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    Hi...I did a search, I hope I am not beign repetative. Different recipes call for such variation in preparing this stock. Madhur Jaffrey lets the konbu reach a boil, then turns it off. Other recipes call for it to not boil, the bonito to sink..add cold water with bonito, simmer....some add carrots??? I'd appreciate the definitive word on the best preperation..to be honest, my miso soup tastes pretty darn good, but if I'm going to make it, I'd like it to be the best that I can make it. Thanks in advance,
  2. Kim WB

    Buzz food

    A nice meal, perhaps a bottle of wine, or two. Not hungry at all. AT ALL. But, a few moments with the Food network, considering the Iron chef options... or even a Rachel Ray episode..or maybe a few good reads on the DINNER thread here at e-gullet...and you decide to mosey over to the fridge...nothing special in mind, perhaps a cornichon or a slice of cappicola. But then, from the depths of the foodie that you are, you decide to CREATE. UNDER THE INFLUENCE. What do you make? (And please, no perfect little combos...we'll know right away that you had a psuedo buzz, not a real one.) Ok, I'll go first. If you take a Saltine or equally bland salty cracker, dip it into a corner of soft butter..then, a few shakes of Thai garlic pepper sauce...swallow in a few bites....as it hits the alcohol in your stomach, a true biological experiment begins..and, hmmm..tastes great. 2nd choice" Ghiradelli milk chocolate chips, left over from baking...on a vanilla wafer cookie. If no cookie, can be consumed on top of yogurt, with the remanants of the mornings coffee mixed with sugar. Scoops of peanut butter or marshmallow accepted...I do not reccomend Quik strawberry milk mixed with the Ghiradelli chips, no matter how drunk, that shit is gross.
  3. I know Ican look this up somewhere, but its too tempting just to post and sit back for the replies from knowledgeable chefs! Plus, a book will only tell me one way...this board is sure to provide some interesting alternatives! My garlic is very hard to peel. I am not keeping it too long, and am buying it from an above average produce department, so i believe it doesn't spend too much time on the shelves...Please give me advice on best way to store it, and any easy peeling hints. Thanks.
  4. I've heard this series referenced by a talented cook I know, as well as heard it mentioned on some egullet threads..and today, while leafing through Sara Moulton Cooks at Home (great Spice cookie recipe in there) I noticed she also reccomends finding a used set of this series. Any comments?
  5. Hello all, please indulge a novice baker. Today is my 40th b-day ( having a big bashe in two weeks!) and last week, in preperation for making my b-day cake, I treated myself to a silicone baking dish..scalloped tube pan, red kitchenaid, to be exact. I am not a baker..to the point where I need to remove my pasta or grinder attachments to the stand mixer in order to dig up the pastry whisk thing. I do Christmas cookies, an occassional tart shell for savories, and a cake or two each year. One of my standards is a lemon pound cake with lemon glaze..can't get much simplier than that...anyway, I made it today...yikes! 1. Cooked it 10 minutes longer than in my regular tube pan...undercooked in the middle. 2. Nothing sticks? This cake stuck and ripped of the entire bottome...was that due to undercooking or what? I let the cake cool in the pan. 3. Cakes, to me, need form. there is just no form to these pans. I'm ready to say I'm unimpressed, but I know my lack of baking skills might contribute...comments?longer?
  6. Kim WB

    Atlantic City, NJ Breakfast

    Tsiplitzky's, (sp?) at the Chelsea Hotel
  7. I thik Rat's in Hamilton, especially recently, belongs in the top tier. Stage Left rarely disappoints,too.
  8. As noted in an earlier thread, my husband and I have been jonesing for some crabs. He reserved a last minute Sat nite room at the Inn at Perry Cabin, in ST. Michaels, which looks lovely. We're set for fine dining, but are still searching for that "crab place". I apologize for my lack of geograpphic knowledge..but are any of the above reccomendations near St. Michael's? Thanks again. looking forward to some lovely weather!
  9. Please, get your savory spices out of my desserts. That one should be on the list. the 90's was the decadeof over reduced sauces...the oughts were the decade of Rosemary ice cream.
  10. We went last night,party of two at seven. He used the tables and chairs from the Pt Pleasant place...really really uncomfortable and simply don't match the victorain style house the restaurant resides in. Service was fine...one mix up when they poured still into my sparkling water, but they replaced it w. smile. Started with Sardines, a special, and Wild Mush soup. Sardines were great, fantastic balance of flavors...oil of the slightly warmed fish, with what was perhaps rice? vinegar, shredded cabbage, great dish. Wild Mush Soup was deeply flavored, another winner. I had the salmon entree..sauteed to a nice rare, good brussel sprouts accompaniement, small-ish portion. Bob had the steak...I am not a fan of grass fed from a taste perspective, and this was quite thin, so difficult to be presented "very very rare" as ordered...it came out MR. Ho hum potato (parsnip?) puree and great fresh peas. ( locally sourced steak..but where did Spring peas come from in jan in NJ?) Mr Foy was there, charming and gracious, greeting the guests. Pointed out his artwork, which really shows talent. My seat faced a wall with a plain, taupe carpet of some kind...luckily my husband is handsome and engaging, because there was not much else to look at...hopefully he will replace that with his own pieces. Rec'd a complimentary dessert that was really very good...chocolate mouse but thicker w. hazelnut crust. Will definitely include dessert on our next visit. Small menu, perhaps 4 or 5 apps, 6 or so entrees..and they were not serving two of them, but also offered two app specials and two dinner specials. byo, $82 for two, worth a visit.
  11. Have not been, but am familiar with his food from restaurants past. I have heard generally good reviews of the food, but also consistant complaints with the service...and a bad expereince with the chef when this was pointed out to him. I am looking forward to a visit this week, he always did upscale comfort food well so it will be interesting to see if he sticks with that.
  12. If yu have a double oven, pheasant is a nice choice...wrap the breat in acon, make a golden raisin/white wine sauce...it is such a delicate bird, and it seems festive to me...wonderful with champagne.
  13. Kim WB

    Capital Grill

    I have not posted in a while, and haven't been to a restaurant that motivated me. I've been more and more impressed each time I visit the CG in DC and Providence RI. So, after the wine tasting last night, I decided to skip Prie Rib and make the resos, 6 ppl at 7pm, for Capital Grille. Start to finish, absolutely great. From the smile of the hostess, to the attention of the waiter,to the wine list, to every dish placed before us ( except the amuse bouche) it was spot on. I'm resigning my membership to the "chains suck" club.
  14. They are trying to re-open...but really, it was such a dinasour of a place.
  15. Kim WB


    While in town this past week for the Flower Show, we considered Vetri's for dinner..but it was booked. Wondering if its worth a trip from Princeton to dine...would you consider it destination dining?
  16. Kim WB


    Went with a party of four to Felidia on Friday night, 7:15 reso. I was disappointed. I didn't have expectations of a life altering meal, or even an excellent one, but on the other hand, I really love Lidia's cook book, and her general approach to food. I had two major issues, one wth service and one with the food. I understand that sommeliers LIKE to help people, but sometimes, a person just really wants to look at a wine list without so many intrusions. I think my husband was polite but firm..when they handed him the list, he said "I've been looking forward to this" ( I sold him on Felidia because of the Bastianich connection, and he's very hot on the Italian Wine Center right now, the store on 16th?17th?) and proceeded to look through the wines. Now, he's a major wine person, and Italians are his personal favorites. While we ordered sparkling waters and cocktails, the sommelier came up to him twice to ask if he needed help with making a selection. My husband replied "No thank you" and returned to the list. A few minutes later, the same person again asked if he needed suggestions..The second time, Bob just took off his glasses and gave the sommeleier a withering look. Now, it was not 15 minutes total, it was more like 5 minutes. When the waiter came, he told him he was ready to order the wines, and then the sommelier returned with an attitude. Once we ordered, he got a little better, but was still curt and dismissive..even with a 2 bottle wine tab that exceeded 300 bucks. The appetizers were great: foie and calves tongue terrine, shrimp in vidalia onion, grilled ocupus salad, and a soup. We ordered an order of pasta to be split... the special with crimini mushrooms. Excellent, lots of sage, toothy pasta. Entrees were unimpressive...just a bunch of things that didn't seem to go together..for example, I had osso bucco, which needed a knife and was not falling off the bone as I have had before. It was doused in a tomato based sauce. Then, whole or coursly chunked roasted vegs with a decidedly balsamic syrup flavor..tasty vegs..but made no sense with the meat. And, barley risotto, with a very strong chicken stock based sauce...no melding of flavors, not complimentary..all in all, 4 entrees, and each of us left some major componenet untouched. Bite by bite, there were no terrible flavors..but as a composite..just didn't work. 2 desserts samplers, which were just ok. Citrus and chocolate...nothing new or exciting, a coconut twist on tiramisu that almost worked except for texture, and being served in a little glass egg shaped glass, with a tablespoon..so there was no way to get it out.
  17. Kim WB

    New Orleans 72hours

    more than 72 hours, but here's what's in and out in our world: IN: Brennans Breakfast Couchon butcher Acme( for the oyster po boy) Looks like a tourist trap Royal St Oyster house had the best shucked fresh french Market has the best spice for boiled crawfish...NOT the best spce, but one of the better french Quarter places Bayonna, becoming a classic Commanders Brunch and what's out herbsaint. Yawn Galatoires, the service sucked, We had a bouncy cheerleader, how annoying. Acme (for the shucked fresh) Just my two cents. Boudain at Jazz Fest was not spicy enough, wish I had planned a road trp to Eunice.
  18. Kim WB

    Char Steakhouse

    moving this to the top, because two people in the last two weeksgave me what sounded to be a pretty educated, positive reviews..anyone been?
  19. Kim WB

    Ethnic restaurants Trenton

    Nottingham Way is in Hamilton Twp , with a trenton mail address. is this the one near Quakerbridge Rd?
  20. Adding another request for Bath suggestions...travelling from Princeton New Jersey, US with my very un-traveled father to see my son who is spending a semester abroad at at Univ of Westminster...would like to show both of them the English Countryside and feel Bath is a good choice for diversity and distance...a charming meal to top a charming visit would be great...traditional pub food is fine, just looking for atmosphere and well prepared food.
  21. I'm not a ratings person..but my choices in Philly: best place in Philly is Vetri, by far. Barclay Prime is an above grade steak house.
  22. David Drake gets my vote. The caveat is that I went to Seranade with a larger party and was not as focussed on the food, and the caveat is that I dislike the decor and ambiance of Nicholas enough to have it affect my meal.
  23. Kim WB

    hole in the wall italian

    Chick and Nello's in Hamilton, Vinnie's Clam Bar in Manville.
  24. Kim WB

    Trenton fine dining

    in response to the original inuiry, Rat's Restaurant in Hamilton is fancy, expensive and about 2 miles from the Trenton City Border..
  25. I thought about setting up a reso at Latour but its two hours away...and I'm not springing $350 for a room in the old Playboy castle!!!