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  1. Bavarian Meats at Pike Place Market. Favorite with my daughter.

    elswinger, in the other thread you said you only found Oscar Mayer and Kroger at QFC. Did you try the deli case? The Broadway QFC where we shop has Boar's Head and some other meats that are much better than what you find in the packages.

    Unfortunately I shop at the QFC on 45th in Wallingford, which might be the worst QFC there is. I should just take the bus down to the Market. I didn't realize that the place on Roosevelt was still open.

  2. Upon reading about how the Chow, and Ebb & Flow folks thought the space to small to be profitable, I , too, thought that the space just needed a different sort of restaurant - more casual, high turnover, and good share of take-out. Burgers, burritos, pho, for example. I guess parking isn't great, but if the food is good enough, the people will go there. Or at the very least, I will.

    I think the Ebb & Flow space is just a bit too cramped to be both a bar and a restaurant. Either rip out the bar and make it a straight up diner or to go place, or rip out the kitchen and make it just a bar.

    I will miss Ebb & Flow for its great breakfasts and burgers (I never got around to going for dinner) and the neighborhood could sure use a good diner type restaurant (something the Rusty Pelican and Blue Star are not).

    Wallingford seems to be set on various ethnic foods. An independent burger place or pizza by the slice place would benefit people who just want something quick before a movie or on their way home from work. I would also like a good deli where I can by cold cuts and cheese. I wanted to buy some good Bologna and Cotto Salami to make sandwiches today (I didn't want to have to take a bus to another neighborhood, and my only choice was QFC, which only had Oscar Meyer and Kroger (I bought neither).

    Now that Chutneys has moved into a larger space in the Wallingford Community Center and the old Beso Del Sol and Ebb & Flow spaces are free, there are now three empty restaurants on 45th within six short blocks.

  3. A couple hours ago Nancy Leson called me (to ask my permission to use my name in an upcoming article) because I asked a question on the status of Ebb & Flow.

    She told me that the proprietor came to the realization that the space is too small to turn a profit. They were leasing space from the guys at Chow Foods, who came to the same realization when they operated the Beeliner Diner.

    They are going to put up the building for sale.

  4. I fear there are too many changes for the worse coming to Wallingford.  I am beginning to wish I moved to Ballard.)

    Have you been to Ballard lately? Seen all the 5 or 6 story condos going up? Townhouses squeezing out the old houses?

    True, but except for Denny's they seem to be leaving the restaurants alone.

  5. Ebb & Flow's phone number is disconnected. Not a good sign. I am guessing the rent must be too high, which means I expect in the next year everything on the block to be torn down and a condo to arise in it's place (with a lot of empty, over priced retail space).

    It's too bad, I thought the food at E&F was always good and Saturday and Sundays the place was always packed. Though I often tried, I never was able to go there for dinner.

    (Semi-related: I was eating dinner at The Wallingford Pizza House the other night and heard the owner say he wasn't sure if he was going to renew his lease (I am assuming it is going up). The Wallingford Pizza House is smack dab between the two screens of the Guild 45th, and across the street from Ebb & Flow, and is often packed by movie comers and goers. I fear there are too many changes for the worse coming to Wallingford. I am beginning to wish I moved to Ballard.)

  6. Anyone know when Ebb & Flow opens for dinner? I swear it used to open at 5pm, but it's not anymore. I can't find any up to date information on the web (even their phone number is listed wrong). I really want a good burger for dinner tonight in Wallingford (where I live without a car). Blue Star's burgers are OK, but $15 (including tip & tax) is way overpriced for what they serve.

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