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  1. Can you not can them in syrup? What about plum liqueur? I dont deal with green plums often but have a wonderful chutney with ginger and sultanas if you would like. I would cook some down , vacuum pack and freeze for crumbles/muffins etc. Can you onsell at a market or have someone do it on your behalf? They sure do look ginormous!! And gorgeous.
  2. I lived in Italy for 10 years and nearly fell over seeing a huge billboard roadside advertising ' Ristorante Crap'. Said 'crap' is a word for natural stones/rocks from the area ( provincia di Sondrio) and I have to admit the actual Restaurant sure din not look like crap!! It was beautiful and the stonewalls etc testament to the fine stone masons of the area. But......pity about the name....
  3. Some one upthread mentioned Pavlova and that is a darned good thing to have around our parts for Christmas as it is summer,but do try a Pavlova Roulade sometime. Whipped up in 5 minutes and cooked for 10/15, cooled for another 10 before filling with cream and berries or whatever, roll and done. You can have an exquisite, soft meringuey dessert in 1/2 an hour.
  4. I know summer is deserting those in the USA...but for me, Salade Nicoise is a mainstay over the warmer weather. I personally detest fresh tuna ( go figure) but when I can lay my hands on a can or two of good Italian tuna then it is destined for a Nicoise. Along with all those other gorgeous ingredients...canned tuna sings. And the first two times I ever ate it with canned tuna ...was in France!
  5. Sentiamo

    Deviled Eggs

    I love Indian devilled eggs...and its the only way we eat them at our house. Just saute off some very finely chopped onions in a little ghee until translucent. Add your favourite curry powder to taste with an extra pinch of chilli powder if you like. Cook the spices off at low heat for a couple of minutes, stirring. Cool and add to sieved egg yolks with some extra mayo to soften if required. Pipe/spoon into whites and top with a small sprig of cilantro. Delicious! And I have to say it is one of the rare times I use a bought curry mix...normally I make my own but for some reason they have never tasted as good as bought. Go figure!
  6. Antipodeans call your Gingersnaps.. Gingernuts. Brandy Snaps are an English invention according to wikipedia and if you really want them to be authentic, dont use molasses or corn syrup, you REALLY do need golden syrup. I know you can buy Tate and Lyle GS in the States and if a shop does not stock it, it is online as I have steered many American friends in that direction. A tin of that syrup in your cupboard will make many delights other than brandy snaps. Steamed GS pudding or dumplings, a gorgeous caramel sauce, Anzac Biscuits, and the delectable Ginger Crunch. I have digressed sorry. ETA: Golden Syrup recipes
  7. For a savoury scone...just use a basic cheese scone recipe, roll into rectangle and cover with a good homemade tomato sauce ( eg for pasta), add fetta cheese, chopped spinach,ham or bacon pieces, kalamata olive halves etc. Roll up and bake. They are delicious and sell really well. I have made Cinnamon Buns ( like Cinnabons) and they have gone down well also. Gotta love the breadmaker!
  8. I 3rd Brandy snaps. They are great draped over a small bowl when just out of the oven, to form wee bowls and fill as you wish. Gorgeous things. BTW..brandy plays no part in their making. ETA: I see someone else had mentioned the draping, and the included recipe above has brandy in the cream. Aussies always tinker with Kiwi recipes. Good blog on Brandy Snaps w/recipe
  9. What does the MIL do with them? I cracked up reading this post....and I imagine she is an 'old fashioned' cook, one who sticks to the rules and never ventures into discovery. I would have done as you did, with no regrets or thoughts of anyone elses feelings. Best of luck!
  10. Oooo..a sandwich thread. Lemon chicken on rye ( chix/lemon juice and zest/capers/mayo/rocket) Crisp crisp fatty bacon on white with a beautifully ripe sliced tomato w heaps of black pepper Sliced tamarillo's on wholegrain w heaps black pepper ( my current fave as it is winter downunder) Cold canned creamed corn and bacon on any bread..lol Ham off the Bone with grain mustard and gruyere I cannot go a day without a sandwich. Sad but true!
  11. I am a S/S pan user and wont change that. Never had a problem with rice sticking and I use the absorbtion method to cook the rice. Only way to go! BTW...rinse your pan under cold water before washing as carbohydrate loosens in the cold, clings to hot. So that means potatos and pasta also. Quick soak or rinse in cold water and there will be no probs. Promise.
  12. Just is case anyone gets a duck with feathers sometime.. ..here is the way to make plucking a breeze. Boil up a pot of water, add some parrafin wax and melt. Dip the whole duck into the water and hold it there for a minute, then dunk it straight into a bucket of cold water. Leave in the cold water for 3-4 minutes. The wax sets really hard and the feathers all come off encased in the wax. An easy and clean method. It is duck shooting season here very soon, and dawn and dusk are deafening times of the day. I am preparing myself.
  13. If you are wanting a marmalade that is not too sweet I would not be using the Meyer. If you can get hold of some Lisbon or Villa Franca they would make a more ' bitter' marmalade. Meyers are a cross between an orange and a lemon ( I think!! no. Im sure...)and I eat them right off our tree. Even as a lemon to use with fish etc they fall a little short in the proper zing department!
  14. Some online sites I have used...... http://www.davis.co.nz A huge range of mostly Asian products. We have a branch in my city so I visit rather than order online. http://www.medifoods.co.nz Mediterranean foods, specialising in Italian http://www.belmondo.co.nz Mostly Italian with gorgeous vinegars/tuna and a great selection of Franchi Italian vegetable seeds. Got some San Marzano tomato seeds for coming season. http://www.mexifoods.co.nz Great range of Mexican foods. Fire roasted chipotle tomatos, jalapenos and Poblanos! Mexican flours etc. http://www.ashore.co.nz Pates/terrines/confits plus much much more. Great idea to table these sites, and I must go check out the Aussie ones!
  15. I never have a problem with green rings. Mine go into cold water, as soon as they come to the boil the timer is set for 6 minutes, then straight under cold running water for 20 minutes. Works every time. An awful waste of water though!
  16. Sentiamo

    Mince Pies

    I have just PM'd you a wonderful recipe for mincemeat that is loved by all who get the chance to eat it. You wont be disappointed and all those pats on the back from the Brits will make the wee bit of effort worth it. Trust me.
  17. There is only one thing to use on a burn...and that is Active Manuka Honey from here in New Zealand. It is even used in hospitals to treat burns/ulcers etc. It is available in the USA and you will find 100's of research/trial results on the Internet to verify just how fantastic it is. It tastes awful though...so it does not get near my mouth.
  18. I knew a few pizzaioli in Italy and they all used fresh Lievito di Birra....beer yeast. Made my Hot Cross Buns with it whilst living there and the flavour, compared to those I used to make with dried yeast, was fantastic. So, those of you yearning for that 'true' taste of an authentic Italian pizza, give it a try if you haven't already. May be what you are looking for?
  19. This is exactly the way I prepare eggplant for Melanzane Parmigiana aka (here) Eggplant Parmesan. It removes the need to presalt and the amount of oil required is minimal. Plus there are the pretty grill lines too! We used to be able to buy pre grilled, frozen eggplant slices in Italy which was wonderful when in a hurry. So if you have a glut, grill and freeze. ETA: I use a griddle pan in winter. A BBQ is not necessary.
  20. It sure is a small world! My ex hubster is a friend of Pietro, the owner of Il Centro, I live 30kms from the bakery in Bulls and I have frequented Eve's Pantry often when in Auckland. Actually, there are 6 or 7 Eve's outlets in Auckland. If you would like me to post addresses, let me know. What a hoot! ETA: I must get to try that rosemary/honey biscuit at the earliest opportunity.
  21. I have just come across this thread and will be back again with photos when I next make Anjum Anands Lamb Curry with Fenugreek Dumplings. This recipe also includes chickpeas and sweet potato in the curry....and I can tell you it is totally wonderful. There are some great sounding curries to try in this thread so TG its still winter here!!
  22. Sentiamo

    Pork Shoulder

    Andrew...Im sure the whole botulism thing is if vacuum packed food is kept long ( ish) term, with low acid curing/preservatives used. I am also pretty sure thawing under cold running water does not pose a botulism risk as that risk is inherent in the storage. ETA: Never rely on a lack of smell to indicate safety with anything!!!
  23. The whole combination sounds delightful...right up my street! I agree that if possible, add the Campari to an orange icecream but be aware that the high alcohol content will reduce finished product firmness but I guess that can be a good thing? No worrying about having it out of freezer 1/2 hr before service. After years of living in Italy and learning to love a Bitter with Seltz each night I now add Campari to my marmalade each year. ETA: Could you maybe use a Hibiscus flower as garnish rather than a sauce? Just wondering about introducing another flavour with chocolate and Campari/orange. They stand out pretty strongly on their own?
  24. Sentiamo

    Pork Shoulder

    I agree with Darren re thawing with cold running water....only prob with that of course is the horrendous waste of water. It is the safest way to hurry a thaw but it is essential that the wrapping be watertight so we are talking vacuum packed really. Without adequate wrapping the risk of bacterial invasion is greatly enhanced. Recently I attended my food safety refresher course ( certificates are mandatory for anyone working with food in New Zealand) and the course notes provide this info for anyone facing a thawing issue! Approx thawing times in refrigerator set to 3 or 4 degrees: Lge Roast 4 to 7 hrs per 500gms Sm Roast 3 to 5 hrs per 500gms Steak ( 2.5 cm thick) 12 to 14 hrs Hope this info is of use to someone sometime.
  25. All NZ lamb is pastured.....we dont do barns. If you can ever get hold of some hogget GO FOR IT! That is one tasty piece of meat and even better than that is a 2 tooth blackface that has been home killed. A treat even for this Kiwi farm girl. Sad but true.
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