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  1. Tenkasu is also great in Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki.
  2. I usually get thin 8 slice, with my American sandwich tastes, but 4 slice is marvelous for the best French bread EVER. ← I used to get 8-slice when I lived in Japan, for frugality's sake. And sometimes "pan no mimi" if I was really broke.
  3. This was my introduction to shio yakisoba, at an izakaya in Shinjuku. Very tasty. I think I prefer it to the "sauce" kind.
  4. Grape drink! Dave Chappelle's favorite.
  5. How about Hawaiian Plate Lunch style? You know, something with "two scoop rice, one scoop mac salad?"
  6. Try this one: Lonely Planet World Food: Japan. I think it's just what you're looking for.
  7. Apparently, because it has "achieved its goal of spreading the culture of curry and vitalizing the local economy."
  8. Anyone interested in the Yokohama Curry Museum should check it out soon. It will be shutting down on 31 March 2007. Luckily, I was able to visit the museum on my trip to Japan last month. I tried as many kinds of curries as I could, since I knew I wouldn't get another chance. Here's a Kurobuta Katsu Curry (with a Pepsi!) from one of the restaurants in the museum, Semba Karii. The curry gets its black color from squid ink. I didn't notice much squid flavor though. Next we have the Beef Curry from the Yokohama French Curry shop. It was rich and tasty, but not very spicy. Curry Pan from King Delhi. I've never been a fan of Curry Pan, but I've never had one fresh-from-the-fryer until this one. It was outstanding. Okinawa Kakuni Curry from Ryukyu Karii. This had a nice sweetness to it, with a hint of some kind of liquor. Anyone interested in going should take at least one other curry lover to share dishes, and try as many different curries as possible. I would have tried more dishes, but I was eating alone. I think all the restaurants offer a "tameshi" (sample) size, smaller and a little cheaper than the usual serving size.
  9. Another donburi. The Ebi Tendon from Daikokuya in Asakusa. It had four very large shrimp tempura. A close up.
  10. I broke it. Forgot to get a picture before digging in.
  11. Here's a donburi I had at the Matsuya fast food chain in Asakusa. It's a Bibin-don, sort of a simplified version of Korean bibimbap. It's mostly yakiniku, kimchi, and egg over rice. Cheap and very tasty.
  12. Some more onigiri. These are from a combini in Mitaka. Dry Curry. Sake Toro.
  13. Here are some onigiri from a recent (1/18/07-1/27/07) trip to Japan. From an "onigiri cafe," in Ueno, I think. Kombu and Ume. Aotogarashi miso (?) and Sake.
  14. How about mini Scotch eggs? Or atop chawan-size bibimbap or loco moco?
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