are over $14, and the majority are around $9 or $10. Any food questions that you have that you can't Google for yourselves, please, feel free to ask!
  5. Part of the problem with paella is dragging it away from its home, and part of it is the difficulty in making a faithful representation of what it should be in a restaurant whose service is not centered around the dish.
  6. It's people like you, Loeb, what makes it tough for people like me to get my blood in my Bún bò Huế! I literally was told that "you people" don't eat "that stuff" when I complained once about getting neither blood nor the "hedgerow" of soup fixins. Wanna clue me in where those nasty blood-vending offenders are? And no, I've had it at Cafe Diem, and it isn't that great there IMHO.
  7. I've been three times in three weeks, and so far, it's been great, right down the line, with the sole exception of a plate of maduros (fried very ripe plaintains) that weren't quite completely done. The sancocho (thick tropical meat/veggie soup) is as good as I've ever had, and the chivo (goat) and the rabo (oxtail) are absolutely mouth-watering. The devil is in the details, sides like the habichuelas (stewed kidney beans) and the fried yuca (cassava), which are incredible in and of themselves. They also do a bang-up morcilla (black pudding) and delicious empanadas. If you get a serious jones for Mexican or other ethnic in the northwest 'burbs, think a second about doing the predictable, and give them a try! Next post, I might just do pics ...
  8. Have you been to hollyeats.com yet? Heya, Katie, long time, no see!
  9. Holly nailed it. It's atypically good, primarily ethnic, comfort food in an unpretentious atmosphere in a neighborhood of row homes.
  10. Thanks for the responses. I'm thinking of something along the lines of Han that has decent Americanized, as well as traditional Chinese. All recommendations are welcome. Oh, yes, and hello, Katie. I'm being brave and poking my head up, despite my "admirers" elsewhere. And yes, the crap goes on ...
  11. Outta my pocket, or outta yours, Charlie?! Where's this Lakeside (is it?) place that I've heard of? I'm not sure this guy is quite ready for jellyfish and sea cucumbers yet.
  12. Long time, no post, and, for that matter, no read. I hope you all are well and well fed. To the question at hand: A buddy of mine doesn't know much about traditional Chinese and wants to eat in Chinatown on a Saturday. Having made the small trek to Exton for Han Dynasty on numerous occasions now, and with HD2 just down the road, I don't myself very compelled to go far afield for traditional Chinese, so I'm at a loss for info on good places down there. Recommendations, please. I'd search, but, as I remember, the function is a bit iffy. Thanks in advance!
  13. The way it should be, with certain local exceptions, like Chink's, who uses only American cheese: Gimme a provolone, with. (Provolone cheesesteak with fried onions) Gimme a whiz. (Steak with cheez whiz) Gimme a cheesesteak hoagie. (You'll get asked what sort of cheese and should count on lettuce and tomato, bare minimum.) I've heard all sorts of strange perversions away from Philly. Up in Central PA they put that marinara crap on my cheesesteak without even asking me if I wanted it and then had the nerve to grandly pronounce it to be "Philly sauce." Once I ordered a cheesesteak up there and they asked me if I wanted it "in the garden." WTF? Turns out, that's what they call a cheesesteak hoagie.
  14. ¿ Me lo dices, o me lo cuentas ? Translation: You tellin' me? Actually, the last I remember, there is a little bit of tacquería infiltration in North Philly, along Allegheny Avenue, east of 5th.
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