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  1. I have always been a fan. Eating leftover chili out of the fridge makes me like her even more.
  2. By way of explanation ... in kashering meat, salt is used to draw the blood from the freshly cut meat .. the process explained best here ... ... so it isn't brining in the classic sense really ... hope this makes sense! ← I thought it was a one-step, brining process. Obviously, there is a soaking, then a salting. Thanks.
  3. Are the Kosher briskets brined?
  4. bigbear

    Old Enough

    Love it. Thanks, Dave.
  5. When I get to wanting some cold potato-leek soup, I can usually find a fix in my local supermarket. You can't beat the convenience of sticking a box in a refrigerator. Imagine Organic Potato Leek Soup
  6. You could buy another bottle from an outfit that ships to Wisconsin. Bevmax shipping info. Bevmax can probably get it for you.
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    You know I haven't but I think I can find it in my local spanish supermarket. What are your thoughts on the juice? Tasty? -Dave ← I like it, but I never thought of using it with alcohol. Goya cans guanabana juice, so you can find it in just about any large supermarket in the NY metro area.
  8. bigbear


    Dave..... Ever do anything with guanabana juice?
  9. Pop's Wines has it for $12.13. They're not in the city, but in Island Park, Long Island. They ship worldwide, but a visit could be rewarding. They have a large variety of wines and spirits available.
  10. Snapple makes a couple of their products with sucralose. The one I like, when I can find it, is their Diet Lime Green Tea.
  11. I'd pour it all in one big bottle and take it with me. Easier to move that way. Reserve the new concoction for a guest that answers the what'll-ya-have question with, "Oh... I'll drink anything."
  12. I have an old Presto pressure cooker that serves me well, especially since I replaced the gaskets. The old directions that came with it also serve me well for making corned beef. (Using the Corned Beef recipe) Cook a 3# piece of corned brisket, with 2 cups of water, under pressure for 1 hour. Remove from heat a let pressure drop of its own accord. (Switch to New England Boiled Dinner recipe) For the vegetables, open cooker and add your cabbage wedges, onions, carrots, etc. Cook under pressure for 6 minutes. Cool cooker under running water to relieve pressure.
  13. By the way..... For those who have access to the Food Network and might be interested, Alton Brown's Good Eats show, 10 PM EST tonight, is titled Your Pad or Mine: Thai.
  14. Years ago, I think it was Yankee Magazine that ran a contest based on frugality. They solicited anecdotes that best illustrated the traditional, Yankee, "waste not... want not" mentality. IIRC, the winner told of a woman who caught a mouse climbing her skirt in church. She wrung its neck, wrapped it in a hanky and took it home for her cat.
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