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    Thank you for your insights, they've been helpful to me. I've learned about cottonseed oil and why I don't want to consume it. I was actually completely unaware of it. So, even though I seem to have offended many with my ignorance, I'm where I started: I think I'll stop eating fried food.
  2. I don't eat a lot of fried foods, at least, I think I don't. A friend of mine who once worked in the restaurant business told me about Mel-Fry. I understand that it's a "bad" oil to begin with, that it is used to fry for a long time before changing it, and that a truck needs to come round and suck out the Mel-Fry to get rid of it. I am hoping that Willie Nelson's car is running on Mel-Fry. How bad is it and how prevalent is it? I'd never thought about my occasional Indian banana pakoora or Nathan's french fries or doughnuts as having been steeped in grotesque dirty chemicals. I guess another treat has gone out the window . . .
  3. Not all Peppadews are created equal. I don't like the ones from Trader Joe's but I love the ones from Murray's Cheese in New York.
  4. I just bought the Cut Up Cake pamphlet, because I collect those, and I am seriously jealous of all you people who got to pick their cut up cake. What a brilliantly simple idea.
  5. I am searching for the perfect apple crisp and I think I found it. I made a variation of the Caramel Apple Crisp on Epicurious and it was pretty well near perfect, although a bit of work. A crisp should be easy, really. I like oats in the crisp and if nuts, they have to be walnuts. Brown sugar. Salt in the caramel. I am partial to Honeycrisps, which is not a baking apple, but I just buy a bag of Honeycrisps and use them.
  6. I don't think that it spread or distorted much, but as I recall, I baked it in a sheet? It's been a while. I do know that the Springerle pattern held, so it couldn't have puffed up that much.
  7. That would be lovely, I will try to try yours in that time period. I rolled out the dough, then rolled it with a Springerle rolling pin. Then I cut the dough into squares based on the Springerle pattern. It looked really pretty with a glaze on it, like a snowy scene. This is a cross between a cookie and a cake -- spongey for a cookie, and dense for a cake. I really liked it.
  8. Lindacakes

    Roast vegetables

    My favorite way to do this is to roast a combination (must have beets, eggplant, onion, carrots at least). Then warm up a nice fluffy pita like the kind you get stacked in a bag at Costco. Then put a generous amount into the pita, top with goat cheese, and fold in half. Wow, is that good.
  9. That is a tarte tatin pan.
  10. I am curious how you compare this recipe to Tartine's Gingerbread Tiles. The first book, the recipe is googleable.
  11. In the Cleveland area, it was Hough's Bakery. There are Web sites that have recipes that reportedly came from Hough's, which no longer exists. Always white cake with white icing. The standard came with beautiful icing flowers which could be customized (I want sweet peas . . . ). Then there were birthday theme cakes. One year I had Raggedy Ann and I was in heaven. My family still thinks of this as special-occasion cake (white with white icing and icing flowers) and it comes from a local bakery. It still sticks because my adult favorite is angel food made from scratch or anything egg white heavy, like a Pavlova.
  12. Would you mind sharing this recipe? I love turkey and I love it with gravy. And I love it even more with any kind of sweet potato that's been highlighted with butter, brown sugar, orange zest, etc. I do actually like marshmallow with it and will buy some high end marshmallows and eat it that way upon occasion. Along with this, one needs cranberry sauce. I grew up with the can, but I make my own. I can do nicely with this. One year I made the blow out because everyone at work was making me feel somehow diminished with their tales of a thousand and one dishes and a dish. I hated it and will never do or participate in that again. I adore the simple pared down Thanksgiving with a glass of wine watching the fall shadows witch around on the wall. I can also skip all that and make a pan of my mother's bread, celery and mushroom stuffing, let it sit a day and refry it with gravy. Best eaten in pajamas.
  13. Thank you for the mincemeat recipe, that is actually really quite easy . . . I would love the Swedish gingerbread recipe. I need to get started making the comparative recipes if I expect to have a winner in time for Christmas baking. The cherry crop was lousy this year. It's been bad (at least the availability of fresh sour cherries) for several years running. No candied cherries for me, it will have to be dried. Has anyone tried the ones King Arthur is now selling? They look decent.
  14. I tend to prefer cock eggs. They have a stronger taste, harder shell, exceptional ability to bind cakes and cookies, and are generally superior in every way to the thin, overly feminine and emotional hen eggs.
  15. I want to know more about these folded sheets from Costco . . . When I was a kid, my mother had this amazing waxed sandwich paper leftover from her own mother/childhood that she used on my sandwiches. The paper was white, with printed pattern, and waxed. It made beautiful sandwiches and I still dream of it.
  16. Cheesy old cookbooks. My favorites. I don't file them together, I file them with the subject. Louis Degouy's Ice Cream book with David Lebovitz's.
  17. I'm looking for the perfect gingerbread/ginger cookie to give as Christmas gifts. I liked Tartine's gingerbread tiles, I might do that again.
  18. I want to try some new fruitcake cookies. I have one I love, but I want to try the ones other people love. Curious about the brand of mincemeat used, or do you make your own? An English friends likes Sainsbury's which you can find (!) in Key Food in New York.
  19. Andie, very distressing news to hear. All those activities are the joy of cooking. I hope that you get it fixed and back in the swing soon.
  20. Eek, those look good. Thank you for posting.
  21. The granola is very good, it has pecans and coconut, I think. Quite addictive, I actually can't buy it. You might as well strap it to my face like a feed bucket.
  22. I'll have to try it. It is very likely very good -- the chocolate croissants are. You take them out of the freezer at night, and in the morning the dough has risen and you bake them fresh. Really can't be beat.
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