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  1. "...F&B outlets aren't really seeing much if any "float" from the gaming floor." An outside restaurant operator can benefit, when the casino picks up the tab for one of its preferred players. A good casino comp provides plenty of opportunity for the restaurant to provide a high profit margin meal to its VIP guest.
  2. I haven't been to Ortolan, but Sona fits your criteria for modern cuisine with a more relaxed environment. Great clean flavors and dish conception. Definite Japanese influence coming into the menu (probably due to David Myers spending more time with other projects). Just went to providence last month, and was underwhelmed. The dishes were well executed, but the dishes weren't well integrated and/or the flavors were uninspiring, IMHO. David Myers of Sona also owns Comme Ca, which may fit your casual criteria.
  3. Yeah, can't argue with that. ← How important is atmosphere? Mesa Grill overlooks the Caesars Palace sportsbook and entrance to Pure.
  4. Enoteca San Marco http://www.venetian.com/venetianeng/Assets/Files/enoteca.pdf
  5. I should have considered the lack of a question mark, and, of course your tag line!
  6. Thank you Octaveman. I apparently need to be more careful when making a reference to a popular musical event associated with a southern California pop-culture icon in this strictly food discussion thread.
  7. I recall two stories, but I can't verify the veracity of either: David Lynch allegedly ate at the Bob's on Van Nuys Blvd. (no longer in existence) everyday with Kyle McLaughlin while filming a movie in the neighborhood. He supposedly ordered the Big Boy combo every time as well. The producers of the 1968 Elvis Comeback Special went to the Toluca Lake Bob's to find audience members for the show.
  8. I was sitted waaay over in the last room next to the kitchen, I think. I hope to return to Las Vegas in Dec. We'll see what happens ... ← Consider requesting the kitchen table. Be warned, it's a lot of food.
  9. Bradley's son is named Bryan. Love the triple seared Kobe beef preparation that they offer on the appetizer list sometimes. The bison steak is also quite good.
  10. Other high end Chinese restaurants include: Empress Court in Caesars Palace and Jasmine in Bellagio. Empress Court emphasizes Cantonese and Hong Kong dishes. It's a nice looking room on the second floor, and overlooks some of the pools. Depending on your budget and tastes, it's definitely the type of place where one can order the expected dishes (walnut and honey prawns), or one can go way off the menu. Although it's been a few years, I distinctly remember the waiter telling us about a table near us that ordered four 3 ounce servings of swallows nest soup at $100+/ounce. Never eaten at Jasmine, but I've seen some Shanghai and Jiangsu items on the menu, such as Wu Xi ribs. Finally, there's a restaurant in the Venetian that only allows patrons in with a minimum casino credit line of $500,000. I imagine one could eat whatever one wanted there for free...
  11. The restaurant was called 3950. It's closed. Michael Mina's new steakhouse will take its place.
  12. Prime recently turned over its management, chef, and some staff. That said, the "lake view" seats are great. I'm not sure whether the patio serves dinner, but it is definitely available for drinks. Delmonico's atmosphere, in my opinion, does not compare to Prime. Personally, I thought the rib eye was better at Delmonico. The NY at Prime never let me down. Charlie Palmer in the Four Seasons (Mandalay Bay), has been garnering very positive reviews, but I haven't been there yet.
  13. Can't offer any first hand advice, but the 7/31/05 Wine Spectator covered the Wynn restaurants. "Bartolotta opened with 800 wines, including a broad selection of Italian whites to go with the fish, and lots of big-name reds from Piedmont and Tuscany. Florence-born Cluadio Villani, who came from Incanto in San Francisco, is the sommelier." This is about as in depth as it gets in the article on Bartolotta's wines.
  14. Foodie-Girl, fear not. There are some really great places to eat that are relatively inexpensive, and I don't mean In-N-Out or Fatburger. Based on the LA Times article (17 May 2006) noted above ^, I suspect there is an a la carte menu. The article mentions one dish, Perhaps, there is someone who may be able to answer your question more thoroughly. ← Hi Russell, I wasn't suggesting a jump to the opposite end of the price spectrum to "inexpensive"...just curious as to anyone else who might have dined at Guy Savoy or has access to menu information/prices. Our 'usual suspects' in LV are Bradley Ogden/Il Molino/Daniel Boulud, etc...so we're not exactly unacquainted with costs for great meals...but even a foodie-girl has her limits....... ← This raises an interesting question (at least to me): Is vegas reaching a high end price point? These restaurants cannot presumably maintain their operations on casino comp guests alone.
  15. For Lebanese, try Skaf's Grill. It's a family run place in a strip mall on the corner of Laurel Canyon and Oxnard (North Hollywood). Besides the basic staples, like chicken and beef kebabs, foul, etc., there are always daily specials, including, but not limited to: stuffed eggplant (Tuesday), kafta (Wednesday), and lemon chicken (Friday). The restaurant also sometimes offers lamb, stuffed cabbage, lima been and beef stew, green bean and beef stew, and stuffed squash. All meals come with a salad, pita and hummus. Skaf's Grill 6008 Laurel Canyon Blvd. North Hollywood (818) 985 5701
  16. Bradley Ogden for sure. Maybe not the best restaurant on the Strip, but easily the best at Caesars. Mesa Grill isn't bad. ← Mesa is open for both lunch and dinner. The lunch menu includes "brunch" items as well. The Italian restaurant might be closed by now. If you like seafood, 808 offers Hawaiian Pacific influenced fusion dishes. Bradley Ogden is worth a visit, especially on a comp. Lots of posts on Bradley Ogden, if you want to get an idea about the place.
  17. My sister and brother in law found the Venetian family friendly, compared with hotels such as Caesars Palace or the Bellagio. They brought their two year old. She liked the human statue when he winked at her, the accordion player that played Mary Had A Little Lamb, and the actress that hands out chocolate. The Grand Lux Cafe was very child friendly--high chair availability, kids menus, loud environment, etc. Yes, it's a Cheesecake Factory, but it's a good option, especially for large groups with disparate tastes.
  18. Taste a glass of Hine "Talent" at the Wynn Las Vegas, or 1926 Macallan scotch at the Borgata in Atlantic City
  19. Are you thinking of King Taco? It's been many years since I worked in downtown L.A., but Manuel's El Tepeyac on Evergreen Street in East L.A. near Soto Street (go during the daytime) was great. Ciro's down the street was also good.
  20. I just received this menu via e-mail. "SUMMER 2005 at Bistro K 1st Course Grilled Eel and Artichoke Tart “Feuillete”, Served with a Basil Tomato and Lime Granite $9.00 Violet Flavored Duck Foie Gras Terrine, Toast $13.95 Torchon of Sonoma Duck Foie Gras, Served with Boston Lettuce and Toast $13.95 Scrambled Eggs Served In the Shell, Topped with Vodka Cream and American Sevruga Caviar $14.50 Steamed Black Mussels with Lime, Ginger, Curry and Coconut Milk$7.95 Escargots Simmer in a Guajillo, Roasted Garlic Cloves, Serrano, Cilantro Jus Served with Asparagus, Nopalitos and Tortilla Crisp $8.25 Cassolette of Artichoke Confit with Basil and California Goat Cheese $8.95 Smoked Herring and Broccoli Parmentier, a Wasabi Infusion to Compliment $9.95 Sautéed Duck Foie Gras, Lightly Smoked Eel, Caramelized Green Apples and a Splash of Xeres Vinegar $13.95 Haricot Vert Salad, Grilled Smoked Duck Breast and Prosciutto Ham, Cardamom and Mango Vinaigrette, Top with a Sautéed Quail Egg $10.95 Corn Mousse Nutmeg Scented “Profiterolle”, Served with a Crayfish Coulis $9.00 Blue Crab and Avocado Ravioli, Enhanced with Lime Zest, Chives, “fleur de Sel” and Truffle Oil $9.95 Fish Sautéed New Zealand Red Mullet, Haricot Vert and Japanese Seaweed Salad Tossed in a Sesame Oil and Liquorice Vinaigrette $16.95 Pacific Sea Scallops, Truffle Shavings, Asparagus, Fava Beans in a Grilled Pistachio Oil Emulsion and Bergamot $18.95 Mexican Bouillabaisse to Include Monk Fish, Scallops, Blue Shrimp, Passila Peppers, Blood Sausage, in a light Menudo with Hominy Chipotle infusion $19.95 Atlantic Skate Wing, Roasted on the Bone Served with Summer Baby White Onions in a Garlic Chili Nage with Longaniza and Coriander $15.50 Meat and Fowl Veal Sweetbreads Rissole, Leeks Marmalade, Little Potatoes and Truffle Shavings “Jus”. $15.95 Sautéed Caramelized Veal Liver with Lavender Honey and Pine nuts, Homemade Tomato Confit and Purslane $14.95 Roasted “Pintade Hen”, Xeres Vinegar, Grilled Passilla Peppers, Black Mission Figs in a Light Chocolate Mole Scented with Bergamot Essence $18.50 Duck Breast served with Confit Shallots, Sautéed Salsify and A lime Confit Infusion Served with Young Summer Lettuces $18.50 Slow Cooked Suckling Pig, Served with “Ratatouille”, a side of Polenta and a Sage ‘Jus” $16.95 Roasted Squab, California Dates, Dry Cherries, Pistachio Quesadilla Served In a light Cumin Infusion and Sautéed Duck Sonoma Foie Gras $22.95 Rabbit “Fajita Style” served in a Tajine. Salsa Terrine, Avocado Charlotte and Flour Tortillas to Compliment. $15.95 Lamb “Noisette” Served with Braised Lamb Trotters, Arborio Rice with Sweet Corn. Grilled Pistachio and Curcuma Oil Emulsion To compliment. $22.50 Grilled Hanger Steak, Natural Jus, and Garlic Mashed Potatoes $17.75 From the Garden Small/Large Bistro K house Salad $5.50 Soup of The Day $5.50 Artichoke Confit with Basil and California Goat Cheese $8.95/12.95 Heart of Romaine, Caesar Dressing, Asiago Cheese $5.25/12.95 Penne Regate, Pesto, Parmesan, Tomatoes and Garlic Confit $6.95/13.00 BISTRO K PRE-THEATER DINNER 5.30 PM TO 7.00 PM ASK YOUR SERVER FOR TODAY’S SELECTION $26.00 PER PERSON DEGUSTATION MENU 5 COURSES INCLUDING DESSERT (THE ENTIRE TABLE) ASK YOUR WAIT PERSON $50.00 PER PERSON To ensure freshness, taste and a great experience all dishes are cooked to order. Depending on the techniques that we use, some recipes are more complicated than others requiring a longer cooking and preparation time. From our minced herbs to our Infusions, everything is prepared at the time the order is placed. Our Mission is to Provide Quality with Delicious, Nutritious Food, and Outstanding Customer Service to the Most Discriminating Client We Accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex We will add 18% Service Charge on parties of 6 or more Minimum charge of $20.00 per person" The restaurant is pretty small and cramped, but the prices and food are great, and there is NO CORKAGE. Mission Wines is literally around the corner. For more upscale dining, consider the Ritz Carlton. Let chef Craig Strong put together a tasting menu for you (about $85). The outside patio is a great place for a summer evening dinner.
  21. Kelbo's went out of business several years ago.
  22. The lunch menu at Mesa Grill in Caesars Palace offers a good burger for $13 or $14. The burger comes with spicy fries and some tasty condiments.
  23. Foodie Girl, where the restaurants and/or hotel full? I walked through the hotel on Saturday morning (Belmont day), and was surprised by the emptiness. The race book had maybe of handful of gamblers playing, and there were lots of empty tables in the casino (except for the $50 minimum crap table). Any trouble with the valet and/or taxi line (if applicable)?
  24. Here's a first hand report from a non-VIP visitor. Las Vegas Advisor Open Forum Obviously, Wynn needs to "shake out" some of the initial bugs, but I wonder if some of this stuff will be systemic.
  25. sand

    I'll Take That Wine To Go!

    A restaurant in Sedona, AZ informed me that I could take any open bottle, as long as the cork was placed back in the bottle. I didn't ask any further questions about Arizona open container laws, and left with three partially finished bottles.
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