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  1. I had a hankering for poppy seed cake, the one on the Solo poppy seed filling can.  So I made one.  And it was good.  But there was this ever-so-slightly off taste to it that I attributed to the poppy seeds.  A canny taste?  Bad batch of poppy?


    And I realized I could likely make much better poppy filling myself.  Except that I don't know how.

    I know where to get poppy seeds and grind them, I just don't know how to turn that into the equivalent of the Solo filling.


    Anyone out there know?



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  2. I use cream cheese purchased at a cheese counter.  Fairway has a nice cream cheese, so does Murray's.  I don't find any discernable difference from using Philadelphia cream cheese.


    I think cheesecake is very much a matter of personal taste.  One of those things where people might say, "I only like my own."  I would not bother with a cheesecake I did not make myself -- for me, having all organic dairy in there is very important.


    Mine has a sour cream topping and I like the contrast of the sweet cake and the sour topping.  I've never strained mine or saw a need to, but I'll try it next time.  I'm all about extremely smooth and creamy.

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  3. I usually have a parrot around the house, so I don't use Teflon.  When I don't have a parrot in the house, I still don't use Teflon.  I don't find it an "honest" surface to cook on, I can't get a feel for it.


    I cook eggs in All Clad and everything else, including pancakes, in cast iron.

  4. I am a fastidious person, and it would be compatible with my personality to say I make it a rule to never eat in the car in order to uphold a variety of principles I hold dear.


    However, this just isn't true.


    I eat in the car.  I enjoy eating in the car.  I keep a little zipper case with two sets of stainless steel travel cutlery, a folding knife, a corkscrew, and a tiny salt and pepper on a keyring.  That's just there.  If I am thinking, there will be a blanket, a canteen and enamel mugs.


    I get off work and I'm hungry.  I don't have a pet currently and no particular reason to go home so I'll stop for food.  I'll get tacos.  I'll get sushi.  I'll get a falafel.  I'll get donuts.  And I'll listen to the radio and eat in the car.  Just like that.  Chomp chomp chomp, no destination. 


    If I was alone, I likely would not do this.  I have a partner in crime.  I have developed a distaste for restaurants, I would rather eat in the car.  And I've gotten quite expert at Snack Bags which is a little drawstring bag I got that I carry EVERYWHERE with snacks in it.  Work, airplane, travel.


    And yes, I need to lose a few.

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  5. I had to put most of my cookbook collection in storage for what I thought was a few months and a year and a half later, there they are, behind lock and key.


    I get a box of organic vegetables delivered once a week, and the books out on the run include Victory Garden Cookbook, Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, Slater's Tender and Ripe, Chez Panisse Vegetables, Fruit, and Desserts, Dolores Casella's Vegetables, Time Life Vegetables, Verdure, Red White and Greens, Elizabeth David's Vegetables.


    Consult them constantly.


    I have a huge digital collection, I don't keep paper anymore, so any recipe of mine, anything I find interesting becomes a Word document.  

  6. Not grass fed but delicious.  The beef tastes beefy and it has fat in it.


    I think Shake Shack is the perfect burger.  I like the bun.  I taste butter and a slight sweetness.


    I will stand in line, I will eat them in the cold, I will share mine with squirrels.


    Who will not accept bun pieces.  They only want meat.  And they will take it from you with their furry little hands.

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  7. I work in publishing and am on the front lines of this issue, although not in cookbooks.


    This will likely eventually happen.


    Although it will make me sad, because I love books and I especially love cookbooks.  I go through my cookbooks carefully when I buy them and make lists of recipes I want to try and make notes about the book's strength.  There are certain books I know have certain strengths and I call those sections out.  Like a strong fruitcake section in a baking or cake book.  


    It is a problem of many books, not just cookbooks, that they have extra not-so-good material in them to fill them out to be standard length.  I would be really happy to see standard length and standard price go out the window.  This is already starting to happen with cable programming.


    SICK TO DEATH of books that are really very good long magazine articles puffed out into horrid books you are angry you wasted your time reading.

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  8. That's a testimonial for it.  I really liked all the personalities and I'm sad that it's over.  


    I would have liked to have known the criteria for judging.  I personally care more about taste than looks or originality.  Too many times I've bought a beautiful pastry that wasn't very good.  


    I don't watch competition shows so I'm unused to the pressure valve principle.  I felt sorry for them at the end.  I bake because I find it relaxing and fun to delight people.  Which is kind of the opposite of pressure and judgement.


    I thought Nancy was the "best" baker from the beginning, but I really liked the journey of seeing how each person excelled at different things.  I was delighted to see the two male finalists do so well, I thought that they had done interesting work.


    I felt really bad for the older man who was hounded because he wasn't creative enough.

  9. I just found this thread because I was going to start one.  I love this show, and I can't believe that more people aren't talking about it.  I unplugged the Food Channel from my life many years ago because I didn't like the incessant food competitions.  I don't particularly like the competition on this one, either, but I'm getting a bang out of it.  And I've learned a few things.


    Like Princesstarta.  Who knew?


    And how could the British be so ignorant of the charms of Kouign Aman?  And was that thing they made really a Kouign Aman?  


    And why does there need to be 12 exact copies of everything?  And what is the rating scale used (what percent of points for tastes good vs. looks good vs. good technique)?


    And who else misses Jordon besides me?  And who will help me beat The Male Judge to death with a wooden spoon?


    And is there another "home hobby" that is as demanding and yet as denigrated as home baking?


    And why aren't they complaining that the flour arrives in a narrow glass jar?


    And had anyone ever heard of Mary Berry before this?


    And how can I get all the British episodes?


    And do they edit out people actually using a scale to measure because you rarely see it?


    And when are we all going to have a wild baroque caramel party?

  10. I have enjoyed myself in a restaurant on Valentine's Day but I've only gone to one -- a quirky little French place we like. We do this every few years and I like to do it with another couple, too. But sometimes I make a red velvet cake and we eat it in the bathtub. Been doing that long before red velvet was popular. Then there are heart shaped chocolate box years. Food is always part of it . . .

  11. Well, reducing the amount of cheese by 43% would change the taste, wouldn't it?   :blink:


    I would also like to add, at the risk of offending some, that a thick coating of Miracle Whip goes very well with a cold Velveeta sandwich.  Iceberg lettuce.  Tangy and crispy.

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  12. I don't think Velveeta tastes the way it used to.  Even if my palette has changed.


    My mom made Creamettes elbow macaroni with Velveeta for macaroni and cheese.  She also used it for grilled cheese sandwiches.  Both of these foods lost to me because Velveeta doesn't taste the same.  


    Macaroni and cheese doesn't taste the same and grilled cheese doesn't taste the same.

  13. The one that came into the house with the least promise and ended up being used the most:  the Bamix immersion blender.  Not the least because it makes excellent milk froth for cappucinos.  Also very simple for soups.  I'd like to try the steel milkshake container and do nut butters.  Excellent solution.


    The one that came into the house with the most promise and ended up being practically useless:  the food processor.  I loathe cleaning it and it's too powerful.  I like to have more control over texture.  However, when you really need one, you really need one.


    The one I miss the most because it is currently in storage:  my KitchenAid mixer with ice cream attachment.  I really miss making ice cream.


    The one I once had, used constantly and no longer need because life circumstances have changed:  the covered electric skillet.  It was deep and square and I cooked everything I ate in it, including pot brownies, when I was in college.  


    Best low tech non-appliance:  the mokka coffee pot for espresso and then cappucino. It makes better espresso than 90% of commercial sources.

  14. Cheese.  Lots of cheese.  All kinds of cheese.


    Last year we got one of those upscale cheese presents from a client at work.  I was in heaven.


    Not quite on topic, but remember those tiny loaves of bread, teeny rye sandwiches?  My parents used to put that out.  


    Those are good with cheese . . . 

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  15. Pheasant?


    One year, when I was in college and most of my friends were vegetarians, we formed a small alt. Thanksgiving before we dispersed to go back to our square families.  We gave plasma to raise funds and then spent it on a bottle of Wild Turkey, sweet potatoes and a bag of marshmallows, and fashioned a ground tofu product into a poultry shape.  Tofurky.  


    We got very drunk and ate these things and one of my friends broke her front tooth on said tofu product.


    It was really one of the sweetest most memorable Thanksgivings I've had.  


    However, I love turkey and find it to be an excellent support system for pools of gravy.

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