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  1. It's good to know they're willing to accomodate...too bad the menu doesn't communicate that. I guess the sandwich you're referring to is the crab cake portobello sandwich? I guess they can remove the crab cake, which leaves you with a $19 mushroom sandwich... ←
  2. Why oh why is Evening Star so completely vegetarian-unfriendly? Would a single entree be too much to ask?
  3. Thanks for the info, I'll have to try it out. I don't expect all restaurants to have veggie options, but I just didn't think it was an odd thing to ask, is all. And perhaps it is the wrong impression, but I was especially concerned about CK since their reputation suggests they wouldn't alter a dish slightly to make it veggie, as most restaurants will if you ask. Sorry if I took it the wrong way...
  4. Yes, what a ridiculous question, asking whether I can eat anything at a restaurant before I go. Because vegetarians are less common than unicorns, you know. Just a bizarre prediliction. Thanks for your comment.
  5. Can a vegetarian eat at Colorado Kitchen? I'm afraid of being yelled at if I only order small plates, or need some small item removed or something.
  6. When they opened they had a small fry option (for $1.95 i think, as opposed to the $3.50 large option) but they got rid of it. Too bad, I want the fries but I don't want a pricy large portion, when I'd rather fill myself with falafel & toppings. They've also gotten rid of their red baskets, apparently because some people were "abusing" them by stuffing toppings in them. Again, too bad, since the baskets were handy to use when removing a few falafel balls in order to layer your toppings, as opposed to have all the solid toppings on "top".
  7. Has anyone checked out the new pizza shop Valentino's in Alexandria? It's at the intersection of Duke and Little River Turnpike in the Tower Records shopping center. I work near there and have been loving it for lunch. It's real NY style pizza, with around 10 varieties for sale by the slice (sicilian marinara, hawiian, veggie, vodka chicken, white, spinach, broccoli, a huge zita pizza, and a bunch more). They also have good subs, pasta, salads and gyros. The best pizza I've had in DC.
  8. Would Corduroy have any decent options for vegetarians?
  9. Has anyone else tried Nirvana? I've been there three times (as a vegetarian I'm thrilled to have an all-veggie place downtown) and thought it was pretty teriffic. I've only been for dinner, but everything I've tried has ranged from good to great, and the menu has some unique dishes I've not seen at other Indian restaurants. Some posts I've seen mentioned shaky service, but everything was fine this past week when I went. My main disappointment is that they've been out of the banana pepper with coconut appetizer when I've gone. Hopefully this'll show up soon. I've been trying to get the word out since they haven't been very busy the times I've went (granted, maybe they're packed at lunch.)
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