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  1. That would be the bratwurst about 10 years ago. Around here they were practically giving them away (2 for $1 I think) to get rid of them by the end.
  2. Wow there are so many: Salt water taffy Ribbon candy--eating actual ribbon might be more satisfying Salt water taffy those safety lollipops with the looped string handle--completely flavorless that powdered stuff that comes in a straw Salt water taffy Wax bottles and wax lips made me vomit when I was a child Candy cigarettes Salt water taffy and worst of all: Salt water taffy. Pure evil.
  3. pennbrew


    Haven't made them yet, the lye just arrived via UPS today. I probably won't have time to try it out until next week. I'll be sure to take some photos.
  4. Sodium bicarbonate is not used to add carbonation to soft drinks.
  5. pennbrew


    I want to make the traditional "Laugenbrez'n" (literally "lye pretzels") found in Bavarian beerhalls. They are somewhere between what Americans think of as soft and hard pretzels, although certainly closer to soft. I've ordered it from Amazon (see link above), but it hasn't arrived yet. I've also heard that there is a specific type of flour used in Germany. The Hofbrauhaus in Pittsburgh (and presumably the ones in Las Vegas and Cincinnati) imports the flour. Anyone know the details of such flour? Thanks!
  6. pennbrew


    It took close to a half-hour of googling but I found it: Lye on Amazon
  7. pennbrew


    Well you can but it doesn't produce the same result.
  8. pennbrew


    Where can one find food-grade lye for making pretzels? Thanks! ---Guy
  9. pennbrew

    Marks of a bad cook

    Or, they just have interests in different areas. Not everyone is jazzed up by the same things. Maybe they're into customizing Italian sportscars and laugh behind your back at your Ford Taurus. Click this for a good laugh ---Guy
  10. pennbrew

    Hickory syrup

    I remember being intrigued after reading an article about hickory syrup a few years ago. I thought the article said (or maybe I just assumed) that it was made in the same fashion as maple syrup. Today I was at a local organic farmers' market and there was a vendor offering samples of his hickory syrup! It was tasty so I bought a bottle. After bringing it home closer examination of the label revealed it was made from hickory bark extract and sugar. Hmmm.... So I've done some googling and it appears this is how all hickory syrup is produced. Not by collecting sap and boiling it down. The price was certainly comparable to maple syrup however. Perhaps I'm unreasonable but it's left me kind of disappointed. It got me wondering though--is the maple the only tree that produces sap in sufficient quantities and sugar content to make syrup?
  11. Still playing at the top of their game...
  12. Hands down the worst "cooking" thing I've seen is Mr. Food. This syndicated 2-3 minute segment used to appear on the local news. All his "recipes" were of the type "a bag of frozen this and a can of cream-of-that soup". He always ended the spot with a very cheesy-sounding "Ooooooo, it's so GOOD!"
  13. Trust me, I do. At the stingy places they'll give you the hairy eyeball and then add another morsel or 2. At the store closest to me they look genuinely uncomfortable when I ask, as if they hear it a lot. I don't go to that store anymore. The generous places load you up without having to ask. Most restaurant chains have standards they require franchisees to follow. Perhaps measuring cups, perhaps sample photos, perhaps standardized training. I get the feeling at Subways the topping quantities are determined by the store owner/manager. The stingy ones really try to stretch that shredded head of iceberg and that sliced green pepper.
  14. It is amazing how fast they have been popping up. Subways in gas stations, Subways in convenience stores, Subways in truck stops, Subways in Wal-Marts, etc. I can think of about a dozen Subways I see in my everyday travels and only 2 of them are stand-alone stores. And one of those is in the parking lot of a convenience store. They must have a very good selling proposition to convince all these businesses to lease them space, or buy a mini-franchise, or whatever is their magic formula. I agree the smell of their baking bread is rather odd. Quite artificial and nothing like any other bakery I've encountered. I will admit to patronizing Subway far more often than any other fast food chain. It's not terrible and it certainly can be a healthier option. One frustrating aspect is how inconsistent they are from store to store with the amount of toppings they'll put on the sub. I want a good-sized salad on there. Everything but the pickled sweet peppers. Some places load it up while others give you scant, tiny morsels of veg.
  15. What a great thread! Was the book ever released? Did you take part in the 2010 awards? ---Guy
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