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  1. Anyone see Ransey of Larry King Live, it was pretty interesting but I fell asleep (long day) in the middle of it. He was discussing his brother and addiction when I conched out. Anyone see the rest? What did I miss?
  2. I have to agree, I am really loving this season. Last night was a great show. This season I have wanted to fly off to wherever Tony was by the time the show was over. I am concerned though, I think if Tony sees too many more field butchery scenes that he may go Vegan on us!
  3. Casey is gone. Not all that much of a surprise. He was consistently in the bottom at judges table and appeared to be arguing for his life almost as often as Brian. Why is Brian there? Because they need a throw away for next week or someone that could make fill a spot if they get sick of Hung and want to send him home? With the dishes Casey, even Sara (occasional klunker aside) are pulling out lately I am feeling a bit hustled and have to wonder if others have been holding back as well. I never got the impression Pamda was a meanie, I think that it is just bad acting, but her tearing up when CJ left WTH? It would have been amusing to see Tony at the breakfast challenge. The he would have probably just been rolling in from the evening. Tony's crack about finding the Broccli Rabe in Bob Marley's closet was seriously funny, so was the lobster being the consistency of a Doll's head. With Chef Tom being Chief stick up his butt, I think it kills Tony's creative spirit, they could have gone off on a real frenzy instead that constipated look washes over Tom's face and he bites his soul patch. I would love to burn the soul patch off with a Brulee torch, I am so sick of looking at it. And please, what is with the Beatnick look? Gaah! edited because it needed it!
  4. August Moon in Norristown just a couple of blocks down from the courthouse. GREAT Korean Food. Sushi looks good but never tried it.
  5. I am not surprized that they dumped Tre. At least they didn't have a head shaving episode to justify it. Tre was one of the best consistantly through this show. They let the hap hazard hosts and others slide, but dumped this guy? Give me a break. I cannot understand why TC dumps talent for drama, I get it, its reality tv, but to shave off the best and leave behing someone who can't even cut an onion? I had Ramsey screaming in my head during this whole episode. Also, Why only one gone? THey skipped a week there was at least two hacks, and tre was not one of them that deserved to go home! Tom C disappoints me when he did not send two home after they gave them a second chance.
  6. philadining : I would love to test the main menu with you. Let me know when you are coming out for dinner.
  7. Thanks, I always fumble with the image links.
  8. As noted in the Chester Co. restaurant thread I mentioned the Inn at St. Peters. St. Peter's Villiage, PA off of rte 23w between rte. 100 AND RTE 345. Here is the link. www.innatsaintpeters.com Tonight I ate at the Bar, the wife was occupied. For the soup course I had the Crab Gazpacho with Avacado Puree. It was cool and very tasty. If anything it could have used a touch of salt, but it was something special with the bread served. http://forums.egullet.org/uploads/11879672..._5069_38211.jpg For the next course I had the Lobster Salad with Artichoke Hearts and endive. It was very good as well but a little salt would have made the dish as well. http://forums.egullet.org/uploads/11879672...5069_393949.jpg While I mention salt, I have to mention up here, in this neck of the woods, there is a heavy PA Dutch influence and assertly spiced foods are not really welcomed. I have cooked locally at a church for various dinners and it took over 10 years to get the church members accustomed to more assertively spiced foods. For my main course I had a goat cheese and shi-take mushroom pizza with a splash of white truffle oil, it also had thin sliced red onions and was very delicious. http://forums.egullet.org/uploads/11880031...5069_789480.jpg Dessert was the best. It was a cheesecake with port marinated figs and figs poached in honey with diced strawberries. I had a glass of Croft 71 port which was a perfect match. The cheesecake was light as air and the figs, Oh My God they were good! http://forums.egullet.org/uploads/11880031...5069_603368.jpg With dinner I had a bottle of Clive voigenier. It was stunning! Cool Crisp and a wonderful white wine. And I don't like white wine all that much! http://forums.egullet.org/uploads/11880031...5069_968020.jpg I look forward to a full dinner there. I will keep you posted.
  9. The list is so long two of my favorites Fii's Gumbo Jaymes Carnitas Swisschef game me a great chicken in white with wine and morels recipe I have tried many recipes and loved them all.
  10. St. Peter's Bakery, St. Peter's Villiage, PA off of rte 23w between rte. 100 AND RTE 345. For those in Northern Chester County I went to St. Peter's Bakery, St. Peter's Villiage, PA. I ordered the plain and chocolate croissant and a baguette. While there I sampled a chocolate macaroon and a large coffee. All my treats were delicious and the coffee was great! Hrs. are 7-4 tue-fri; 6-6 sat & sun They have re-opened the St. Peter's Inn as well although I have not been there yet. Here is the link. www.innatsaintpeters.com It looks impressive. I have heard nothing but good reviews from the locals. I will have to give it a try. From what I have heard and what is on the website I would bring my camera.
  11. I made a big old pot of Gumbo, for the first time, last week with sausage, ham, oysters, shrimps and crab. I made a medium dark brick roux but chickened out taking over to a black roux. It was amazing and I was able to freeze some too. Etouffee is next!
  12. I was there Friday and had the spicy beef noodle soup and the dumplings. It was excellent! I talked to the owner for a while who talked about the guy with the ponytial taking pictures. He must think we are a cult. He was saying we need to try the frogs legs and that hot rabbit ding will also be available again. I can't wait.
  13. We had the 9 course tasting at August with the wine tasting. Simply the Best restaurant experience we have ever had. I have pictures from the weekend, I just need time to post them. We had lunch at Antoine's and Dinner at Arnuad's in the Jazz Club side both excellent meals. We had Brunch at Brennan's and it was good but came in last place compared with all the other places we went to.
  14. I was in Philly last Friday night and a friend told me that "M" has closed. Is this true, did I miss another one?
  15. a large top round I trimmed of silver skin and fat then tied so it would be the same shape and cook evenly
  16. I used turbano sugar and a hefty dose of smoked paprika in addition to the ingedients in the recipes. I actually put the rub together before I saw the recipe. I grilled it on all sides and wrapped it up in a few layers of foil and let it cook until it reached 135 then it let rest. It was moist smokey and very tasty. The kids loved it. I will make it again.
  17. I made her empanadas this past week. They were crazy good, I made a bunch extra for a to sell at a swim meet. They flew off the table.
  18. I love Baltimore pit beef. Anyone have any recipes? I have the meat, the wood chips, I'm just not sure about the rub. Any help?
  19. Oh my God!! This looks incredible.
  20. The news reports Salman Rushdie and "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi will end their marriage. I guess to told him, "Its time to pack your books and go!"
  21. This show has been re-labeled: Abomination! This is a show about people who hate to cook.
  22. I have to say I just love your blogs. The endless parade of fine looking food. Thanks for taking the time out to show us. You said you had not tried one of the Bay Bugs. I have been told they are amazing. Another friend said they were like eating iodine and the taste was very strong. Could you try for us and report back? I hope we are all around to see your efforts of 50 on your 50th! I have thrown some large multicourse bashes in my day, how many days does it take to clean up and restore order in your kitchen after one of these events?
  23. I just love Daisy I have made many of her recipes. NJN reruns her show at 2:30am its went I get insomnia I love watching it, but it makes me very hungry.
  24. Have they learned from last year? Who knows. Tom C's blog says that they were looking for referrals from chefs so you get the impression they were actually looking for contestants that can cook. I have to say, some of the protiens would have been a real challenge as I have no experience with eel, snake, black chicken or monk fish liver. I really liked the challenge it was a lot more interesting to see what they came up with. Help me with this. I have been in and around commercial kitchens for 20 plus years now and I have yet to run into a guy working in the kitchen that crys at the drop of a hat. Dave from season 1, the guy from Hell's kitchen this season, now it appears from the previews another there will be another leaky chef on Top Chef 3? Where did all the cry babies in the kitchen come from?
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