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  1. I think its a good descriptor, I taste both blood and iron in wines from the Rasteau, so "bloody iron" makes sense. Well, as much sense as pain grillé, dandelion dew, and sweaty leather...
  2. There is also a decent confit shank at Au Pied de Cochon. It is a little fatty and heavy though, and they tend to serve it barely warmed through.
  3. Lemme have a hit of what you're smoking... All kidding aside, make sure you check out BLT, and Kittichai at 60 Thompson in Soho. Neither of these two experiences exist anywhere in Canada that I've been. If you are a meatlover and BLT is too haute for your tastes, Peter Luger will bring you back to earth. You might want to check the NYC forum as well since this is not really Quebec-related...
  4. For Cal Wine lovers, the SAQ has now released De Loach's 2002 entry-level Zinfandel. Less extracted and less over-oaked than previous years efforts, this is a lovely fruity Zin for $18 and change. Also noticed that some of the outlets are also carrying Ravenswood's mid-level ICON - the Rhone clone from Sonoma Country. It's a 2002 Syrah (with a little Grenache and Mourvedre blended in). A steal at $25, especially if you love the winery's style of big fat fruit bombs. Finally, not sure if this has been mentioned here before but the 2002 Estancia Monterey Pinor Noir is also released, a relative bargain at $25.
  5. Sketch I've been to; a little too over the top for some people in the group. Has anyone been to Andrew Edmonds?
  6. Will be in London for 3 days later this week (Thursday-Saturday) and I'd like some advice on great places to go for lunch and dinner. Previously I've eaten at St. John, Anchor & Hope, Providores, Momo. I'm looking for something not too formal, but lively enough to be fun at the same time. Trendy is good. How is Fifteen? Levant? Andrew Edmonds? A fantastic wine list is a must for me, and price is not really an issue as long as it doesn't get out of control so as to be physicallly painful (like at Sketch). Would greatly appreciate any tips from locals.
  7. Everyone uses Eric's Levine's Cellar Tracker!: http://www.cellar-tracker.com/intro.asp There is nothing that has anywhere near the features plus its web-based and you can store/share tasting notes with the rest of the Internet wine-drinking universe. I strongly recommend against starting yet another closed Access database; unless you are planning to make it a full-time job, don't bother building a better mousetrap.
  8. Has anyone tried any of the single varietal "bulk wines" available exclusively at the SAQ Depots? Where do they come from and how much are they? Any good?
  9. Just checked their web site. This week's private import "special" is an unspecified Seghesio for $50 + tax, 92pts from WS. ← The law was amended a couple of years ago to allow licensed restaurants to deliver beer and wine along with delivered food. I would guess that applies to take-out too. I wonder whether O&G is exploiting this loophole (if so, cool). Do they require that you buy something edible along with the bottle? ← Not sure, but I'll drop by next week. Here's a list of what they have for sale right now, plus I guess the $50 Seghesio on the web site: BLANC Sancerre, Gérard Boulay, 2003 40$+tx ROSÉ Donna Marzia Rosato, Negramaro, Salento, 2004 25$+tx Couteaux du Languedoc, L'Épervier, Château Pech-Redon, 2004 25$+tx ROUGE Nero, Conti Zecca, Roso del Salento, 2004 55$+tx Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, Aldiano, 2004 25$+tx Cabernet Sauvignon, Stonegate, Napa Valley, 2000 40$+tx Barbera d'Asti Superiore, Valfieri, 2002 40$+tx
  10. Just noticed that a new 2003 Zinfandel has arrived... Rancho Zabaco Dancing Bull, at the princely sum of $15.90 no less. For some reason its only availalbe in the outlying areas, not a single store downtown has any stock...
  11. Not sure if I should be posting this lest I blow their cover... Olive & Gourmando is now selling wines they privately import RETAIL. This is the first I've heard of this happening in Quebec. To quote their newsletter: Just checked their web site. This week's private import "special" is an unspecified Seghesio for $50 + tax, 92pts from WS.
  12. They also have mixed cases of magnums of various vintages of Chateau Latour and their second label for $3295 for the more budget- and value-conscious.
  13. Good timing Maeve - I spent the day yesterday doing a walking tour of the city from the Old Port to the Plateau and back home down St. Denis st. I was amazed at how run down that area of the city is. Unfortunately, the place seems closed now. I wasn't aware that they were seeing hard times, but that entire area is a wasteland now.
  14. Thanks for the help guys. I am most interested in Pomerols. I knew about Lavinia but my sources tell me that it is a little overpriced.
  15. Hi - just wondering what the best Paris wine stores are? One of my employees is going out there for a vacation and I want him to bring back a few nice bottles of wine for me. Am looking for stuff in the 50 euro range, some nice Bordeaux. Is Les Caves Taillevent for tourists only or can good value be had? Thanks for your help.
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