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  1. Thanks! I think the GE ones are 36" wide, which is too big for my space. but if they make a 30" it could workout. I did go to Drimmer's Manhattan store for my bath fixtures, so I can check the kitchen appliance prices next time I'm in.


    GE Profile does make a 31" almost counter depth fridge (30 3/8 in deep). I forget the model number.

  2. I think that as long as the kitchen and front of house are on the same page, we're ok. There are going to be some dishes where the chef may refuse to change the way he prepares it. The waiters should know this and inform the customer if a change is requested. At that point, the customer can decide to order something else or complain to management. Either way, it shouldn't get to the kitchen. Other requests that the waiter thinks may be reasonable can be conveyed and obliged or not.

  3. NEVER leave bananas in a workout bag sitting in the trunk of my car. I didn't drive the car for a month. Next time I got in, I was wondering where the foul smell was coming from and found a couple of banana peels and brown goo all over my sneakers and my bag. I threw out everything in the trunk including the rug and sprayed it down. Blech!

  4. I hope everyone will forgive me if this has already been covered, but have any of you ever showed up at Hearth without a reservation? How were you treated under that circumstance?

    My wife, daughter and I went to Hearth for an early dinner once without reservations. I think it was on a Friday evening around 6pm. They seated us at a table by the bar which was not in the dining room itself. Since we didn't have a reservation and the restaurant filled quickly, we figured we were lucky. Service was still excellent as was the food.

  5. I started drinking these when I worked in San Francisco as either a breakfast or lunch replacement. They're large enough where you get filled. This past summer, when the Time Warner Center opened here in New York, a JambaJuice opened in the Whole Foods downstairs and, since we live a block away, I'm back on the habit. My 8 yr old daughter's hooked as well. Why not? It's full of sugar.

  6. Ok. Ok. This has almost nothing to do with anything except that it happened in Starbucks this morning, as I was ordering my grande latte (no whip, no soy, no flavors, GRANDE LATTE.  CAFFEINE AND STEAMED MILK. PERIOD). 

    The woman ahead of me ordered - get this - a SKIM white chocolate mocha...with whipped cream.


    What the hell was the point of the skim milk?  No one actually LIKES that shit, do they?  :blink:


    Give her a break. She's on a diet! :laugh::laugh:

  7. Not only are you in an unusual minority as a straight espresso drinker but you're stuck in an even more perplexing situation - how to get a good espresso in a decent restaurant. Let me know when you've found one. I'm not sure there's even a single restaurant out there at any level of the dining strata in the US that  serves stellar espresso.

    I've had good espresso (at least in my opinion) at a couple of places. But you're right. Most restaurants do not do a good job. However, I enjoy a shot of average espresso over coffee after dinner regardless.

  8. I guess I was seeing a number of posts that seemed to me to indicate that anyone that likes Starbucks drink is ignorant.

    Perhaps a comprehension issuue on my part but I haven't sensed that sentiment appearing as a trend in this thread. Among serious coffee drinkers and espresso enthusiasts there is often general recognition that many people who visit Starbucks are there for the "dessert drinks" and don't really have a clue about "real" coffee. That's perfectly okay with me and with most other people in the industry because we all had to start somewhere. Of those peple who visit a Starbucks and get the sweet foamy dessert drinks, there will always be a certain percentage who develop an interest in and appreciation for better coffees. Many of them will branch out to exploring other types of coffee drinks and begin seeking out better quality independent coffeehouses.

    One can hope that eventually this sort of industry growth will benefit all - the quality bar is raised and results in better drinks for consumers, higher prices for growers and a lasting committment to sound and ethical practices in the entire production/sales/consumption chain.

    Perhaps I'm too idealistic but the situation is in general better than it was as recently as 4 - 5 years ago in many parts of the country. To an extent we have Starbucks to thank for that. I think the point has been well made that despite the negatives many people perceive about them (which are true of nearly any corporate monolith in some sense or other), there are many favorable points as well.

    My bad then. I do enjoy Starbucks for their dessert drinks. As for "real" coffee, I'm not particularly a coffee drinker, more an espresso after-dinner man. I suppose if I found or could make really good coffee, I might change my mind. However, it hasn't been important enough for me to make the effort. My loss, I guess.

    As for Starbucks raising the bar, unfortunately, I think mostly what they've raised is the prices. I don't know that many coffeehouses have improved on their product but you can't find a coffee for under $2.50 anymore.

  9. Don't get me wrong, I love Starbucks.  I mailed ordered their coffee for years before it became available nationally.  And I certainly have no reason to look down on anyone for their lack of food knowledge. 

    BTW, I need to apologize for this one. I didn't mean to imply that you looked down on people for lack of food knowledge. I guess I was seeing a number of posts that seemed to me to indicate that anyone that likes Starbucks drink is ignorant. Different strokes.

    I go to Starbucks frequently and never ever get a regular coffee drink, mainly because I don't really drink coffee during the day. Inevitably, it's for a Frappacino or a pumpkin spice or a peppermint mocha. I suppose we can call it coffee flavored drinks and leave it at that.

  10. And I know what its like to be in a rush.  But where I live, an awful lot of people aren't just in a hurry, they are rude about it.  They are the people that snap at the counter people, and slam on the door on my kid because they are in such a hurry.  Those people, in my opinion, deserve to be called asshats.

    Agreed. Rudeness is never appropriate...but surely there are asshats in other coffee shops as well.

  11. DC is an area bristling with self-important asshats.  Very few want to linger over coffee.  They don't even want to wait a couple of minutes for their venti caramel whatevers.   :rolleyes:

    I don't think it's appropriate to think of people in a rush as self-important asshats. If you needed your coffee fix during the day and the coffee in the office was typical crap, would you have the luxury of sitting at Starbucks?

    I enjoy the eGullet forums very much and mostly people do not look down on people at different levels of food knowledge. Why is it different here when we talk about coffee?

    edited to correct grammer.

  12. This is highly unlikely. Their research more likely would show that disposable cups and the costs around using them are less than real cups. Despite it being recycled cardboard it is still waste that, at least based on observations at the starbucks near me, is unnecessary waste when many people in thwe warmer months are sitting in-store or out on a patio.

    It's the same reason why disposable stirsticks are used instead of metal spoons. The cost of washing is more than the cost of disposing. And that is depressing :(

    I don't get it. In New York, I'd say 90% of the Starbucks customers come in, get their coffee and walk out with it. What's the point of slowing things down the process by trying to figure out if it should be in a paper cup or in a real cup? There's also little enough room to store/wash real cups and spoons. This is not to say I don't enjoy the coffeehouse experience but Starbucks wouldn't be the place to do it.

  13. since you're in jersey city, you should contact nycwireless.net. they're a grassroots organization that is wants to set up free wifi all over the city. they have a lot of information and can probably help you. they also hold a monthly meeting downtown. good luck.

  14. Peeling due to glue-failure is a big problem, as is melting when the doors are mounted next to ... say ... a self-cleaning oven.  I personally will not sell them, partially because I don't think they look all that great (too plastic-y) but mostly for the reasons I mention above.


    That's exactly what I was worried about. We're in a NYC apartment and won't be able to vent so it's going to get hot in the kitchen. Hot, peeling, and yellow is definitely not the way to go.

    Now, it's between wood and melamine...and finding a trustworthy cabinet place and contractor.

  15. Interesting thing to compare food to art...and I do consider cooking a form of art. But I'm sure we've all, at one point or another, scratched our heads at some of the art at galleries that go for obscene amounts of money. Does this originate from the the artist, the piece, or the various art critics that say "This is what it's worth!!"?

    Of course food is different because we're talking about potentially a major difference in the raw materials. But if we're saying that the "taste is in the mouth of the diner" and we shouldn't need an education to figure out what SHOULD please us, why couldn't a McDonald's hamburger be priced as high as a meal at ADNY if my daughter thinks it's just the most amazing food?

  16. Hi, after looking around a bit more, I've got a few more questions for those with experience.

    1. Anyone have an opinion on thermofoil? I guess it's supposed to be very durable and looks kinda like melomine. But I've heard a bit on peeling and issues with heat.

    2. Given the size of our kitchen, we're looking at possible the GE Profile GDS18SCRLSS refrigerator since it's only 31 in. wide and 30 3/8 in deep. Just saw on NYMETRO the Fisher & Paykel E522BLM. Anyone have any experience with either one of these?

    Thanks in advance.


  17. Unless Friday's blustery weather causes second thoughts, I'm planning a field trip to the Shake Shack tomorrow.

    To help justify the train fare, I'd like to also eat a couple of additional grease-stain worthy places roughly in the same neighborhood.  Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

    Wow! Shake Shack and all at once!! I'm impressed. I'll also be at Shake Shack tomorrow again before they shut down.

  18. i also went today due to the imminent shutdown. i had a double shackburger, fries, and a pumpkin concrete. the burger was good as usual but just a bit overcooked. fries were really good. the concrete was as good as advertised. pumpkin and spices just strong enough. chunk of pie crust dispersed throughout. the only surprise i got was a chunk of what i could have sworn was sweet potato. anyone else get this?

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