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  1. The butcher paper now says "Smash Wine Bar & Bistro." Seems like an odd name.
  2. If you find your way as far south as Bandon, my friends are opening up Alloro Wine Bar & Restaurant (grand opening tomorrow night).
  3. The Italian Spaghetti House on Lake City is closing. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/rest...57_taste08.html
  4. You are correct, it was Treasure Thai. Right now there is butcher paper in the window saying "Wine Bar & Bistro. Open Soon."
  5. The Thai restaurant on the Southwest end of 45th in Wallingford (near the chldren's library) is closed and will be replaced with a wine bar & bistro.
  6. My group has decided (for some unknown reason) a Mexican potluck for Super Bowl Sunday.
  7. Don't forget the greatest ketchup in the world!
  8. The only famous food I can find from Pittsburgh is Heinz. Considering they make my favorite ketchup and steak sauce I will not denegrate them (except during the game).
  9. The Seattle Superbowl party I am going to go to will be grilled steaks, hamburgers, and hot dogs, the menu above, delicious as it sounds, seems like too much work during a Superbowl I ACTUALLY want to watch. Who makes the salmon sandwich that you always find at Bumbershoot and other Seattle eating events? That is one of the few salmon sandwiches that I think rock.
  10. Pizza, hamburgers, and Mexican too (though you would be hard pressed to find anyone here to admit that we have any that's good.
  11. Thanks. I've decide on Pazzo's because it is my favorite place for pizza in Seattle, I wanted to try La Vita e Bella but they don't open until 5pm and I wanted to try Grinders in Shoreline but they aren't open on Sundays. Tutta Bella is right next door, but I have been disappointed with my last two visits.
  12. It's this coming Sunday. Despite lousy parking, I am leaning towards Pazzo's on Eastlake or Esperanza near Golden Gardens. Grinders in Shoreline is closed on Sundays (how lame is that?) and I think Daniel's on Lake Union might be too pricey for some of my friends.
  13. Unless you have tickets to The Game, stay away this Sunday.
  14. I am looking for a place to have a Sunday lunch/birthday. About 10 people will be attending. I am looking for something casual (very good sandwiches/burgers or pizza would be great. I live in Wallingford but some people are coming from Edmonds and Kenmore so I would like to split the difference. Any ideas?
  15. I just added Cheesesteak because I was trying to pad my email. But it is one of those things where someone from Philly MIGHT say about anything outside of Pennsylvania. Actually, I prefer French Dip (for some reason I don't like cheese and veg on my roast beef. ) BTW, I have heard the best NY Pizza is in Connecticut.
  16. If you had a time machine I would recommend AJ's on First Hill circa 1990. I miss their grilled chicken sandwich and I have never tasted potato salad as good. I will ad this thread to my favorites in anticipation that someone can recommend someplace good. You would think with as many people who have moved to Seattle these past ten years we would have some decent NY or Chicago pizza, NY deli, Philly cheesesteak, Texas/KC/Memphis BBQ, etc. Someone please open a deli!
  17. Except there aren't that many places that make Monte Christo's, so if it's on the menu you would hope it's something special.
  18. Thanks. It sounds like most people don't think it's worth the trouble. I think I'll do a stuffed Pork Roast or Pork Chops instead.
  19. You might try this place. Our department almost used them but we went with a Taco Bar from Qdoba instead.
  20. The reason I wanted to order locally was because I often don't get home from dialysis until 11pm and I don't want the bird to sit out in the rain or a warm lobby for that long. I called Whole Foods and they will debone the birds for me. I'll look at some recipes online, but anyone have any ideas. Should I brine the turkey, chicken, or all three birds? (I don't want it to be too salty...and I've never brined anything before.) I'll probably do a cornbread and andouille stuffing. A Turducken is just one of those things on my things to eat before I die (the last two things scratched off my list were Baked Alaska and Coq au Vin.) BTW, the Seahawks might not go to the Superbowl but they sure as hell will beat the Redskins.
  21. Is there anyplace in Seattle (Whole Foods, Larry's, etc.) where I can order a Turducken for 12 people?
  22. Sorry for all the typos. I was in the process of having heart problems, but I am better now. I will say, Tutta Bella is way better than hospital food.
  23. I went again last night and have to say I am dissapointrd. Once again the crust was too soft and chewy. The service was pretty good, pretty much every table was packed, so we weren't expecting quick service, but we were in and out within the hour. After having a delicious pie at Palamino Friday, I'm afraid my opinion of Tutta Bella dropped evenfurther. Pazzo' on Eastlake is still my favorite.
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