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  1. Heading to Chicago with my 13 year old daughter for a few days in November. She's a 'beginning' foodie. Loves GOOD steak, Kobe/Wagyu, Asian, Italian, and Pizza but not into offal or anything funky... She can definitely appreciate good food though. I was a high end pastry chef for many years so she also has a good eye for pastries/desserts. We will be visiting the aquarium and staying somewhere nearby. Any help would be great as I haven't been to Chicago in years... Thanks in advance! Dan
  2. I did a warm free standing chocolate molten center panna cotta once. Basically a standard panna with agar instead of gelatin. Nuked it at service so it was warm enough that the center melted but the exterior held up enough to unmold onto the plate. I thought it was kinda cool... Definitely unexpected.
  3. What about just hitting it with a torch and then stirring, torching again etc...
  4. I like bread flour for cinnamon buns. I think it makes an easier dough to work with while filling and rolling.
  5. I'm in. Do we have the 6 people necessary?
  6. I'm interested. Any idea how much the shipping to the US is? I'm in Washington. Thanks Dan
  7. Just a quick question. When using the Mol d'Art melters do you leave the lid on or off for an overnight melt? I suppose I'm worried about condensation with the lid on but would prefer to have it on as I don't like the idea of leaving all the choc uncovered all night. Thanks in advance.
  8. I guess I'm reviving an old thread but I was just wondering how people were holding their reverse spheres? I want to add them to a dish on my menu but I can't figure out the best way to hold them. Fully drained and dried or floating in liquid. Anyone have any experience holding through a typical service? Thanks in advance.
  9. To clarify, I'm looking for the 'best' temp to stop the churning and transfer to the freezer for hardening if there is such a magic number that can be applied. Thanks
  10. Does anyone use a thermometer to determine when churning ice cream is ready? I'm trying to find a way to ensure consistency regardless of who churns the bases. I have one book which has recommended temps which seem pretty good, don't know them off the top of my head, but I can't find any other mention of this method anywhere online and was just curious if anyone else uses temp as an indicator. Thanks in advance.
  11. Does anyone have any recommendations for storing tapioca after it has been cooked. I'm talking about just the pearls by themselves, unflavored. I used to make a coconut tapioca soup so for that I could just leave the tapioca in the soup for a couple of days in the fridge and it held fine. Now I'm making them to use unflavored and then flavoring will be poured over them tableside. I've tried storing them in simple syrup and they just get hard within a few hours. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi- I'm looking for a souffle recipe, psatry cream based, just a simple vanilla bean souffle that I can prepare in advance and refrigerate/freeze until needed for service. I know I've seen many recipes for this but I'm currently in the middle of a move and all my cookbooks are in storage and can't seem to find what I'm looking for on the web. Anyone have anything that fits the bill? They don't need to hold for too long, just long enough so that I can prepare them before service and hold them for 4-5 hours. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  13. Just wondering if anyone has tried the chocolate custard cake from Wild Sweets by the Dubys. It looks interesting.
  14. I'm starting to research ovens for a new project and was wondering if anyone has any experience with Vulcan convection ovens, good, bad etc... Thanks in advance
  15. The family and I are heading down to southern California for a week at Disneyland and some time in San Diego. I'm hoping to get some good recommendations for family friendly places to eat. Nothing chainy, perhaps some Italian, wood fired pizza, Chinese, Japanese, bakeries, dessert places etc.. The kids are well behaved in restaurants and we like good food so I suppose family friendly more in the way of not too expensive or fancy schmancy. I'm a pastry chef so good desserts are always appreciated... Any help would be great as we have no clue about the food scene down there. Thanks in advance.
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