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  1. I can give you a big shout out for Leatha's BBQ in Hattiesburg 6374 US98 (about 3 miles West of I-59) (601) 271-6003. I've been there a few times and their 'que is killer. T-Sat 11-9 closed M+Tue.Enjoy
  2. Here's a must-eat kind of place:I-40 Exit 108 go South a few miles to Hwy. 412 E. Hay's Smokehouse 16319 Hwy. 412E Lexington, TN (731) 967-3222 You can Google them and find a great write-up by Southern Foodways about various whole-hog BBQ places in the area. I can testify to their product. It's real good pig. In Memphis my faves are: Cozy Corner for their Cornish hen, A&R for the sandwich and the caramel cake, Central for ribs and Paynes' for the sauce. But you know, it's all good. Have a great trip.
  3. micropundit - Thank you for your postings. Perhaps a slight highjacking here, but can you help a guy out? I'll be in Atlanta for a weekend next month and I have a gaping hole in my Sunday lunchness.I had planned on trying Harold's BBQ but, alas, they are closed on Sunday. I'll be staying in Buckhead and will have a car and love to drive. I'm looking for a comfortable place where I can relax for an hour and eat good food. Any suggestions?Thanks. And sorry if stole the thread.Chow
  4. My lunches at Joe's Dreyfus Store have been less favorable every time I have gone there.When I first ate there (early 90's) the food was outstanding.In recent visits (twice in the last three years) lunch was mediocre at best.Needless to say, a culinary letdown in IMHO.I hadn't heard about the change in ownership.Let's hope the new team can bring Joe's back to its past glory.As of now,I'm afraid other places will have to do.
  5. Any word of Gautreau's reopening?Thanks
  6. Note to moderator:Bucktown was NOT a victim of the breach in the 17th St. levee as it (Bucktown) lies on the other (relatively dry) side of the breach.If Sid-Mar's was destroyed ,and I'm sure it was,it was from the storm itself.
  7. Does anyone know the condition of the following businesses?:Black's,Dupuy's,Shuck's,Richard's and Cajun Claws in Abbeville. Prejean's in Carencro Soop's and Mr.Keet's in Maurice Cafe des Amis,Poche's and the rest of Breaux Bridge Crawfishtown,USA in Cecelia How did Lafayette make out? How bad was damage North of I-10?Were places like Hawk's D.I.'s and Joe's Dreyfus Store spared?Eunice O.K.? Does Cocodrie still exist?Grand Chenier? Sorry for the sweep of this post.
  8. Mayhaw Man-sorry if I'm a bit off-topic:I was wondering if you've eaten at Hawk's recently.Paid my yearly visit three weeks ago and I'm very sorry to say that there's trouble in paradise.Based on my visits to Guiding Star,R&M Boiling Point,Cajun Claws,D.I.'s Restaurant and Hawk's,I'm afraid Hawk's has fallen behind ,in both size and taste,Cajun Claws in Abbeville as well as D.I.'s in Basile.What gives?For close to fifteen years now Hawk's has ruled on my humble quest for the best in boiled crawfish.Tell me it's an aberation Mayhaw Man.Will I have to drop Hawk's from annual pilgrimage?What's afoot in Robert's Cove?Help me.
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