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  1. There are some seminars coming up in August in Atlanta called Pastry Live. The web site is pastrylive.com
  2. There are some photos of the National Championship posted at http://www.pastryprofiles.com
  3. I recently had the opportunity to help organize the Sugar Art Casting Challenge . It is a Sugar casting competition for students on 1 day and professionals the next. The nice part is that the students get to assist the professionals in the professional division. I was wondering if there was any interest from e-gullet members to participate in an event like this in the future?
  4. Hi You need to find out exactly what category you are competing in. Then go to acfchefs.org and download the rules for that category. In general if this is a normal ACF competition i would say that taste will be close to 50% of your score. there will also be alot of your score devoted to how you work and your workspace. You need to work cleanly. Your finished cake will only be part of your score. good luck
  5. Try brushing on some mycryo while the shell is still warm this way you get a thin but very protective layer that is almost flavorless. This works very well
  6. gibfalc

    Fluid Flex

    Fluid Flex is a brand name for a emulsified shortening used mainly for hi ratio cakes
  7. I DO NOT recommend doing it but magnets run the safeties. If you stick a magnet in the very back where the middle of the 3 plastic tabs would be if it was in place the mixer will work without the cage. Please remember the safety is on there for a reason.
  8. I thought the seminars were excellent. I did not expect to learn much but I learned lots. Not only were they informative but the level of professionalism exhibited by the chefs and their willingness to share techniques and ideas was awesome I came back really charged up. As for the competition I had some problems being so far away from the competitors it is hard to see what they are doing despite the best efforts by the carymax people trying to describe what is going on. Maybe they could have more screens and instead of all the screens showing the same thing they could possibly show different
  9. gibfalc

    Cake Fondant

    I would also like to ask if you are refrigerating the cake. The humidity could soften the fondant and cause it to sag.
  10. I just wanted to chime in on the cocoa powder discussion. I believe that Dutch process (alkalized) or (regular) non-alkalized will affect the leavening power if you are using baking soda in the recipe. You should use the type that the recipe calls for. I would also comment that I do think the brand of cocoa powder will also affect the taste.
  11. Thanks for the reply. The class sounds very interesting and I’m sure invaluable for any baking and Pastry students. If you don’t mind telling me, how long was the class and how far into your Baking and Pastry program did you take it? Was this a mandatory class or was it an elective? I would love to get a class like that going at my school.
  12. I would love to know where you had this class and what specific topics you covered.
  13. I actually am not that sure what the CIA teaching style is. I have taught in 2 Culinary Schools at different times during my career and CIA was not one of them. You should know that I was really comparing the book to what I have used in the past before. When getting an associates degree in Culinary Baking and Pastry is just one small part of what you study. I was relating the book to an introductory Baking and Pastry Course. Pastry is just a small part of getting a culinary degree. Many of the students go on to other specific areas of culinary arts. Unfortunately most students do not specializ
  14. I teach Culinary School and I think the new CIA book is quite refreshing. The book is layed out in a way that is easy to follow and contains enough good recipes to amply cover each area of study. I have tried 5 or 6 of the recipes and they seemed to be right on. The fact that there are no variations of the recipe is part of what I like about it. Too many students get confused when they have to go back to the original recipe and change 2 or 3 items.I know some of the items might be outdated but compared to Professional Baking this book is miles ahead. I particularly like the Chapter on Chocolat
  15. gibfalc


    Just wanted to post a few things that I know about mycryo. Mycryo is cocoa butter that is frozen while it is being sprayed.The freezing process sets certain crystals first and leaves you with the desirable Beta crystals. By adding the beta crystals at the correct temperature they form the proper chains and leave the chocolate in temper. To use mycryo you should 1. melt the chocolate to 104 - 113 2. Let the chocolate cool to 94. 3. Add mycryo at 1% of the weight of the chocolate. 4. Stir in well 5. Hold at the proper temperature 89-90 for dark 85-86 for milk etc... A few more uses for mycryo
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