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  1. This sounds wonderful. WIll give it a try. Thanks!
  2. I've been to the Steel city about 6 times in the last year and love everything about it but----the restaurant scene. The Strip District is a fantastic foodie experience. We enjoyed Lydia's and a couple of the breakfast/brunch places--Pamela's are fantastic but we have never had another good dinner in a restaurant there since. Help. Where should we eat. We spend most of our time around the Carnegie Mellon campus but we'll drive for a good meal. We like anything good (Italian, Pizza, Asian) but favor authentic simple food. We appreciate a bargain but are willing to pay more for something worthy. Any ideas--Thanks in advance!
  3. Hungry family of 5 needs great lunch and dinner suggestions in city of brotherly love. Visiting U Penn. Kids have sophisticated tastes but small plates never seem to satisfy--Looking for something new, something special--perhaps ethnic (not cheesteaks please) Any thoughts on Great Britain Pub and Kitchen, Teri's, Bar Amalfi, Bistrot La Minette and Ken's Seafood. You suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. What a wonderful weekend. Great food and company. Thanks to everyone who planned and prepped. It was great fun meeting so many egulleters whose postings I've been enjoying for so long.
  5. Interesting....What do you mean it's thermoreversible and what is it made from?
  6. Not to belabor the mashed prawns thing but I read somewhere that frozen prawns or shrimp are less binding than fresh. Does anyone know anything about that? And is there a difference between prawns and shrimp? I thought it was a distinction based upon size--not species.
  7. Mash prawns..hmmm sounds perfect. I'll give it a try.. Thanks for the suggestion. BTW do you think a little cornstarch might help too?
  8. At wits end with an over abundance of fresh seafood from a generous friend's trip. I have fin fish, shrimp, and scallops. Now that I have sautéed grilled and steamed to death, I'm moving on to new techniques for dealing with the bounty--How about fish burgers. I've tried a batch in the food processor with a little seasoning and egg and bread-crumbs to bind. Tasty they were but had a hard time holding them together when I sauteed them in the skillet. They just were not durable enough. What else could I use to make them stick together without adding in an additional flavor? I feel like I need a little trans-glutamaise or something molecular but I don't want to go that route. I'm really looking for a much more commonplace ingredient. Any ideas?
  9. Ronnie- Can you add 2 more for dinner Fri/ Thanks
  10. Thanks. I just returned. Did try Udon Bakery good choice. Sadly wasn't abel o check out your other suggestions. I was at a conference at MSU and unfortunately for most of the meals we were forced to endure the on campus dining hall--YECH. I've really never seen food like this-sulfite bleached salads, mystery meat "tater- tot casserole, and luke- warm greasy fried everything. I thought colleges were making great strides in improving the quality of their on campus food service. Looks like MSU needs to focus on what's going on in their campus dining halls.
  11. Hi Alex- Actually I'll just be passing through Detroit --(Ann Arbor too) enroute to Cleveland. I'll be spending most of my time in Lansing--would stop for good ethnic of any variety or BBQ. Or should we plan on a stop at Zingerman's Roadhouse?
  12. Any suggestions for tasty eats? I'll be visiting MSU. Any cuisine--or any great bakeeries , food shops or delis--just genuine good food. We'll be driving through Detroit area too so if you have any luch ideas there throw em in. I've heard of a locally owned awesome grocery store in the Detroit area that worth a stop too. Anyone have the name and other info? Thanks in advance.
  13. Looks GREAT Ronnie. Thanks for all your hard work!
  14. Hello Ronnie- It all sounds awesome! Please put me and my husband Neil down for both events Thurs. and Sat. Can't wait to see what your working on for fri and sun. Thanks so much for coordinating it all, Amy
  15. Im planning a dinner for 20 in NYC in April for a national professional organization and I need a few suggestions. Location wise we would like to be in the 50's around 7th Ave. Price point needs to be about $100.00 per person plus wine. Ideally we would like to be able to order off a menu and sit in the main dining to get the real flavor of the restaurant. We are thinking about places like Insieme, perhaps Avoce but haven't done much research yet. Typically this group has suffered through the typical convention rubber chicken type dinners. We would like to try to do something different and better this time. Any ideas?
  16. Also tried the CI recipe but substituted 1/2 c. rye flour and 1/2 c whole wheat. Great result but had to nearly double the 2nd rise time. Baked my loaf in a cast iron dutch oven. I'm curious though about the Jeffrey Steingarten version refereed to above. Could someone explain the difference in his recipe?
  17. Carolyn--thanks for your reply. I enjoy reading your posts. We're from Cleveland and visit every couple years. Have hit several S.F. restaurants and Ferry Mkt. plaza but usually we spend most of our time in Napa or Sonoma. We're interested in great food (Italian, Asian, and more) at any price point. What would you recommend? I know Rose Pistola isnt' new but we once had a fantastic meal at Lulu (sister restaurant?) and thought it might also be wonderful--and a value. I stumbled across their menu and it seemed interesting. Oh BTW I thought A16 was mostly pizza--is it more?
  18. Any comments on either Ducca or Rose Pistola for dinner? I'm interested in both but would love to hear from those in the know. With just a limited number of dinners which is the better choice, or would you choose another restaurant.We are already booked at Ame, Jardiniere, and Poleng Lounge. Also any other must do foodie experiences in S.F. We are also thinking of making the trip to Berkley is it worth the trip--we have already visited Chez Paniese many times. THANKS!
  19. Does anyone know about the derivation of the honeycrisp. I understand it is a patented fruit. Who developed it and who owns it now. THis is a great example of patenting nature. Plucots the tasty plum apricot cross are also patented. Seems a little scary to me. What other fruits or vegis are patented and what are your thoughts/
  20. I too am not impressed with the Honeycrisp. My favorite apple is the Melrose--crisp, juicy, and tart. I think the Honeycrisp is popular mostly because of its crisp texture. But if you notice all really fresh picked apples have that crunch which makes them taste so much better than stored apples. Russ Parsons in his terrific book "How To Read a French Fry," explains that a compound in apples called I believe its myolin is responsible for that crunch. As the apple ages he explains myolin dissapates--and apples loose that crisp quality. Perhaps Honeycrisps have a large myolin content that makes them crisp for longer. But while apples are in season if you get them fresh off the tree you'll be amazed at how wonderfully crisp and flavorful all varieties really are.
  21. Hi Steve- Didn't mean to imply BF&D isn't cooking but aren't they cooking other folks recipes? Isn't this "borrowing" (though with attribution) somewhat different from creating a cuisine? Is this approach less worthy? With regard to wine bars I guess we expect we will be eating and drinking products that aren't produced in house but I feel restaurant patrons have the right to expect the foods they eat to be prepared in house.
  22. Has anyone noticed lately the rise of the anti-restaurant--I mean restaurants that serve foods produced by others. I.E. Borough Food and Drink an apparent kaleidoscope of ethnic dishes from restaurants all over the city. In Vancouver there is Salt Tasting Room where they serve wine and charcuterie made out of house. Perhaps it's some version of the local food movement. What other restaurants are doing this--and what do you think? I'm torn. On the one hand it's wonderful to celebrate the best, on the other I think I want a restaurant to have a larger role in creating a meal than just assembling courses.
  23. Thanks Varmint! Any other must try places--either higher end or a different style?
  24. Southern foodies could anyone offer suggestions on dining in Raleigh? I'm looking for some casual places with great food. BBQ is good or how about real southern flavors. Your suggestion are greatly appreciated.
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