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  1. I've never had a good meal at the Waring House. The Inn at the Lake on the Mountain is really pleasant, and seeing and learning about the lake is quite interesting, I think. There's good soup at the Regent Cafe on Main Street in Picton.
  2. Has anyone attended or hosted a special event at the Gladstone? How was the food? (Variety/Taste/Freshness/Presentation) If you've hosted, what was your experience like working with the hotel to set things up? Would you hold another event there? Many thanks. Sarah Edited to express my chagrin that I cannot correct the typo in the topic header.
  3. Sakura on Spring Garden? OR Ichiban? Also on Spring Garden. Edited to add information.
  4. What about Cowbell? Someone else would be better qualified than I to say whether the wine list is excellent or not, but it certainly has everything else you've listed. 1564 Queen West 416-849-1095 (Edited to apologize for the double post. Cold, yucky morning = clumsy fingers.)
  5. What about Cowbell? 1564 Queen West 416-849-1095
  6. Does anyone know when LPQ is scheduled to open on Eglinton West and at York Mills & Bayview? Thanks. SB
  7. It is fantastic news. I really hope that vendors will be able to move on this quickly and that Torontonians support the change by actively seeking out the newly available items. (If only that were the key to all social change; we could eat our way to affordable housing for all.)
  8. She's a good eater. We're that kind of family, fortunately. WD-50 it is, then. I'll do Craft on another visit. Thanks for the feedback. If you ever need Toronto tips, please don't hesitate to drop me a line.
  9. I'll have to book an early seating, so there won't be the chance to linger over a long meal. Also, I'm taking my 18-year-old cousin, so it's going to be a pretty low-key evening, I think. My general sense is that WD~50 will be a more fun meal than Craft. Am I off-base there?
  10. I'm planning an actioned-packed short-weekend in New York in a couple of weeks. I can get reservations at either Craft or WD~50. I need to pick one and would welcome input from those who know. (It's dinner for two and there will be no alcohol, so price becomes less of an issue. (Alternative recommendations most welcome.)) [Edited to remove a question mark.]
  11. I work near Massey and I'm sorry to say that I can't think of much to recommend other than The Senator. (It closes from 2:30 to 5 on weekdays according to toronto.com). There's a Terroni on Victoria Street just south of Queen, but it's not quite great and certainly never quick. What about Pho Hung on Bloor right across from the ROM? Definitely quick and always tasty. [edited to correct Senator hours]
  12. Batifole's open. I've never been disappointed there.
  13. I've been really impressed by meat from the Healthy Butcher (565 Queen W, between Augusta and Portland), both when I've cooked it myself and when I've had it at Banu. Their prepped foods are good too. El Diablo burgers on a good bun with lettuce, tomatoes and avocado were my summer treat. Cumbrae is also reliably excellent. I've just moved within walking distance of the Butchers so will report back once I've tried them out.
  14. Not that I'm enhancing this thread in any way, but I felt compelled to say that if you added a trip to a bookstore, that list would describe my perfect Toronto day.
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