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  1. Tsiplitzky's, (sp?) at the Chelsea Hotel
  2. I thik Rat's in Hamilton, especially recently, belongs in the top tier. Stage Left rarely disappoints,too.
  3. Please, get your savory spices out of my desserts. That one should be on the list. the 90's was the decadeof over reduced sauces...the oughts were the decade of Rosemary ice cream.
  4. We went last night,party of two at seven. He used the tables and chairs from the Pt Pleasant place...really really uncomfortable and simply don't match the victorain style house the restaurant resides in. Service was fine...one mix up when they poured still into my sparkling water, but they replaced it w. smile. Started with Sardines, a special, and Wild Mush soup. Sardines were great, fantastic balance of flavors...oil of the slightly warmed fish, with what was perhaps rice? vinegar, shredded cabbage, great dish. Wild Mush Soup was deeply flavored, another winner. I had the salmon entree..sauteed to a nice rare, good brussel sprouts accompaniement, small-ish portion. Bob had the steak...I am not a fan of grass fed from a taste perspective, and this was quite thin, so difficult to be presented "very very rare" as ordered...it came out MR. Ho hum potato (parsnip?) puree and great fresh peas. ( locally sourced steak..but where did Spring peas come from in jan in NJ?) Mr Foy was there, charming and gracious, greeting the guests. Pointed out his artwork, which really shows talent. My seat faced a wall with a plain, taupe carpet of some kind...luckily my husband is handsome and engaging, because there was not much else to look at...hopefully he will replace that with his own pieces. Rec'd a complimentary dessert that was really very good...chocolate mouse but thicker w. hazelnut crust. Will definitely include dessert on our next visit. Small menu, perhaps 4 or 5 apps, 6 or so entrees..and they were not serving two of them, but also offered two app specials and two dinner specials. byo, $82 for two, worth a visit.
  5. If yu have a double oven, pheasant is a nice choice...wrap the breat in acon, make a golden raisin/white wine sauce...it is such a delicate bird, and it seems festive to me...wonderful with champagne.
  6. Have not been, but am familiar with his food from restaurants past. I have heard generally good reviews of the food, but also consistant complaints with the service...and a bad expereince with the chef when this was pointed out to him. I am looking forward to a visit this week, he always did upscale comfort food well so it will be interesting to see if he sticks with that.
  7. They are trying to re-open...but really, it was such a dinasour of a place.
  8. more than 72 hours, but here's what's in and out in our world: IN: Brennans Breakfast Couchon butcher Acme( for the oyster po boy) Looks like a tourist trap Royal St Oyster house had the best shucked fresh french Market has the best spice for boiled crawfish...NOT the best spce, but one of the better french Quarter places Bayonna, becoming a classic Commanders Brunch and what's out herbsaint. Yawn Galatoires, the service sucked, We had a bouncy cheerleader, how annoying. Acme (for the shucked fresh) Just my two cents. Boudain at Jazz Fest was not spicy enough, wish I had planned a road trp to Eunice.
  9. I have not posted in a while, and haven't been to a restaurant that motivated me. I've been more and more impressed each time I visit the CG in DC and Providence RI. So, after the wine tasting last night, I decided to skip Prie Rib and make the resos, 6 ppl at 7pm, for Capital Grille. Start to finish, absolutely great. From the smile of the hostess, to the attention of the waiter,to the wine list, to every dish placed before us ( except the amuse bouche) it was spot on. I'm resigning my membership to the "chains suck" club.
  10. moving this to the top, because two people in the last two weeksgave me what sounded to be a pretty educated, positive reviews..anyone been?
  11. Nottingham Way is in Hamilton Twp , with a trenton mail address. is this the one near Quakerbridge Rd?
  12. Adding another request for Bath suggestions...travelling from Princeton New Jersey, US with my very un-traveled father to see my son who is spending a semester abroad at at Univ of Westminster...would like to show both of them the English Countryside and feel Bath is a good choice for diversity and distance...a charming meal to top a charming visit would be great...traditional pub food is fine, just looking for atmosphere and well prepared food.
  13. I'm not a ratings person..but my choices in Philly: best place in Philly is Vetri, by far. Barclay Prime is an above grade steak house.
  14. David Drake gets my vote. The caveat is that I went to Seranade with a larger party and was not as focussed on the food, and the caveat is that I dislike the decor and ambiance of Nicholas enough to have it affect my meal.
  15. Chick and Nello's in Hamilton, Vinnie's Clam Bar in Manville.
  16. in response to the original inuiry, Rat's Restaurant in Hamilton is fancy, expensive and about 2 miles from the Trenton City Border..
  17. I thought about setting up a reso at Latour but its two hours away...and I'm not springing $350 for a room in the old Playboy castle!!!
  18. Hello, I am headed to Provincetown after labor Day. I will be doing some reserch based on the info in these posts for some casual places..specifically to see if these palces are still round, lol. BUT, I am looking for a fine dining option or two... $$$ not an issue, cuisine can be flexible but would not prefer asian, a good wine list is important. We are staying at the Crowne Point, but will gladly travel to Truro, Wellfleet and environs. if anyoen can point me in a direction ,I would appreciate it.
  19. I was very impressed with the Spiced Pear...best service and atmospherre, and well executed ambitous menu. We had the caviar service, as we were celebrating, which was traditioanl and serviceable. It was in July, I am delayed in posting, but I recall being impressed with a hwder soup, my husband had escargots hich were galicky but not overpowered, and great texture. I can't recall my specific entree ( great detail, I know!??!!) but I remember being pleased...my husands steak ws a bit more than the very very rare he ordered, but that is par for the course. Wonderful view, the windows were opened and the curtains billowed, not busy, attentive service, comfortble bar..we preferred it to last years dinner at Castle Hill. We stay at Castle Hill, and I'm glad we drove down to CliffWalk. We also went to the Italian place that is in a residential house..basic red sauce food, more kitcshy than charming, Mama something? The concierge rec'd it, nice Italian Wines list, ordered the basics (fra diavolo, rigatoni, antipasta) and had a very good in a red sauce kind of way meal. Homey. Sweet servce, she asked if we were honeymooning and we've been married a long time, so she scored points. We were actually celebrating our impending empty nest, as we were in Newport while our son was at Johnson and Wales orientation
  20. rosie, ( or anyone!!) Have you been to Restarant Latour? kim
  21. well, not sure if she can do it in her sleep, but she for sure does it in her book.... I'm sure you're rec's were good food, good eats, good times..but pomp, circumstance, MOMENTOUS meals can be had and should be encouraged..I am sure our reader will decide, and hopefully report back..but your list needed a bit more SPECIALNESS, imho. Brennans. they give you a wine list with breakfast and cook bananas and sugar under your nose....transforming, NO...the stuff that dreams are made of...YES. K.
  22. no, there is a NJ USA supermarket that carries it..I just can't recall...Stop and Shop..Wegmans???
  23. Brooks, With all respect ( after all, I just read the reference to you in Gumbo Tales!) this reads a bit too Chowhoundy...its a MONUMENTAL birthday...so from a woman's perspective...and one who has celebrated a few monuments...a little more silver, a little more white tablecloths...a lot less grit. Bayona, perhaps. And, as I say to friends who don't visti NOLA 2x a year as I do...if you are a tourist....it is really, truelly, fully, honestly OK to visit tourist places. In other towns, they suck . In New Orleans, they epitimize. Brunch at Commanders, request the front room if u can...and breakfast at Brennans...I dont' care how much people make fun of it as a tourista....go to Brennans, have champagne, the eggs sardou, the bullshot, the flaming BF. We went there to celebrate 10 years of marriage, and dined with 3 newlyweds ( city hall across the street!) with whom we still touch base. If I could not have breakfast at Brennan's, I would not plan a trip to NOLA. ( make friends w/ your waiter, it matters.)
  24. Their lettuce wraps and calamari are quite good. I don't think anything that ID's itself as a Bistro is looking for, nor representing itself as, authentic. So I would not compare it to "authentic" Chinese. ( PS, been to China, twice) But, for what it is and purports to be..a bistro with Asian Specialties...it is fun, clean, not very costly, and a better choice than other chains such as Red Lobster or Fridays or whatever. I meet a friend at the Princeton location every month for lunch, and we have never had to wait more than 5 minutes, but that might be an anomoly, I've never been for dinner.
  25. Kim WB

    Ryland Inn

    I had unbearably horrible experiences with Ome 3 years ago..it was within a year from when the new owner took over..is it Richard??.....they absolutely ruined an event for me and my guests. I am suprised and disappointed that Shelton didn't throw his hat back in the restaurant ring. I suspect that a steady paycheck had to be a consideration..the issue w/ the Ryland Inn by many accounts is that he did not have busienss interruption insurance and the woul dnot have been able to recover from the fire. He has a lot of talent, and I always likes his presentations.
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