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  1. vern

    Another Newbee

    I believe they are fellow brothers on the Cigar Weekly board.Thanks for the welcome all, I am starting to feel all warm and fuzzy....Naw, it's probally the rum.
  2. vern

    Another Newbee

    Thanks for the welcome guys, Shubby, it could be a case of mistaken identy, did this look alike owe you money?
  3. vern

    Another Newbee

    I was refered by sancho Panza from Cigar Weekly, I have just recently discovered that there are Rums that I can enjoy straight. I look forward to learning more as some of my friends are Rum snobs and I hope to become one myself someday.
  4. vern

    Intro and question

    Hi Puro this is my first post here also, seems like I am always one step behind you.