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  1. I just ate at ABOVE in South Orange above the Eden Gourmet Market. Chef Paul Lustbader does it again!! The restaurant is a large multi-room space tastefully decorated with a bar and a patio area that seats 125 people! The servers were a little green but attentive. They've only been open 17 days. The food is pure Lustbader who's thoughtful plate presentation and respectful use of ingredients made for a wonderful meal. We had Rice balls filled with Cabernet Braised Beef Short Rib rolled in a Bacon Bread crumb and fried served with a killer HorseRadish cream, Excellent all crab-crab cake, Rack of Lamb- 2 double rib chops cooked rare by request with Hericot Vert and Pureed Sunchokes, and a Lobster tasting--Cream-less Corn and Lobster soup and a lobster roll. We had 2 sides--Spring Pea Gratin and crispy onions.The sides were a bit overpriced for what you got ($6-$8) but they were very good. The Chef sent out the Mgr to say hello to me and then the chef came out to see me after he sent us a cheese plate with 4 great cheeses and some house made Lavash crackers and Guava Jelly. We also ordered Grapefruit Sorbet. This was a great meal and gets the Budman's seal of approval. Try it and bring your friends. www.aboverestaurantbar.com
  2. ejebud

    Chengdu 1

    Don't even think about it....unless of course you are willing to go back soon so I can have prawns too.
  3. Check in with the guys from Front Street Smokehouse in Elizabeth. Phil is one of the owners. Award winning 'Que and the facilities to handle quantity.
  4. Not sure if it is still good, but the Brunch at the Hilton in Short Hills used to be good.
  5. We tried this Thai place that took over the space that the Malaysian(IIRC) place was in on route 10 in East hanover with our 2 kids, another couple and their 2 kids. The kids pretty much had a few wonton soups made with Chicken wontons and veggies($5.95) that was very good, 2 orders of dumplings that looked to me like Shui Mai ($7.95) and a couple a few orders of beef and chicken Satay($7.95). The satay while good, was 4 small strips served with peanut sauce. at $7.95 a plate, we were shocked at how miniscule the portions were. I had a Tom Yum Koong soup $6.95 that was good as well and a good size portion. We also had a fried Calamari($7.95) That seems to be the magic number for appetizers at this place, which is fine, but we didn't feel we were getting our monies worth and all agreed that the entree portions had better be bigger. Well they were slightly bigger. We had Green Curry Chicken, a Massaman Chicken (both $13.95), Peanut Chicken ($13.95) which was grilled chicken breast smothered in peanut sauce., Spicy Tangy Duck ($17.95) This was very good, crispy duck breast smothered in chili sauce., Pad Thai (outrageous to charge $12.95 for it) and a Red Devil Thai Basil with Chicken ($13.95) Everyone had either white or brown rice, I had a thai iced tea, and we had a couple of sodas. This is what rubbed me the wrong way about this place..Let me preface by saying that I know by nature Thai restos portions are not unlike indian restos in that the portions tend to be small, but the appetizers were rediculously small for the price, also, the sodas were $2.50 again not a problem unless of course they are serving the tiny 12 oz glass bottles of Coke for that price..PROPOSTEROUS!! and finally the kicker..We were charged $8.00 for Brown rice and $6.00 for white rice!! The bill for 4 adults and 4 kids was $213.00 before tip. The food was good, but we all agreed that we wouldn't be running back anytime soon, not when we can go to Chengdu 1 in Cedar Grove and eat like a king for $28 a head. Charged for rice....Well I never...
  6. I think the food is good at TGR but on a busy night they pack you in like sardines and that just makes for a less than great dining experience. The have a great garlic soup served in a little bread bowl that is awesome. As far as the garlic, they have definateley toned it down compared to when they first opened. They used to serve a head of roasted garlic with every entree, and now its by request only. I would keep TGR in your restaurant rotation, but wouldn't travel too far to eat there. More of a convenience thing if your going to Madison or Cranford areas.
  7. ejebud

    Chengdu 1

    How was the lamb done? And was the rice cake that smoth oval that is kinda chewy? (I love that texture) What kind of sauce for that dish? ←
  8. Guys, I'm throwing La Sicilia on Washington Ave in Belleville into the mix. It has all the ambience of every other pizzaria/restaurant in NJ but the food is GREAT. Try the Palermo Pie Thin crust with chees on the bottom and the sauce on top. Also the brachiolle (sp?) was good as were the pasta dishes. Very reasonably priced as well.
  9. ejebud

    Chengdu 1

    any info you can find will be greatly appreciated. ← Sorry guys, I did speak to Lien and he has sold the South Jersey location. He lost a boatload of money. I know how he feels. Eric
  10. I hope they didn't change the General Tso's Chicken!! It is unlike any others. They use Chicken Thigh meat and the sauce isn't just gloppy red sugar sauce. It actually has very little sauce and a unique flavor.
  11. ejebud

    Chengdu 1

    I called to order a few nights ago, and was told the restaurant had changed owners. No more authentic Szechuan in South Jersey, far as I know. If you find something, let me know. It wouldn't surprise me, it was a 2 hour drive to and from the Cedar Grove location. I'll see Lien within the next week, so I will ask him the scoop. Eric
  12. Once again, my vote goes to Chengdu 1 in Cedar Grove for authentic Schezuan fare. I just got home from a table of 8 at CH1 and it was fabulous!! We didn't have it, but they have plenty of exotic dishes containing things like tripe, kidneys, and tongues from various and sundried animals. CH1 never dissapoints!! Tab came to $27.00 a head including tax and tip and we are stuffed!! Go for the Hot and Spicy Jumbo Prawns, Lamb in Special Pepper Sauce, Double cooked Pork(belly).
  13. That is funny - nice to meet you too! Yes, a very small world! Food choices were great - the sauce accompanying those wontons was delicious - in fact, I should have got the waitress to just leave it there when the entrees came out. I have been to Chengdu 1 about four or five times up until now with my wife, but I'm looking to try out some more dishes. I will have to switch over to the Chengdu 1 thread and take a look at some other suggestions! Thanks again, Jason ← Well, the thing to do is go in a group of 6 or 8 people(we do this pretty often with other EG'rs.) We order MANY dishes and never pay more than 30 bux a head. Next outing expect an invitation. In fact email me when your in the mood to go again, who knows, it may spark an impromptu calling out of "the troops" ejebud@verizon.net Eric
  14. It's nice to see that you took ALL of my menu suggestions last night---YEP that was me eavesdropping on your menu choises last night!! I am just cracking up over this...BTW I'm going back again tonight..my kids just got home frm camp and that is their go to place.. FUNNy FUNNY SMALL WORLD we live in.
  15. I'd take him to Chengdu 1 in Cedar Grove. May be slightly more than 25 mins away, depending on traffic, but well worth the trip for Spicy AND phenominal Asian fare.
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