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  1. It looks like it will be townhouses, not a Wegman's in East Hanover. This is a report of the town meeting of 10/11/06 http://www.nj.com/news/ledger/morris/index...3700.xml&coll=1
  2. Always thinking, Tommy! Gilenson`s...The Grill Experts 591 So. Livingston Ave. Livingston , NJ 07039 (973) 994-4004 ← That's where I get mine! Quite a selection too, oak, cherry, mesquite.
  3. Went to the Office Depot today, just down from Let's Eat. So I thought to drive to the other end of the parking lot and take a look. On the door is a notice of immediate eviction granted to the landlord by the State Supreme Court, dated Sept. 12. According to the fine print on the notice, the tennants are to be removed and the place padlocked at time of service. I held my hands to the glass and looked in and was very surprised to see quite a bit of food, cheeses and bread still out! The inside of that building must be pretty ripe by now, if everything was not put away or discarded.
  4. They put a lot of money into the renovations for that place, it's a shame. The truth be told the food was not very good. I had gotten some risotto that was like paste.
  5. Kear

    Casa Maya

    Meyersville is Morris county! Gillette and Millington are both south of it and are part of Morris county as is The Great Swamp.
  6. Should you wish to go into Montclair I would recommend Egan and Sons, 118 Walnut Avenue. It is an upscale Irish place so a full bar is a given, and the food is quite good. I had an excellent hanger steak not very long ago. http://www.eganandsons.com/
  7. Livingston bagel is still there and has just recently gone thru an exspansion that doubled them in size. Still good! Super Duper bagel is right across from the Shoprite in the little strip mall fronted by Rita's Ice. They are orthodox and closed on Saturday's. Also FYI, Mooshavi, the kosher restaurant in the same area appears to have closed it's doors, there's a 'for lease' sign in the window. Never been myself, but they seemed to have a loyal following?
  8. Kear

    Fresh City

    The parking garage is opened already. It's 166 spaces on 4 floors and, it's FREE!! There are 2 decks actually, one for shopping and another right next door that will be for the condos.
  9. Kear

    Fresh City

    On the week they opened I stopped and spyed the salad bar, grabbed a "large" bowl and put together a lite lunch. Took it to the cashier and then found out they charge by the bowl not the pound. I could have gotten enough salad for 2 people at the Shoprite for 6.99, instead of the little bit I got at Fresh City. I know it's my fault for not paying attention, but even if I had I think both their bowls are overpriced by by about 2 dollars. No more Fresh City for me! I think I'll wait for Baumgart's Cafe to open next door, or Mama Tucci's upstairs, and if neither of those are any good I'll go into Omaha Steaks, pick up a ribeye and make my own!
  10. Having no connection to the restaurant industry beyond being a patron I do believe the economic impact in the long run will be positive. The real change will be in the small neighborhood places as in the mom and pop bars, which have already all but disappeared in the last decade. These places didn't really serve food as a main incentive to customers, their lot in life was geared more for bending the elbow. I'm one of those people who enjoy sitting at the bar and have dinner, (must be from growing up in Jersey City where there was a bar under every streetlight). It's been my experience that the smokers are in the minority already, to have a "chimmey" plop down on the stool next to be has become the exception rather than the norm. I'll close this with something I believe I read when NY went smokeless, smokers sit at a bar and linger-- nursing thier drinks, non-smokers have a drink and move to tables or out, thereby creating more of a turn-over and higher traffic volume.
  11. They have put up a sign on the corner of Livingston Ave. and Rt10 listing some of the stores going into the new development. I only got a quick look as I went by, but I believe I saw Baumgart's on the sign. Could it be the Chinese Cafe from Englewood? Their website doesn't say anything.
  12. Livingston Shoprite has a full Kosher Deli counter in the front of the store completely seperate from the main deli.
  13. On Rt46 in Fairfield there's a garden center, I forget the name but it's on the west bound side. I had bought 60lb bags of hardwood chunks, mesquite and hickory, to use in my smoker. This was over a year ago but there's no reason they don't still carry wood. When you pull in the driveway there is a small building on the left with grills and odds and ends, this was where we got the wood chunks. Good Luck
  14. I was searching for a place not to far a drive for dinner when the better half suggested staying closer to home. I said "yes dear". Glad we did, we went to a new place just opened in Livingston, in the space that used to be Blue Moon, Pizzeta Enoteca. I don't know what the name means but I thought pizza. While they do have a full list of very gourmet type pies they also have a range of seafood dishes and panini sandwiches. It's owned and run by the same people that have Martini's in Millburn,(where there is another Pizzeta). Food was excellent! We shared a plate of calamari,($6) that was fried with a very light touch. My wife had a scampi over linguini,($14) the shimp were butterflied and split so when they cooked they curled away from the tail, hard to explain, great presentation. They were also HUGE! She completely enjoyed it, first time in a long time she didn't take something home. I had a plate of cheese ravioli w/ a sweet red sauce and fresh basil,($14), and a side of grilled sweet sausage,($5), there must have been a pound and a half of sliced sausage. We split a cannoli for desert. Everything was great, and all the pasta's are made in-house. Full bar and the wine list takes up half of the menu. Before anyone says anything, no I am not related, employed, have a friend of a friend, or am in any way connected to the place. I'm just really happy to have a GOOD new place open in the neighborhood!
  15. While it's not a food market chain, I find Costco's Kirkland brands excellent. I really love their Balsamic vinegar well worth the price for the quality!
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