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  1. For New American there's Sola, a BYOB on Rt. 30 in Bryn Mawr (about 15 minutes west of Wynnewood). Small and low-key with excellent food, and fits into your price range. Their website shows that they also offer a 3-course prix fixe for $35. The only French bistro-type place close by is A la Maison (also on Rt. 30 in Ardmore, about 5 minutes closer to Wynnewood), which opened within the last six months or so. Have not been but reviews seem to be mixed.
  2. Recent magazine ads for the show talk about Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico... is this its own episode? Has it shown already? I don't get that channel but I would try to watch somehow to see that episode. Thanks.
  3. gfron1, can you give us the recipe for the dessert itself please? It looks and sounds amazing!
  4. I ate at Guelaguetza last week while visiting L.A. (the one on Eighth Street, I think). I lived in Oaxaca for four months this fall so I was really excited to have Oaxacan food again, and interested to see how it compared to what I had in Oaxaca. Unfortunately we weren't very hungry so my friend and I ordered an ensalada de nopalitos (cactus paddle salad) and tacos alambre (beef, onions and bell peppers topped with quesillo (the Oaxacan string cheese seen in the pictures above)) to share. This was a good call, as the portions were really big. Both dishes were good and very close to what I was familiar with. The nopales salad had nopales cut in strips with chopped tomato, onion and cilantro - pretty standard, I think. It was good but not amazing (and I'm a big nopales fan). I think it may have needed more lime juice (which could have easily been added at the table), but the leftovers the next day were actually better. The alambre was a little different than what I was used to having at taco stands in Oaxaca in that the meat and veggies here were cut in long strips, kind of like fajitas, rather than chopped up small. I think the alambre I had in Oaxaca also often (if not always) had some chopped bacon in there too. The flavor was very similar though. The only thing that would have made it better would be if the quesillo was melted more. Overall I liked the restaurant a lot. The menu had a lot of other things that I would have loved to try, and I saw other customers having tlayudas and tortas that looked great. I just wish I lived nearby!
  5. Sounds (and looks) like a great trip! A few questions: Where exactly in Mexico was this particular restaurant? Did your tour follow what is currently on the World of Flavors website? Also, what are natillas? While I was in Mexico recently, I never saw or had caldo tlapeno, but I did find "Tlapeno"-flavored instant ramen noodles in the supermarket... I'm looking forward to more!
  6. Freeze dried spaghetti in a bag (along with camp stove and mongo bowie knife) and power bars for breakfast. "Breakfast Santa" delivered breakfast in bed. ← There was a reference to two famous chefs, but now I don't remember who they were! Maybe Bourdain? (It wasn't anyone like Emeril or Rachael.) ← Oh yeah... I think one was Batali?
  7. Last night's episode had more food references than other episodes this season, I think. There was mention of Sukie's infamous mishaps from previous years; her issue with serving oysters for Valentine's Day & Lorelai's suggestion of burritos instead; Rory "cooking" dinner at Logan's house (salad, bruschetta & mashed potatoes) and Lorelai helping by chopping celery & mashing the potatoes; and Logan's perfectly-cooked lobsters (which Luke had never had before). Anything else I'm missing?
  8. In Mexico, there's not only regular Fresca but also red grapefruit Fresca (as opposed to white; I think it's a relatively new/less common product). Two more Mexican grapefruit sodas I can think of are Kas (made by either Coke or Pepsi) and Penafiel. My favorite is the Penafiel, which I find to be less sweet than the others (although I haven't tried Kas). Haven't found any of these in the US, though.
  9. When I was in Mexico I heard of bananas sliced up in lentil soup. I never got to try it myself though I did have lentil soup with pineapple chunks, which was delicious.
  10. Another place a little further in that direction is a produce market on Eagle Rd. in Havertown. Can't remember the name... it recently moved down the road from the corner of Eagle Rd. & Lawrence Rd. to a bit closer to town. My favorite is Gentile's Market in Newtown Square, just off Westchester Pike on 252. Large selection, very good prices, and generally fresh stuff. It would probably be about a 20-25 minute drive from Narberth, which maybe further than you're willing to go, but I think it's worth it a couple of times a month.
  11. I saw some small ones today at the Whole Foods in Wynnewood (so presumably they have them at other WF in the area); not sure of what the price was, though.
  12. Do you mean ethnic enclaves? Conclaves are what the cardinals do to elect a new pope, right? I guess that word has been floating around recently!
  13. We had the same salad for dinner yesterday too (with the addition of some sliced fennel) - it's one of my family's favorites. How about that!
  14. What is the actual title of the show? Sounds interesting.
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