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  1. Chocolate Guy

    Chocolate Competition Today

    Pastry Lady: Are you going to be in the competition this year? Please let me know soon. I want to get you in. I hope you are not breaking your back at the "Ritz". Chocolate Guy
  2. Chocolate Guy

    Chocolate Competition Today

    Paris Gourmet has posted pictures of the competition on their web site at www.parisgourmetusa.com Look around for the MSU Chocolate Competiton.
  3. Chocolate Guy

    Chocolate Competition Today

    We haven't advertized to the Chicago Culinary Schools, but we do to all the Michigan schools. I will take any addresses (e-mail would be great) to any school in the midwest region with a contact person to at least send them the information when it is available. They can e-mail me at glg@voyager.net Thanks
  4. Chocolate Guy


    Nevuline from Pastry 1 is the same product as Trimoline, just a different label is what Pastry 1 has told me.
  5. Chocolate Guy


    According to the technical specs that we have on Trimoline, it tells us not to use it in ice creams or sorbets. I will check with the manufacturer and find out if it can be used, or if not, why not. Thanks for the info. That's why this forum is so useful, I learn something new every day.
  6. Chocolate Guy


    Trimoline (also know as Nevuline in the Pastry 1 line) is an Invert Sugar Syrup paste. It is very concentrated and very thick, used to prevent crystallization, resists humidity, acts as an anti-oxidant, increases carmelization, improves texture, preserves aroma, flavor, and color. It is used in baked goods, yeast doughs, butter creams, etc. It is bake stable and freeze stable. It can be used as a replacement of part sugars: croissants and brioche (25-30%); soft doughs (30-35%); white bread (20g per kilo of flour); dry cakes (4-5%); genoise cakes and madeleines (5-10%); butter cream (25-40%). I have been told that it is also used in chocolate truffles, but I don't know exactly how. maybe someone else can comment on this. It has a 12 month shelf life once opened, and should be stored in a dry and cool place (68-72 degrees). I hope this helps.
  7. Chocolate Guy

    Chocolate Competition Today

    To add too my last post........ Our Theme for the 2005 Great Lakes Gourmet Regional Chocolate Competition at the MSU Museum Chocolate Party is "Out of Africa". This will not have anything to do with the movie by the same name, but is revolving aroung the MSU Museum Exhibit that will be shown at the museum regarding artifact collections from Africa. One of the MSU Museum staff woud be glad to give a tour of the artifacts when the exhibition is up. Theme is not a judging criteria concerning the actual judging, but is a seperate $500.00 award and medal given by the Museum and judged by the Musem staff. Contact me with any questions.
  8. Chocolate Guy

    Chocolate brands

    Wow! Thanks, Wes. I didn't know that anybody at Guittard was watching our orders besides the guy who help us build our Guittard business, Kent Lyon. Guittard's Mr. Chocolate. And it will be sad to have his expertise leave the Mid-West for California someday soon. We have handled E-Guittard since day one because it is a wonderful line of domestic chocolate and it fit right into our style of upscale chocolatier/pastry chef business. The nice thing about Guittard from a distributor point of view, is that it is a European quality domestic product but hasn't been subject to the daily price changes we see with our other chocolates due to the politics of the Euro currency, wars in the Ivory Coast, and vannila exploitation pricing. It is nice to have no price changes for two years in a row, instead of with every order as with European containers of chocolate. The new line of "Origin Chocolates" is a great addition to Guittard, slowly picking up steam as it becomes recognized. Guittard has been very good at sending our requests for samples and brochures to our customers. And you have a great set of recipe brochures with photo that is available. Maybe I can meet you at the International Bakery Expo (IBE) in Las Vegas in August.
  9. Chocolate Guy

    Chocolate Competition Today

    Debra: Thank you for joining us at the competition and congratulations on the 2nd place entry. That is a wonderful feat for your first year. The committee that puts this on meets year round and we have begun laying out next years competition. I still am deciding on "regular competition categories" but this is a great place for people to get their "feet wet" in competition by entering this category. We are increasing the money to $200.00, $100.00, and $50.00 for the places along with the medals and opportunities for other prizes. Of course, where the real money and prizes are at is in the Masterpiece, and rightly so, due to all the requirements. $1500.00, $750.00. $500.00 plus medals, trophys, round trip airline tickets, and many other monetary prizes. I am still working on the Masterpiece but it will probably include chef's developing a recipe using the new Revolutionary New Product developed by Noel called "Noel Atomized Chocolate". This is not cocoa powder, but is powdered conched reduced fat (10-11%) chocolate without the BITTERNESS of cocoa powder, and can be used for most recipes by just adding it to any liquid. A wonderful product to use in hot, humid kitchens, since it won't break due to too much fat or not being in temper. See www.parisgourmetusa.com for more information and as soon as it comes up hit the flashing bucket. We are going to give Chef's Coats to those entering Masterpiece. We are looking to increase participation of the culinary students, but need help. Any suggestions in getting more culinary colleges competiing besides Baker College of Muskegon? If not I will have to drop this part of the competition. And this is the future of our industry..... I expect to have the rules ready by Sept. 1. The competiton is scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 27, 2005 at the Kellogg Center on the campus of Michigan State University. A big thank you to all those who have competed, judged, or helped in any way over the past 15 years, and heres to number 16!