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  1. c'est what is serious about their casks the victory cafe (markham, just s of bloor) also keeps a few real ales around at all times.
  2. duck fat (and lard) can both be gotten at the healthy butcher on queen toronto is indeed part of southern ontario. arguably so is everything this side of sudbury (at least according to the highway traffic act, but they only divide south from north)
  3. that must be the third or fourth drink in this run to both use scotch as a base and be surprisingly delicious. I don't know where to locate orgeat syrup in canada, but i look forward to adding another scotch cocktail to the arsenal.
  4. this was a very good use of parmesan broth http://ideasinfood.typepad.com/ideas_in_fo...san_water_.html i cut the recipe in half, it worked well.
  5. this reminds me of the affinity which mixed scotch and sweet vermouth into something surprisingly synergistic. Those have been a welcome regular since you brought them up (in july?) and I'm very eager to try this aptly named concoction too.
  6. from a small bottle of vodka, pour out a shot. now pour in black peppercorns until the bottle is full again. let sit at room temp for about a week. then store in the freezer and put a few drops on oysters (or boiled shrimps). it's a pretty assertive condiment which overwhelms none of the oyster flavours. a little vodka to lift the brininess through your nose and a very smooth heat rides in afterwards.
  7. This is a fine cocktail - we've been making more and more cocktails at home over the past two years (it's amazing what a difference a jigger makes - it seemed a fairly useless housewarming gift at the time). Anyways - the scotch of choice was Te Bheag which is a nice blend, both vermouths from martini rossi, angostura, stirred and strained and WOW - more than anything in recent memory, this drink defines balance, you taste everything individually and collectively. I'm loving the refined character of many of these Savoy cocktails you're posting up, keep at it.
  8. le gourmand is quite decent and the pastries are some of the best in the city (maybe top 8) jet fuel is good (there are a few locations, one on parliament n of carleton i think) I like i deal an awful lot, on nassau in kensington. alternative grounds in roncesvalles is also good. I don't know of anything that's consistently fantastic, but I don't really know what's uptown either.
  9. I betting on Zaphod Beeblebrox, the President of the Galaxy. ← nope, as mentioned upthread it was homer j simpson 'lobster stuffed with tacos sir, excellent choice'
  10. Where do you find cheese with truffles in it? Alex farms used to carry a truffled mozzarela di bufala and a truffled pecorino but don't carry them at SLM anymore. while we're on the topic, I'm also curious where to get truffled honey.
  11. I recently had a Clubhouse of sorts in Toronto which included a fried soft shell crab - plus lettuce, tomato, thick cut bacon, on lightly toasted white bread liberally spread with a sriracha mayo. It was simply fantastic.
  12. so is the queen mother, same basic menu a block eastwards. Rivoli has the great front people watching patio, queen mom has the great back garden urban seclusion patio.
  13. not consistently, but sometimes at Mendel's Creamery in Kensington (on Kensington St, S of Baldwin). They also have great (and inexpensive) smoked fish, salted capers, some good cheese and lots of east european cookies, jams, pickles and such. They make awesome sandwiches too but only on weekdays. is there a white anchovy season or does the preservation tactic negate that?
  14. pho hung the other pho hung and you're on your own for the last one
  15. I'm gonna have to profess my undying love for the vini fratellini here - a florentine sandwich of a whole other order. Not far off via calzaiulo yet a world away from the hordes, sip a glass of wine, cozy up to a stoop and enjoy a little sandwich (for 2.10) I like the Caprino e Cinghiale Piccante, the lady's all for the pomodoro e mozzarella, they make about twenty different kinds - two ingredients each - purity on a bun.
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